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Black Friday has become a true day of buffoonery for the Black people who complain about being marginalized and discriminated on yet take their hard earned money and bring it right to the very people who think so poorly of them!

Now I hate to speak in generalizations because I don’t feel that everyone who isn’t Black is against Black people. That type of thinking would be nonsensical!

But I do feel that since many Black people don’t have their unity act together, that we do not get the respect as a whole from other communities because we have so much work to do in our own “house”.

So since it is up to us to get our house in order, no one else is going to do it for us and although I understand that we are not monolithic at the core, we still have some common overlap when it comes to the concerns of our community.

We really need to take a page from the books of many other communities that – while not perfect – simply don’t have the foolish issues that we have that keep us from coming together as a powerful force.

First off, before anything else, we must understand the power of our collective dollar.

But we evidently don’t because as pissed off as we were for the Ferguson Missouri Michael Brown killing by Police Officer Darren Wilson, we didn’t learn anything because here we went looking spend money for the passing fashions of the day!

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