Black People Used To Seek Attention For All The Right Reasons: What Happened?

What is it about so many of us Black Folks that makes us go out of our way to merely be seen? Why are we such chronic attention freaks?

We are so thirsty to be the center of attention that we make ourselves look so stupid in the pursuit of it. We get loud and ghetto and can always be depended on to be the damn clown of the group no matter where it is.

Are we getting worse with this as it only seemed to me that back in the day it may have been a select few who would embarrass you in public as if on cue!

Did the MySpace/Facebook evolution help to fan the flames of this twisted need to have our fifteen minutes of fame last a lifetime?

Or was it something that was always there that didn’t have the cyber platform that we have now to see what always was?

I need your help with this because at 50 years old it feels as though I’m slipping into some kind of Twilight Zone-like Alzheimer’s and the thought of that scares the crap out of me!

Hood Rat

But seriously, as I drive the City Bus in my blue collar Clark Kent mode (I’m not inferring that I’m Superman even if a few old girlfriends from back in my 20’s swear differently!), the craving for attention seems to be worse than the Crack Cocaine epidemic back in the mid 80’s in South-Side Queens on South Road and 150th street!

OVERWHELMING to say the least!

Crack Cocaine

I mean, if I were a visiting alien from another planet (Not Haiti you dumb ass, that’s a country, not another planet!), I would swear up and down that this thing called Facebook profile pictures was one of the most important things in the ‘hood by the amount of effort put into making it look right.

But it goes beyond that, as it’s not just a cyber thing, because to really experience a quiet mannerable person of color in the public streets of the ‘hood is truly a rare find indeed. They are there in abundance I guess, but they slip through the cracks unnoticed because the loud characters that negatively outshine them because of their manner of disrupting the public space and peace of mind.


You’ve got the young men sagging their pants walking down the street waving their hands to profanity laced imaginary music all the while scanning their surroundings with their peripheral vision looking to see who they have as a captive audience.

With the women, well even if they are scantily clad at 300 plus pounds they always know how to turn a bus stop into a booty shaking titty jiggling strip club!

As I drive past these women who almost never get on the bus, I’ve always wondered why they never board it when I stop for them. I realize that they come out to the bus stop for the sole purpose of grabbing the attention of all who are on that bus for a hot moment while everyone waits for them to get on.

Twerk Dance

They simply stare at everyone like they are foolish then break out in a Twerk dance (Google it) after getting the satisfaction of having an entire busload of stranger’s undivided attention for some kind of cheap shameless narcissistic rush. How low can one go for attention?

We walk the streets like clowns with all of these loud colors on that would cause the most exotic of birds believe that the mating season has begun. No one seems to understand what the word “discretion” means anymore as most have no shame and act as though proper etiquette and manners have gone out of style.

I’ve noticed that most of these types have no restrictions on speaking about the most intimate details of their sex lives on their phones in front of the captive audience of the passengers on the bus.

They make sure to sit in a strategic position on the bus that will ensure maximum coverage of their disgusting rant as though they will be elevated in the eyes of their peers afterward. They speak of what they suck, how they suck it, who they suck and how much they swallow.

Portrait of Flirty African-American in the car with mobile phone

Pertinent information.

Yet, if they were this diligent about picking up a book to read something substantial sometimes to feed something positive into their starving minds, they would be a whole lot better off than winning hoochie-mama brownie points on a bus full of strangers who don’t even give a damn about you except for the quick entertainment factor that you bring.

What is so lacking in us that makes us this way?

I believe it is a healthy (Unhealthy actually) dose of low self esteem. When you see Black people who know who they are and have a knowledge of their history and who they are, you just don’t see this type of behavior in their midst.

Homo Thugs

Dignified Black people wouldn’t DARE move about the earth like these low minded people whose very existence justifies the word “Nigger” to those who hate ALL of us merely for the color of our skin and the amount of melanin that we possess.

So even if you got angry at how I generalized some of our people who may be somewhat developmentally delayed, you have to understand that it’s not all of us but some of us.

The difference is that education, self worth, self love, a strong sense of family and lineage, pride in ones heritage, love for God, respect for ones Brothers and Sisters and a total submission to God’s divine law will create us to be the giants that we were supposed to be instead of the minstrel men and whorish skanks that following this sick American society has caused us to be through association.

Black History

Their used to be a time when we were truly loud and seekers of attention for ALL of the right reasons…….

How is that you ask?

We sought attention and were loud when we stood up for our Brothers and Sisters in this country when subjected to the countless injustices that were seemingly swept under the rug by a system who thrived off of the exploitation of a captive people!

We were loud and sought attention when we marched and fought against all of the things that the constitution promised Caucasians but denied us because all along in this country we were considered less than human and more so property. How dare they?

We HAD to speak up loud and with force!

Racist Campaign Poster

But today? Our ability to capture the attention of the world has been watered down into nothingness because what we are screaming about now has no relevance.

Imagine, we literally changed the world around us without the advantages of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter but now that we have these things we have become nothing but watered down amusement for the other races and cultures of people in this world to pass the time laughing at because most of us offer absolutely no substance whatsoever.

We used to  strive hard to attend the highest schools of the land but these days we feel as though we accomplished something if we land a trashy filthy video on


Oh how the times have changed and our ability to grab the attention of the world has been rendered useless and only good enough to be reduced to a terrific Facebook profile picture or a Twerking YouTube video where the only goal is to get a lot of “hits!”

We show out for all of the wrong reasons but fail to stand up to improve ourselves by challenging that same lost person staring us in the mirror from within.

It’s a shame that for all of the noise we make, WE can’t convince ourselves to do better.

How low will it go? I simply couldn’t tell you that, all I can say is to check back with me in a few more years (God willing) so we can assess the damage that seems to not be ending anytime soon.

I’m getting tired of writing about the stupidity of the ignorant amongst us because none of them really seems to be listening.

…….but they sure would if I wrote about how many women I’ve bedded down in my life!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Somewhat Frustrated Brother,



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