Black People’s Narcissism, Women’s Weaves & The Tragedy Of Having A Big Dick!

It’s time to get a grip on reality people!

I believe that overall we as a society and especially a culture have gone overboard in our need to be seen.

Why do we have this overall need to get all of this attention at the expense of having a real life?

I hate to say it but from what I can see – while this is affecting everyone – it appears that Black people are infected with this ailment over and above everyone else who inhabit the planet!


I know that I’m not the only one who has observed this and let me say upfront that this is not an “every Black person issue”, but it seems to be an epidemic with too many of us!

Nothing is wrong with sort of expecting a nice compliment when one dresses up to go out for a night on the town, but some of you will get outright angry if the world doesn’t stop at the first sign of your presence when entering a room full of strangers!

We have become so narcissistic beyond measure and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon by the way things look from my perspective.

When ever we make the purchase of a new automobile, here we go driving up and down in the same small closed neighborhood with nowhere to go except to find someone that we know so we can “style and profile” on them as though we are living the life of the rich and famous!

We will wave to EVERYONE (Even our enemies to whom we haven’t spoken to in YEARS!) in order to “see” that first expression of shock on a person’s face as when they realize that we have a new vehicle because we get a “rush” running through our veins comparable to a line of cocaine!

The amusing thing about people like this is that when they cannot keep up with their car payments and have to let the car go willingly or by repossession, we lose the verve to want to be seen when we’re reluctantly standing on the bus stop or walking for miles to get where we have to go!

Mercedes Grille

…….and those very people to whom we tried to show off to will always remind you of the change of vehicular status in the boldest of manners: “Hey brother! What happened to that pretty car that you used to have? Is it in the shop? LOL!”

So if you don’t want to have to endure this type of shame, then learn to be a little more conservative in how you act when you’ve attained a measure of material gain.

In the Black communities all over the United States Of America, we seem to want to get angry at the prosperity of the Korean immigrants who have set up shop where we live by constantly reminding them that “this is not their country and that they need to go back to where they came from!”


Sounds familiar?

For those Black people who might have forgotten, YOU had to hear those very same words if you are a certain age and were born here by the same very twisted people who brought us here and fell the same way about US!

So how can you turn around and tell anyone else this when you don’t even support your own people in any commercial endeavor that they attempt to realize success in?

The funny thing is that after telling off those Korean Beauty Supply owners off, you will turn around and regularly dumped your hard earned (and government stipends for those who receive them) cash in the lap of these very wise business people so you can flaunt a few ounces of someone else’s D.N.A. on top your head while they laugh at you all the way to the bank with YOUR money!!

They have mastered you by realizing that no matter what you say out of your mouth in a demeaning manner to them, that your need to be seen will always win out and YOU will be the broke loser in the end as they will end the day with YOUR MONEY in THEIR POCKETS!

“But Girl, I KNOW I look good!”

I hear this all damn day long and to be quite honest with you, I’m so sick and tired of us Black people hinging every damn thing in our lives on this ever elusive state of a mental dysfunction called “looking good!”

Nicki Minaj Weaves & Wigs

What in the heck really is looking good?

While the intention of this written expression wasn’t to bash some of our Black sisters, I can’t slow down the thought processes on this mental flow of mine as I go in this direction to make a few points…….

Looking good? How how I see so many of our Sisters saying that they know they look good when they haven’t even been to the doctor in YEARS?

Yes! I said it! I’ve seen too many women AND men, think that because they APPEAR to be in good heath, ASSUME that they’re in good health and begin to focus more on the external adornments than to investigate if they are going to actually be around on this planet earth in 12 months!

I see too many of our women sporting what appears to be beer bellies while at the same time spending their money NOT to investigate WHY their bodies are displaying these signs of distress but instead ignoring them to focus on slapping some war paint on their faces to cover what amounts to be a unhealthy skin!

But our need to be seen is more important to us than to invest in the long term state of our health.

Respect Graphic

Narcissism Kills and NEVER profits the one who is looking back at you in the mirror!

Imagine, if we could wake up in the morning and banish the huge amount of time that we spend preparing ourselves for the day without having to spend time and lots of it on the hair, the makeup, the indecisiveness on what to wear etc., if we didn’t have to go through that daily time killing ritual, we might have more time to sleep, more time to get the college degree or simply more time to serve our God!

But we spend more time serving our damn reflections than we EVER DO serving God in these church services that for many are yet another opportunity to be seen and look around enviously at what others are wearing, driving and tithing!

Black Church Service

Imagine how stupid we look to the world as we label ourselves by the foolish way that we look because of the extremes that we go into to make sure that we look like clowns before we leave our homes.

Whatever happened to loving ourselves the way that we are?

Have you ever noticed that other races of people do not require us to look as foolish as we do to get respect from them?

They actually LOSE respect when they see how hard we try to validate ourselves by the crap that we use to change our appearance in order to “upgrade” ourselves from the massive sense of insecurity that we so obviously possess.

When observing over the years how Blacks from other lands arrive here to America sporting the clean image that they were born with, I see how they are accepted for who they are MORE than those of us who want the same respect but don’t KNOW who we are!

That’s the difference! Because when you know who you are and what you are, you do NOT have to go through all of the useless hassles to be viewed by your peers in a visual standard that exists ONLY in your mind!

Shed the crap that you use and that you do to be seen or to be viewed as something that you’re not and realize an instant measure of respect come your way from the people of the world around you!

When you present yourself to the world as a clown or buffoon, then how can you get angry when you are treated according to how you present yourself?

So instead of placing all of your esteem in how many men (and some women) look at your well rounded ass cheeks for the day, try to be respected for the way that you carry yourself as a lady!


But too many of our wayward Sisters will find that too hard to accomplish as it doesn’t grant the immediate satisfaction of making a man break his neck to look at them as fast.

They would rather enjoy the temporary attention that comes from these carnal minded men instead of the attention of the long term that comes from a man who is more interested in your inner characteristics and qualities. No matter how you slice it, exposed titties and ass can never show a man that you have great qualities within, but it definitely shows him what qualities you DON’T have and this is why certain kinds of men will never approach you while you are in this state!

If you show yourself to be one who respects yourself then you will always attract a quality man in your life while the other women simply just don’t have a clue!

Men, stop thinking that the cure all to any decent woman’s woes is that piece of meat between your legs.

Those of you who are endowed beyond the measure of a 12 inch ruler seem to feel that you are the epitome of manhood because the few women who worshiped your dick to the point of making a fool of themselves had YOU intoxicated with a false sense of power in thinking that ALL women will be turned out by you that way.

Black Men Endowed

But somewhere along the line you HAD to realize that THAT’S not the case.

It’s sad to see so many long dicked Brothers who thought that they could move through life with the ease of a hot knife through butter learn that while their penises were the cause of many a woman’s pleasure, it brought nothing to the table when it was time to secure those same women in life.

Big Dicks don’t have any redeemable cash value unless you are whoring yourself out in the small window of opportunity that you have to do so.

So just like that attention seeking woman who gets a foolish man to marry her because she has a nice ass, perfect titties and a mind blowing head game to go along with it, these dick hungry women will quickly realize that a Big Dick doesn’t pay the rent nor does it come built in with a retirement plan that will pay you until the day you die!

It’s sad to see so many Big Dick Brothers on the corners begging, homeless and on the local shelter’s soup kitchen line when not too long ago they were the Casanova’s that were turning the ladies out! But I remember when 8 Track players were the thing to have in your home and car to play your music but even THAT went out of style a long time ago!


Poverty is NOT a desirable level to live on no matter HOW good the dick may be ladies!

This is a realization that is quite a game changer indeed and ALL of those who have lived in this life for a substantial amount of time can tell you that what I say is the absolute TRUTH!

So the Bottom Line of my rant is this: Let us focus more on the things that truly last and will stand the test of time instead of the temporary adornments that amount to nothing that builds a legacy over time that will last and benefit our children.

We do have greatness inside of us and so much more to offer the world and the human family than buffoonery and making fools of ourselves to get a laugh from others.

Let’s develop our skills, talents and abilities to the glory of God and to benefit mankind while we still have the gift of life.

…….because a weave placed onto our heads will never place knowledge INTO our heads the way a book can along with the total submission to God’s will.

Think about it.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Raw Fiery Brother,



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August 30, 2015 7:21 AM

Narcissism is prevalent in people of all kinds, but my goodness black people think they’re God’s gift to the universe. They just go overboard with their narcissism to no end and it makes us all look bad. And the sad thing is they have people of all races butt-kissing them because they’re afraid of being labelled. It’s ridiculous. Grow up already.

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