It’s Not ALL Of My Black Sisters, But Far Too MANY Of Them!

I must first announce that what I’m about to say is not about ALL of my Sisters, but some of them. And out of that “some”, to me it is TOO MANY of them. The time is moving forward and it seems as though we are falling behind with what we need TO BE DOING to maintain ourselves for a glorious future.
I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore and if you get upset with what I’m expressing at this point I could care less. If you truly knew my heart and how I felt toward you, you would love me very much.
So understand I speak from a place of tough love.
I’m so pissed of at the visual revelations that I absorbed today while shopping at the Sam’s Club (A major bulk shopping consumer market chain here in the U.S. for those who don’t know) that I have to rant a little without restraint and censorship but please understand that I’m not speaking from a place of hate, but of one of disappointment and hurt from what I saw in my Black Sisters today.
I’m not trying to embarrass anyone or air out our dirty laundry to the public because in essence we’ve already done that with the buffoonery that we’ve come to be known for the world over.Too many of our Sisters are more concerned with spending a fortune on a ridiculous hairstyle than investing in their health with regular check ups.
Ghetto Hairstyles
I had to say something about it! We’re getting absolutely too big & it appears to me that our priorities are really screwed up!Shopping carts full of bad food, aching joints & not even 30 years old yet! But we have to dress up our clogged arteries and bloated limbs rich with the “cellulitic” tendencies (Yes, I made that word up! LOL!) that were born out of the sinful consumption of trans-fats, fried foods dripping with grease and the nerve to dress it all up with with designer threads to show out at the club that night.Cheese Doodles

Too many of our Sisters cover themselves with these toxic chemicals called makeup in the hopes of enhancing their so called true beauty when in essence they are killing it by not allowing their natural skin to breathe.

Water is the best thing for their complexion but many would rather drink everything else not realizing they are destroying not only their surface appearance, but their insides which is the crucial engine under the hood that will carry them into their older years with strength and grace if they only refused the poison that is oh so popular to consume.

Too many of our Sisters have their priorities screwed up. While many have achieved success in the corporate system here in the U.S., many have failed in their personal lives, forgetting how important it is to maintain a God centered family life in order to perpetuate ourselves into the future as balanced human beings.


Many do not realize how their attitudes have distanced them from their men. Many will scream out while in the company of their peers who suffer from the same psychosis that they don’t need a man to live a good life or to be successful. Yet these very same women will feel the void and pain of not having someone in their life and move along like that person trying to ignore a toothache in the middle of the night.

Many righteous Black men – and I said it like this to differentiate us from the non motivated pleasure seeking clowns who are going absolutely nowhere – just want a woman in their lives to treat them good. They do not desire a woman with a smart mouth, knows it all, speaks to them in a condescending manner and who puts everyone and everything above him as he tries to get to bond with her.

Too many of our Sister mistake being stubborn for being strong. Usually, when you hear them constantly proclaim that they are a “Strong Black Woman” it is an indication of many other mental and emotional as well as spiritual issues that they are infested with. This is really the first sign that makes most Black men experienced in life run for the hills because he knows a bitter combative woman when he sees one!

Painted Faces

We as Black men want a woman to be herself, we never craved someone else’s D.N.A. on their head in the form of a hot musty hairy hat called a wig, a painted face (Ronald McDonald?), talon-like finger nails and all of these useless accessories that will never take the place of spiritual depth, wisdom, a true connectedness to God and a committed heart and dedication to her man. Usually it’s these “distractions” that are used to cover up the damage that she doesn’t want to acknowledge that must be cleaned up before she could ever enter into a healthy union with anyone.

But to get back to other things that I actually saw in the Sam’s Club, it was disappointing on the level that many of my sisters never realized how foolish they look to the other races of women who gave them those subtle “below the radar” smirks in passing.

I saw nothing but a bunch of Black women who tried so hard to not resemble what God created them to be! Many appeared to be arriving from their respective church services but most seemed to be preoccupied with what each other had on, what shoes they wore, cars they drove and what jewelry they had on.

Again, this was not everyone, but far TOO MANY!

Huge Woman

Their assessment of what looked good to them was disgusting! The tight outfights on women who were too old and heavy to carry themselves in such a manner were way out of line. Their tired strides on strained joints let me know that they lived an imbalanced life that was fast catching up with them at a time when they should be enjoying it the most.

Most I saw were still single, they had the look of a person who felt as though God had cheated them by not giving them that man that the preacher told them was coming while all the time taking their hard earned tithes for his next luxury pimp-mobile.

My Wife got stares from hell as I graced her with the hugs and kisses that I am known to do when spending quality time with her in public and in private. I saw resentment and it ran so deep and so abundantly as we stood in the check out line. Some had a downright evil expression which in fact would further keep them from finding a good man if he ever gave these scowling ladies the time of day.

What’s needed Ladies is to detoxify yourselves from the trappings of this world and evolve into that Queen of a Spiritual being that you already have in you to be. You have been playing a game that has not landed you in a good place and you are feeling the weight of this every single day of your life.

Something isn’t right and you know it and until you come off the high horse of denial, you will stew in the juices of denial forevermore until death claims you. Even then your secrets will be revealed with the muted whispers of your girlfriends during a funeral ceremony that’s a who’s who of who you ran with all your life. All in attendance will mourn the very life that was a textbook example of how NOT to live. Seems like they couldn’t WAIT to put you in that coffin to be free to talk about you so bad in the same manner that they did in life behind your back!

Yet most won’t learn because everybody feels that they know what’s good for them as they sellout to a world of deception that’s only good for leading our Sisters off of the path to righteousness and a truly fulfilling life.

Black Beauty

Black Woman – It’s not in the superficial garbage that holds your degradation as the standard and epitome of what a woman should be, it’s in walking that walk that pleases God and brings you ALL of the fruits that your obedience to Him has earned.

How can you ever FIND a man of God when you are doing all of the things that God has commanded you NOT to do?

Stop working hard to look like a Jezebel and clean up your acts to be THAT Woman who is worthy of all things Great!

…….and this is something that ALL of you can do, not just SOME of you!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Raw Blunt Brother,


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September 27, 2013 10:42 PM

True, but black women will totally ignore this.

Reply to  Max007
November 29, 2014 1:16 PM

Not all of us Max.

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