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If you haven’t received your wake up call as a Black man or woman living in the United States, then continue living and the illusion of inclusion because your perception of reality will be burst wide open.

But we have to grasp the fact that we cannot live peacefully alongside a delusional mind that sees us as inferior as well as wasting the time trying to convince them of anything otherwise.

So whether it’s a group of on duty Black Parole Officers being held at gunpoint by racist Police or a Black man getting shot in the back by a cop who wasn’t a threat to the officers well being, it’s a case of the savage calling the victim a savage.

Now that the truth of our treatment is out in the open for the world to see thanks to social media, we need to move in a unified direction to empower ourselves and stop marching to an oppressor that is quite happy with the way things are.

We will never get fair treatment here in this country under the present rule so it is imperative that we detoxify ourselves off of any dependence on it and pool our resources of money, talent and knowledge to build our own community and system within this one that is soon on its way to a total collapse.

Every other race and culture has their own system within the system so let us do the same exact thing here too.

Go back to Africa they say?

Sure, we will go back to Africa to do business with our family there while maintaining our birthright here in America if we so desire.

It is not the decision of ANYONE who doesn’t act in our best interest to dictate and suggest ANYTHING of what our path should be!

The handwriting is on the world people, let us look forward to our glorious future by reconnecting with our righteous way of doing things and let go of a satanic culture that will only bring us straight down in an express lane to the bottomless pits of hell!

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