Why Are Some Black Women So Damn Confrontational? – The LanceScurv Show

Let me first say that I am not speaking about ALL of my Sisters but merely SOME!

But in the case of the confrontational Black woman, what makes them this way apparently for no reason whatsoever? Forget it if there really WAS a reason to get upset, then there is hell to pay with the unleashed rage of a confrontational Sister who is hellbent on battling anyone who is in the range of their verbal attack.

For those of us who understand the art of proper civil communication, to see a woman carry on in public or on our jobs in such a manner can be quite embarrassing to say the least.

The apparent attitudes upon entering a space occupied by strangers…….


The willingness to always want to take things the wrong way and giving the impression that they are always ready to take the unnecessary tensions to the next level with the inferred possibility of violence always makes this type of woman an uninvited guest to any gathering.

Confusion and drama follow these types of forever disgruntled women where ever they tread and it’s a rare sight to see them in a pleasant mood but even then all who know them know that it is a short lived passing phase.

Their coworkers are overly cautious and tentative in their mandatory dealings with them. They get treated like a strange pit bull who has escaped their yard running freely without their owner in sight. Fear and the feeling of walking on eggshells is the first emotion that comes to mind whenever one thinks of this disruptive spirit when away from the firing range of their presence.

But what truly makes these women act out the way that they do? Why are they so angry and why do they make a point in making the lives of everyone around them so miserable?


Were they hurt by a man at one time in their life? Are they bitter that maybe their lives aren’t what they thought it would be as they got older? Why do they seem to resent anyone who has a fairly good life as though they won’t accept the consequences of their own bad choices?

Why is it that these types seem to have a special resentment toward the decent and women in their midst? Why are there some women who have no reason to be so angry to act out in such a manner as opposed to their downtrodden counterparts in the ‘hood who have more of an excuse to act out in this way?

Does education or rather the lack of it play a role in the confrontational Black woman? Or does failed expectations and continuous disappointments in life have a major effect in her psyche?

While I expect this to be yet another passion filled program as the opposing mindsets clash, I also do expect much truth to come out of it because I personally believe that this type of woman is in a lot of pain. The causes I couldn’t tell you but unless these types of drama queens are demonically driven, I believe that most come be restored to a proper mentality to grow beyond their resentment filled hearts into being empowered to living a normal healthy life with happy relationships.

Trust me, you DON’T want to miss this show!


Time: Friday October 25, 2013 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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If you have any issues getting to the show, feel free to call me on my personal cell (407-590-0755) and I will get you squared away with any problems that you might have!

Also, the entire program will be uploaded to my YouTube channel ( the very next day for your listening convenience just in case you’ve missed it.

ATTENTION: There will be a “Late Nights with LanceScurv” open discussion styled show to begin immediately after this program ends beginning at 1 a.m. Eastern Standard Time at at the same call in number continuing until 4 a.m. EST.

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