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Emulated and often hated because of her natural born sensuality and beauty, sought after the world over because of her strength yet demonized and feared because of her spiritual gifts, the Black woman has always possessed that special quality that was always a bit beyond the reach of many others in the human family.

Her historic role has been reduced when looking through most records of her presence and accomplishments yet by all accounts of the most secretive groups her very existence has made way for every race of people to be here on this earth as the Mother of civilization.

It all has come through the Black woman yet now the throne of this Queen is being reduced to a clown-like status where she excels far beyond most with every type of decadent behavior with no shame for the world to see!

Where has it all gone wrong for the Black woman?

Is it her fault that the world views her as a loud mouth confrontational low class harlot who has no morals whatsoever?

And if her degraded status isn’t her fault completely then how much of it is?

Is it to far gone for the Black woman to change the way she is received to the world or could she turn it all around overnight?

What must she do to claim back her throne as the highest Queen on the planet?

Who is going to sit our Sisters down who haven’t a clue to help guide them back to the true role that our Creator had intended?

Listen in as LanceScurv offers a different kind of conversation touching on several points that we all need to discuss in order to get our Sisters back on track to being our respected Heaven on earth and not the hell raisers that the so called mainstream media makes them to be!

This is a very touchy subject indeed and one that must be approached in the spirit of love and nurturing and not one of demoralization or accusatory demeaning sensationalized rhetoric!

I truly urge everyone – and that means all of the entire human family – to offer their POSITIVE suggestions on the points shared in this offering in the comment area even if the experiences shared begin in a negative light.

I believe that we all are grown enough to have an edifying conversation without resorting to going into the negative based atmosphere that many other YouTube sensations are known for. This is not that kind of show!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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