Black Youth: The Battery That Will Drive The Amerikkkan Economy Back To Being A Dominant World Financial Power Through The Free Labor Of Their Incarceration!

One thing that I just do not understand is that in this silent covert war that is going on in the Black community, those of us who are determined to speak out on what we SEE going on around us are deemed troublemakers and are discredited or slandered in the fine art of media character assassination so that no one takes our viewpoints serious with any sense of urgency.

I will not apologize for speaking my mind and I will never stop on my mission no matter what anyone wants to say about me! That being said, I am on a Kamikaze mission to smash down all ignorance, exploitation, oppression and sexism and all things that snatch away our God given rights to live as we wish as long as it doesn’t step on anyone one else’s toes.

So get ready to run and hide because at this junction point of my life I am the most dangerous that I’ve ever been because I have nothing to lose and I can see the hourglass emptying even though there is still a whole lot of sand left in it!

…….but not one grain of sand in my personal hourglass of earthly time will drop in vain because I intend to keep myself extremely busy to leave an inspirational legacy as well as partnerships with others who possess that same fearless revolutionary spirit to submit to the divine commands whether it be in the trenches of the streets all the way up to the corporate boardrooms of oppression that must be obliterated.

Now for the record do know that I am a very passionate speaker whose words can be twisted to sound like I am someone who is hellbent on violence but do know that I am a very peaceful man who can be a bad nightmare for anyone who attempts to violate anyone that I care for as well as myself over and above the level of attack that I have been approached with.

My Black people are dying wholesale more than ever before while too many of us feel as though “we have made it” because a few of our Sisters were allowed to shake their asses on the television set and win a few token rewards – and some of you Brothers are in on this too, some of you are nothing more than glorified pimps who are designated by your slave-masters who allow you to do the work that they desire in having your example of buffoonery to be the Pied Piper who leads an entire nation of young Black Warriors and queens right to slaughter!


With the numbers being as they are with 70 percent of the prison population being African-American yet only being 14% of the population, who can lay back and feel as though they have achieved the American Dream amongst the killing, turmoil, ignorance and smell of death that is usually US being the receivers of a reality that compares to a psychotic dysfunctional madness!

…….and if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have THEIR way those numbers will explode to even more of an epidemic than it already is!

Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan

Those Black people in America who have tried so hard to distance themselves from the so called ‘hoods are so misled because when they finally arrive to those upscale so called affluent neighborhoods, they will soon find out (If they haven’t found out already!) that they are not wanted there but are merely tolerated. How can you feel any pleasure from this thing that you call “moving up” when for the must part your moving up came at the expense of your Brothers and Sisters who knew no better but to fall into the trap of this wicked system!

That being said, do NOT come back to the ‘hood when you find out that home ain’t where you thought it would be! And don’t get me wrong, this ain’t hate talk, I love those who love me and take the time to understand who I am and why I am as intense as I am. But fact of the matter is that we as a people cannot waste ONE moment defending the others who “might” be good, especially when OUR HOUSE is on fire and there ain’t a damn fire truck in sight to save us! So we need to start grabbing those buckets of water and garden hoses to do for ourselves what should have technically have been our right by the country that we have built but the system that runs this very country will never see it that way!

So STOP romancing with those who have the mindset of the oppressor and who just might through some token help your way in order to go on record publicly in a well placed photo opportunity to say that they have done their part. BULL! Any trinkets that are thrown to the Black community is merely a tax write off and these corporate entities are getting the benefit of your Black ass BOTH WAYS!

The profit from your ignorance as you feed their deceitful system and then they throw a few visible dollars which PALES in comparison to the rape of us on so many levels and WE like fools go along and smile with them as though everything is alright! I’m calling everyone to action on this and as usual many of you will write me off as a nutcase and go back to business as usual in your own cyber world of Facebook or whatever online intoxicant you are hooked on while your communities are going to hell!

Facebook is the ULTIMATE painkiller and we are self medicating ourselves on such wonderful positive messages of what a great world it is while at the same time you are too afraid to take an evening stroll in those SAME communities that you are imprisoned in out of fear!

So you would rather settle for hanging an artificial plant than growing a real one.

would rather hang a picture of the way you want you neighborhood to look with the pretty tree lined streets and manicured lawns yet you are too frightened to go outside and face the music to start sweeping up the broken makeshift crack pipes and empty well used vials, the bullet shells from the shootouts that you’ve grown too accustomed to and the condoms that were (Hopefully) used in that quick transaction of a front seat crackhead blowjob that transpired all the while a mere few feet away you were typing how good God is on you Facebook wall!

He IS good but your lack of action is making HIM look bad to those who are looking to YOU to manifest the word that you claim that you were taught!

Get up off of your ass and take action dammit! Our house is on fire!

…….and I don’t want to hear a damn thing about you telling me to come to church when the church needs to come to those who are in trouble! When your house is one fire do you go to the Firehouse and hang out there with the firemen and women? NO! The problem is NOT there! The problem is where YOU lay your head and that is where it MUST be addressed!

And while the “Churchified” amongst you say to everyone that they should come as they are, you look down on those once they do.

You use them as a floor mat for your ego because you may have accrued more trinkets, baubles and rubies (And most of what you have ain’t even paid for! Go figure!), and you use their suffering and lack of the most basic of needs only to make yourself feel good and superior! If you really mean to come as you are, then you would focus less on that designer outfit that you plan to wear at the next fashion runway of a church service and dress like those who have nothing so they can focus more on your Godly example and your Godly HEART! But those who are the downtrodden can’t really see it because they are bombarded with the visuals of what you have and what they DON’T!

And at their lowest moments in their life the LAST thing that they want to see is a bunch of uppity condescending Negros who are going through the motions of helping someone only to feel as though they did their part before driving of in a luxury vehicle to the affluent side of town until the next bit of guilt hits them to use you to “do Gods work!

Doing God’s work is a twenty-four hour seven day a week endeavor! Not merely something you do within your comfort zone to tell yourself that you did something that would please God. You are not doing a DAMN thing to please God until you are willing to come OUT of your comfort zone to do it.

Prove to the Almighty above that the things of this world mean nothing to you over and above helping, saving and teaching your poor Brothers and Sisters who are deficient not only in the financial department, but in the mental side of things meaning that they lack the knowledge that will empower them up and out of these rough times that they have to endure to strive toward the next level. But the sad part is that you talk a good game but there is absolutely NO substance behind it because even YOU don’t know how to unlock those same righteous principles that you claim to live by!

Tell it like it is!

You’ve reached the appearance of your success pinnacle NOT by being an independent voice who makes your assessments based on what you really see around you but merely playing pretend and going along with that same oppressive system and not making waves to upset the applecart because of the few amenities and trinkets that being their puppet affords you!

This is why when you SEE the truth you quickly flee because your damn possessions mean more to you than standing up for the truth that you claim as a man or woman of God to perpetuate and uphold in your life!

PUNKS! All of you!

While I will leave your judgment of me to the scorecards that will be tallied up at the end of my earthly walk, you will NEVER hear me say that I am a man of God, I will let YOU say that! I have no breath in my body to waste trying to convince you who and what I am! If it is not evident after the years of my life that I have sacrificed to share the revelations that have been put on my heart to share, then I am SURE Facebook has you slap happy and seeing reality in a warped manner because I have been consistent in my march and NEVER asked you for one thin dime!

Get up off your ass and take action dammit! Our house is on fire!

Buckle up your seat belts and let’s take this to the next gear…..hold on tight!


Last night while dozing off to sleep I decided to turn on the television set and observe what propaganda was being put out to blind the masses and see what the plan would be by the deceptive words being thrown out there repeatedly for us to absorb and digest. Now, as you all well know, I am not a television kind of guy, I am a reality man and I like to go out into the world and fill my head with WHAT IS instead of someone else’s projection of what they want me to think it is.

But I was moved to do so and I am so glad that I did, I heard an economic specialist whose name I couldn’t recall (Just another talking head paid to reinforce a lie!) nor does it matter because if it wasn’t that one it would be another. But anyway, this gentleman spoke in urgent terms stating that the American economy will never come back as long as we (?) are taxed heavily and the jobs are sent over seas leaving us who are here on American soil jobless and out of work. But what you have to understand is that there is a coded way of speaking on these so called newscasts.

Money Piles

While most will agree with the superficial logic that these specialists seemingly speak and never challenge or question it, there is another language that is being spoken under the surface that goes right over our heads and shoots a direct message straight at those who are intended to receive that covert signal.

Why do I say this?

Well wouldn’t you have it, right after that so called specialist broke it down how America jobs and a renewed financial infrastructure to bring us (?) back to being a world force and financial juggernaut, there was an image of a Black male in a mugshot that was supposedly aired a few moments TOO early that was supposed to be coming up next. Mistake? Sure they apologized for the technical glitch that seemed innocent, but my spirit told me that it was done on purpose to tell the masses that the answer to the economic woes would be at the hands and off the backs of the evil animalistic Black beasts to whom “we” have locked up because of their not being fit for society!

And although they did NOT say this at that particular moment, after months and years of this type of well placed “mistake” on different levels and at different times, it’s just a matter of time before the American people agree that the free labor that will come from the prison population is the answer to the economic issues!

They will say: “Why are we feeding these animals and clothing them, keeping them in good health and physically able while they have a debt to pay back to a society that they have robbed, killed and stole from? Why not make them pay that debt by working it off for free to help that same society that they damaged?”

Aren’t some of the most outspoken Republican saying this already and even a whole lot of Democrats agreeing silently with it? They must be because prisons are sprouting up all over the land and since we as Black people are 70% of the prison population, the hustle of us must continue to keep those prisons full so the conditions of frustration, disenfranchisement and illegal activity MUST be allowed to continue in those places that are red-lined in that I refer to as ghetto plantations!

Yes! Ghetto plantations or rather ‘hood plantations! The ‘hood plantations are what will drive the future success of Amerikkka and we are to damn stupid to see that!

Our youth are indoctrinated into the prison mentality from young as they see everyday that they must walk through a metal detector early in the morning first thing before going to attend a class that many are too hungry and sleep deprived to absorb at all so after creating disruption in the class they are referred to a specialist who for the most part doesn’t even have any extensive medical training but they suggest that “your child” be put on some type of medication to bring their behavior under control!

Ain’t this a damn shame? You send you kids to school so that the drug dealers of the State government can prescribe to them something that a good nights rest and a good healthy diet could correct. But they don’t tell you this, they would rather throw YOU as a poor and usually struggling single parent a few dollars and a SSI check (Social Security) that they know won’t go any further than the Korean Hair Store of the nearest ‘Hood shopping mall and it will be business as usual!

…….another brilliant threat and potentially revolutionary mind killed off and dumbed-down feeling that they are inferior because they have a “problem!” Don’t you see the overall picture?

So we are encouraged as the present generation of Black youth to be out of our minds and strive for a status that has been manufactured by the culture creators in the media that know we are searching for someone to lead us out of a strong need for that father figure who was never there and a strong dose of Daddy hunger!

Well Lil’ Wayne, Soldier Boy, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj to mention a few will be there for them blasted into their subconscious mind through the smartphones that they play with under their desks while in school when our kids should be learning and on our computers and television sets all throughout the day to fill in those emotional gaps like the cheap putty that they are, escorting them through the toughest years of their lives and penetrating into their subconscious minds a way of life and a low standard off living that will guarantee that economic uplifting of this country called America as their prison systems are being prepared to capture the mighty “battery” that we are that will fuel them once again to being a world leader in all categories!

Lil Wayne

Get up off your ass and take action dammit! Our house is on fire!

Have you noticed or maybe I am crazy but it seems to me that a strong black male presence in our communities is almost unacceptable! Bear with me as I rant on for a bit because so much many thoughts are running through my brain over and above what my capacity is to put it down here to share.

But it seems to me that so many of our young Black men are becoming effeminized and have no problem with it. Now this is not a gay bashing issue as the media is quick to say that anyone, especially a Black man who can articulate their wicked strategies against our community, is gay bashing and hating because of a persons chosen lifestyle preference!

But let me ask you, did you ever have a choice as to what lifestyle preference that you wanted to live when the pressure to be an upstanding citizen who was a productive member of society was literally bashed by the very school system that indoctrinated you with a narrow list of choice from which to embark on? Something is wrong indeed if one can tell me that I am bashing an individual when our so called system of education which is really indoctrination bashes entire communities for the benefit of THEIR pockets and communities! Go figure!

Gay Black Men Kissing

But from what I see, many Black male youth view the straight and narrow road to the legal way to success as being too steep to climb, they see what has been going on in our neighborhoods and they feel that they don’t want to be bothered doing nothing that should have been in motion before they even got here especially since their was no man (By design) to groom them into true manhood to take their place as the baton is passed giving them the responsibility of carrying on with the righteous mission of revolution.

So what do they do?

They follow the lead of the images that are blasted to them all day long in magazines, in billboards, on the television and on the internet of these Black men who have been accepted by the mainstream culture because they have left their Blackness and masculinity at the front door NEVER to be a threat by the dominant racist white culture again! So what do the power-brokers, movers and shakers do?

They REWARD such behavior greatly with jobs and subservient positions IN this oppressive system! Give up your drive to be a man and a revolutionary and we will accept you the message goes subconsciously!

So this is why too many of our youth have been turned out to be dormant effeminates  just HOPING to be accepted by the larger culture so that they won’t have to deal with the daunting task of a Black revolution that seems to be too much to bite of and chew right now!

Add to the fact that too many of our young Black men are so hungry for a hero that looks like them, talks like them and walks like them that to feel the attention of ANY male would sooth their hungry bleeding hearts even if they have to settle with getting “fucked in the ass” to get that little bit of attention that they so desperately crave!

Saggin Pants For male attention

Sorry for the profane expression but really how bad am I for shocking you with a few words when the actual situation as it is unraveling in front of your very eyes is ten times worse in practice? You need a slap in the face to pull you away from that damn Facebook!

But back to the point, this is why we can drive down any and every street in our community and see these young men hell bent on displaying their asscheeks brazenly all the while WANTING you to see them because they hunger for the divine male attention and bonding in their lives. Notice how when these young men sag their pants, they constantly peer the horizon to see what other men are looking at their asses! It’s true! They don’t look at the women as they drive by but they look to see what MEN are looking at them whether it is out of disgust or interest into what they are displaying! They’ve settle for just that and will get their need for male attention righteously in any manner that they can get it!

Our young girls are in the same boat! They have learned to utilize their womanly adornments in an attempt to fill in the empty gaps in their life that came from having no strong RIGHTEOUS male presence in their lives! While most grown men will admit that it is not right it is still eye catching nonetheless myself included, the difference between myself and many others is that once I see what it is I put it in its perspective and have control as I am happily married and would not think of snatching the quick watered down pleasure that these young women readily offer as a balm to take away the pain from their hearts.

So now we have these young men who have willingly gave up their manhood as far as being a real man doing the work of a real man in their communities yet still have a sex drive that is out of control from the ingestion of these hormone-laced foods and have no choice but to go after these scantily clad girls who have the mind of a child but whose physical goodies surpass that of any woman in their bloodline, so baby after bay is made.

The pressure of seeing the self inflicted killings, the poverty, the perception of not having any opportunities (Notice I said perception), the pressure of wanting to be a man but always getting the treatment of a boy or a thug and all of the countless factors that drive us out of a mind that we don’t even have fully developed yet give us no their choice but to seek escape from the pain by our indulgences in drugs – using and/or selling – crime, illegal activity or just flat out felon like behavior and last but not least, that taste of Heaven and sweet release that awaits between those full delicious thighs of that wayward young woman who hungers for any attention from a man or a boy.

Nicki Minaj sheer outfit

So they escape to the pleasures of sex not thinking about the real consequences because in their life they have never for the most part been taught about the importance of accountability or being responsible for the choices that they make.

They are also exposed to the many Sexually Transmitted Diseases as well as the high chance of teen pregnancy as well as the strain that is put on an already pushed to the limit household of that usually one parent household that happens to be a mother who is working multiple jobs to make ends meet!

All of these various scenarios I can explain over and over until the sky turns green but in the end, the various industries of Amerikkka will benefit from that dependable battery this has become our communities called the ‘hood or the ghetto. We are just too blind to see that as we work so hard to escape any discomfort or pain.

You see, any wise oppressor knows that pleasure and pain are the two most motivational forces on the planet earth and have always been. So the threat of more pain drives us to seek pleasure and who of all of the people of the earth are the most pleasure seeking more than the Black man and the Black woman in this world under our present state of mental sickness everywhere where we are on this planet under this universally present oppressive rule?

Now allow me to finish up by saying to the Caucasian people reading this article, that my language was NOT masked to throw off on every White person out here, as many of you now realize that your own White brothers and sisters care not for you if you don’t fuel the system by having the money that they have to live as affluently as they do and your skin has not afforded you any entry in their world so now you realize that you are the new Niggers.

So you have become incarcerated the same way, you felt the same economic pressures in the same way we always have and now you see what our madness is all about because you are going through the same thing! Understand that this devil can masquerade under any skin color and talk the talk to seem as though they are down with a revolution of the mind but are merely sent to infiltrate and stop any movement that threatens the hustle of us for their profit, benefits and bottom line.

So this is not a color thing exclusively but it IS a color thing from the standpoint of the oppressor because it is us as Black people who he wants to be the oil to keep his corporate machine running flawlessly and our amazing horsepower and torque to push his economy to new heights as it did when the Native Americans were killed off for this stolen land and the Africans were brought here for the sole purpose of free labor.

So yes it is a color thing from their standpoint, just understand that if you are suffering too from the same conditions, YOU as a White person have unfortunately gotten caught in the crossfire shot up with the bullets that was meant for me and those who look like me.

But they have their plans…….

…….and God has his!

Whose side are you on and what are you willing to do to make things right?

Next I will offer what I feel are my solutions to this dilemma and speak about what it will take from us to restore our communities back to being the Heaven on earth that our Creator desired for us to enjoy in abundance. But I can’t speak of a solution until we all see eye to eye that there is a problem and issue in the first place!

Please leave your comments below and do know that I am a brutally honest individual who speaks out of love but must display that tough love even if I know that I am going to say something that will rattle your hijacked senses. I the end it is all for the good and this is all that I desire for the righteous people of the world now matter what you color, culture, creed, lifestyle preference, religion, sex or country of origin may be.

You have to admit that tough talk and even a tougher action MUST be taken to snatch back the promise of the wonderful life that we could have if we simply get back to the simple basic premises that once rules a lot stronger back in the good old days. We have to get back to this or continue to feel like a stranger in a world that has been hijacked from right under our feet!

Let me hear from you!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother On a Mission,


[email protected]

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March 11, 2013 8:35 PM

Start teaching respect and responsibility , Work ethics stop acting like someone owes you something, EDUCATION, finish school . FATHERHOOD, too many unwed mothers, and this
baby momma and baby daddy is CRAP children raising themselves, Stop putting the blame on someone else, teach right from wrong, IT ALL STARTS AT HOME

Delores Davis
August 22, 2012 9:25 AM

I feel its your life live it how you want to make yourself happy don"t let people tell you how to live because life is short and you must live it to the fullnest.

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