Dr. Randy Short breaks down why Black people in Amerikkka are the default scapegoats hands DOWN! There’s no way that you could have been raised up in this twisted system of the United Snakes of Amerikkka and not understand that when anything is wrong that “it has to be the Black Guy!” If you’re on a job and some money is missing “blame it on the Black Guy!” When a White woman is raped in an all white neighborhood they have to find and “blame a Black Guy!”

So when these low expectations that have absolutely NO MERIT are broken amidst these white devils to display our excellence they never want to acknowledge the greatness of “the Black Guy” which includes Black women too. We are always the scapegoats yet when we do something great these thieves will definitely push their chest out to take ALL of the credit that was manifested by “the Black guy!” LOL!

Just my two cents. But anyway, please share your perspectives on Dr. Short’s words in the comment section and know that your presence here is appreciated. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your visit here. Come again.

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