Blonde Dye & Bleaching Creams: Self Hate In A Bottle/ Inferiority In Our Heart! – The LanceScurv Show

Bleaching creams, hair dye, plastic surgery & anyway to artificially alter what God gave you is suspect if you claim to truly love yourselves.

Skin Color, whether we want to believe it or not, is still the elephant in the living room in the hearts of Black people the world over.

While many Black people will readily cry out at the first sign of what they may feel is an encounter with racism, some of those same individuals will execute the same twisted mentality when dealing with people who are of their own race.

Other races of people will look on from the outside of this type of hypocrisy and remain befuddled as it just doesn’t seem to add up properly.

Blonde Black Child Soon To Be Bleaching

How can one complain about being prejudged because of the color of their skin yet turn around and do the same damn thing to some of their own?

Most would agree that this behavior has been internalized after being made to believe that we are truly inferior after hundreds of years of mental indoctrination while in slavery.

This is the case all the way up to the present time with the media brainwashing that continues to perpetuate these foolish myths.

Too many Black people are buying into this hook, line and sinker and it just doesn’t seem to be and end in sight anytime soon.

“SOME” Blacks who are of a lighter skin complexion can oftentimes feel superior to those who are darker. Many (BUT NOT ALL!) darker complected Blacks feel as sense of inferiority when compared to the lighter skinned Blacks when it comes to the expected treatment that they feel they will get when going up for a job or being considered by a potential romantic partner.

Let me officially say that THIS IS NOT ALL!

But many of us who are truly conscious and know better can sometimes slip into this twisted way of thinking in our everyday lives.

Dencia Whitenicious Bleaching Cream

So just because an individual make portray the opposite in their character when denouncing that way of thinking, they can have traces of it in their mentality and not even know it.

This is how deeply saturated this phenomenon called racism has affected us on the level of self hate.

While many will defend those hateful practices of plastic surgery to alter their features or bleaching cream to lighten their skin, the fact of the matter is that self hate is a huge business and those who seek to profit from it is are all wolves in sheep’s clothing.

While this episode of The LanceScurv Show just may piss some of the practitioners of this self hating act off, we’re going to speak in depth on ALL of the various aspects of self hate and apparent inferiority in the Black community and we will leave no stone unturned!

Time: Friday April 25, 2014 @ 11:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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