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The recent sad and unexpected Bobbi Kristina life threatening tragedy caught us all off guard, but I must stress I am overjoyed that many in the social media diaspora across all races, cultures, creeds and ages have taken the time to bow their heads in prayer for a miracle and the comfort of her loved ones even if things go south.

At the time of this emotionally intense video rant of mine, I was upset because of the comments that I read on the message board that accompanied the articles that speculated on her condition since she was discovered unresponsive in her bathroom very similar to the scenario in which her dear Mother transitioned several short years ago..

The scathing words that these faceless people made about Bobbi Kristina were uncalled for and lacked class.

How can one see humor in a situation where a young lady was obviously in pain missing her Mother and most likely wasn’t really allowed to grieve because of the constant spotlight that illuminated her every step by the so called Mainstream Media?

What gets me is that many an aspiring entertainer can’t see how the powers that be can build you up only to tear you down.

The really sad thing about Bobbi Kristina’s life in the “spotlight” wasn’t something that she asked for as she simply wasn’t allowed to have a peaceful life even if her parents had their personal struggles in their fall from grace.


Is grace really granted by these profit hungry parasites who sees anyone and everyone as fair game when it comes to feeding their insatiable appetite for tragedy, scandal and controversy?

It is God who gives our entertainers their talents yet it is these bloodsuckers who seek to benefit from what our Creator has given just as they do in every facet of our existence on this earth.

But dear Lord! Have they no conscious to go after a child?

Sure, Bobbi Kristina is married and sure she is technically an adult. But she is “fresh out of the box” for life with little to no experience for the inner storms that were to come yet she had been burdened beyond measure by the meddling of the paparazzi and the curious who crave to be entertained at the expense of another’s pain.

Well, they seem to have what they want these week, a perfectly timed tragedy on the heels of the Superbowl that they can exploit for the masses of American pigs who relish the “entertainment” of a celebrity meltdown that they helped to cause!

I will definitely have so much more to say about this situation as it transpires but make sure to never stop the prayers flowing regardless as to what God’s will in this situation reveals itself to be!

Please forgive me in advance for the few spicy words that came out of my mouth, but I can’t help it when I see an innocent person being spoken bad of especially when I know how these same lowlives really feel about us.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,




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