The Bobbi Kristina Tragedy: The Profit Driven Media Whores Are Salivating! – The LanceScurv Show

The recent sad and unexpected Bobbi Kristina life threatening tragedy caught us all off guard, but I must stress I am overjoyed that many in the social media diaspora across all races, cultures, creeds and ages have taken the time to bow their heads in prayer for a miracle and the comfort of her loved ones even if things go south.

At the time of this emotionally intense video rant of mine, I was upset because of the comments that I read on the message board that accompanied the articles that speculated on her condition since she was discovered unresponsive in her bathroom very similar to the scenario in which her dear Mother transitioned several short years ago..

The scathing words that these faceless people made about Bobbi Kristina were uncalled for and lacked class.

How can one see humor in a situation where a young lady was obviously in pain missing her Mother and most likely wasn’t really allowed to grieve because of the constant spotlight that illuminated her every step by the so called Mainstream Media?

What gets me is that many an aspiring entertainer can’t see how the powers that be can build you up only to tear you down.

The really sad thing about Bobbi Kristina’s life in the “spotlight” wasn’t something that she asked for as she simply wasn’t allowed to have a peaceful life even if her parents had their personal struggles in their fall from grace.


Is grace really granted by these profit hungry parasites who sees anyone and everyone as fair game when it comes to feeding their insatiable appetite for tragedy, scandal and controversy?

It is God who gives our entertainers their talents yet it is these bloodsuckers who seek to benefit from what our Creator has given just as they do in every facet of our existence on this earth.

But dear Lord! Have they no conscious to go after a child?

Sure, Bobbi Kristina is married and sure she is technically an adult. But she is “fresh out of the box” for life with little to no experience for the inner storms that were to come yet she had been burdened beyond measure by the meddling of the paparazzi and the curious who crave to be entertained at the expense of another’s pain.

Well, they seem to have what they want these week, a perfectly timed tragedy on the heels of the Superbowl that they can exploit for the masses of American pigs who relish the “entertainment” of a celebrity meltdown that they helped to cause!

I will definitely have so much more to say about this situation as it transpires but make sure to never stop the prayers flowing regardless as to what God’s will in this situation reveals itself to be!

Please forgive me in advance for the few spicy words that came out of my mouth, but I can’t help it when I see an innocent person being spoken bad of especially when I know how these same lowlives really feel about us.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,




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Media Personality / President Of ScurvMedia LLC / International Social Media Influencer / Culture Critic / Podcast Host / Blogger / Cartoonist & Activist who focuses on the issues of raw human nature the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch! 

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  • Swades4ever says:

    Michael Jackson was also a victim.

  • Frances Kallay says:

    You have a beautiful soul. God bless you brother

  • Sparkle says:

    Lawdhavemercy LANCE!!! YOU PREACHED!!!!!!!

  • cateyes2929 says:

    New subbie

  • Crystal Smith says:

    Thank you, brother you were on point, about everything you said. It feels so good to here someone tell it like it is. I tell it like it is alot, and family, and friends, which are a few don’t like it. I know cause they distance themselves, and don’t appreciate the truth. They want you to sugar coat things, and oh is wonderful, la de da! Oh well. I lost my mom May 17, 2011. Some people expect you to forget about it and move on, like the person never was here. Not saying your suppose to be stuck their. I’m an only child, with no kids, or siblings! Outside of God my mom was everything to me. So I can imagine how Bobbi Kristina feels, but I’m 54, have a little more experience than her. She blessed, to have lots of friends and kin people, the one’s who are real that is. After my mom died, I lost best girlfriend,same year was expecting her to not be around she told me she had Cancer. She said she had 6-12 months, while I’m kinda worried about her dying, found out in March 2011, my mom had Cancer, which I wasn’t expecting, she didn’t get visibly sick to almost the end. She died before my girlfriend who I knew was dying, so I was totally unprepared. Everyone, friends, and family, disappeared after the service, and don’t here or see them. Unless, I call, I don’t, they act like I died when my mom died, 3 people I lost same yr. I just thought people would stick by you, knowing your mom, was all you had, got 1 friend, and 1 cousin. Thats it. I am grateful, like I told another cousin, how I felt she said you have them, but she’s my cousin too, where does she an the others fit in. People are selfish, and uncaring like you say. They thrive on bad things, seems like that makes them feel good. Their children of Satan, and like you say, I been to church, and all that stuff, and they leave, church is over. Thank you for speaking out, on Whitney, and her daughter. I love Whitney, their never be a voice like hers. When she was up, in the earlier years, they were kissing her feet. As soon as you fall, your nothing, people were complaining when they went to her concert, whites, we want our money back, horrible. That’s why my family hide from me, I don’t have anything, but me, not working at present, and their busy following the world, and this devil, system, and being phony, talking about what they have, and where their going, I noticed, if you don’t talk like that, they have no time for you. Its ok tho, their is a God watching, and one day, they all will understand, payback is inevitable. God loves, us all, but he’s not to be played, with, and people worshiping people, and objects, I love their talent. Worship no one but God, people won’t get past their own selfishness, to think about someone that just need, a hug, or to know that their life matters, to someone! Will be following your, posts. You are very on Point!

  • Maryam Petrov says:

    When I was 10 I watched my dad drunk beat my mother whitney came out and I taught myself how to sing and dance she got me through helped me escape into music I became a great singer when she was murdered I cried for a whole year when I heard bobbi k drowned and was brain dead I cried all over again she is the laspt piece of whitney a sweet innocent and tortured baby girl I dont believe she will make it and its tragic beyond words she was becoming so beautiful but she had enemies her family failed her im so sad for her poor baby girl

  • dina depina says:

    I think its all a publicity stunt…just a guess

  • TheBev777 says:


  • DaOrigTruthSeeker says:

    I have read some of the ugly things some people have said about this child…..but they all fail to understand that one day they will need to mercy they are not feeling for her. We all have a date with death. I for one want to go out of here in the favor of THE MOST HIGH. We all have a date with death…..we just don’t know the date.

  • Miss Gang Smashers says:

    Lance,I have MAD Respect for YOU! That was one reason why I made a point to stay away from Social Media! I was afraid I would read nasty comments that would upset me. I am already emotionally upset about what happen to Bobbi Kristina and the last thing I want to read is nasty, cold and unemotional comments about her. Hollywood is EVIL and it is SAD what happen to her. Bobbi Kristina is indeed a victim.

  • TEXASKGEE says:

    God bless and keep you Lance. Keep declaring the truth. There will be a day when every man will give an account of their life. I stand with you. This is the day for ” T&T ”…..Truth Tellers. Be encouraged Doc. Praying for you.

  • William Martin says:

    Peace , I feel the same way but you expressed it better. I’ve been worried every since I heard the news. I just wish her and her family the best that life has to offer.

  • Jack1uptone says:

    You spoke real brotha.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lance I can tell this really got to you and as always you hit the nail on the head my prayers have been with Bobbi Kristina since the beginning but I can’t help but think about the fact that she was due to inherit her mother’s fortune at 21 and the powers that be decided if she didn’t do things their way she wouldn’t live to enjoy it God bless and keep preaching the truth my brother I love you

  • simonstuart2003 says:

    Hey Lance, Whitney and MJ and Janet are the most well loved and respect pop stars in this generation and the tptb don’t like they because it is not a white entertainer that can’t outshine then so they do anything they can do tarnished their name and brand and it won’t work, I hate the media with a passion, I am over them and don’t support them anymore. They are a joke and don’t give out real information, only gossip. I with you that no one is perfect and we all fall and make mistakes, we just own up to them and move on. Hope BK get through this and gets the help that she needs. We don’t know people struggles.

  • Linda Johnson says:

    All we can do right now is pray for Bobbi Kris to come out of this coma with little or no brain damage, and then for her to get any help she may need to break the family curse her parents had due to the drugs. Whitney loved her daughter, and I am sure Bobby does as well. No matter their own personal demons that is a fact. Prayers to the Houston and Brown families.

  • MrGdubb74 says:

    this is the 2nd time they have tried to kill Bobbi Kristina in the exact same way.her mother took her place after the 1st time the illuminati drowned her.Bobbi Kristina was found half dead like this about a week before they killed Whitney Houston.she probably wont make it this time.they probably keep her alive until feb.11 so she die on the same day as her mom..

  • Gatta Harmon says:

    I agree with you

  • sheryl clark says:

    Yes let’s keep Bobbi Christina in our prayers.

  • Antoinette Mccrae says:

    very sad… i lost my brother 3 years ago and it still hurts to this day, some days are harder than others, so i can only imagine how she must feel. i hope she gets better, her mum wouldnt want her to be going through this.

  • MrGriffiev says:

    Yes, this is unfortunate indeed. I hate the way people are already speculating though or trying to throw blame on Bobby Brown!

  • Dolla Phat says:

    It’s something more to this story. We are being fed lies. She’s in danger on top of missing her mother. Sigh

  • SheSoonStar90 says:
  • Michael Beasley Jr says:

    Keep it 100 real bro. I agree with you

  • Simply Love06 says:

    You have a heart of gold Lance. Keep on doing what u do. I agree with everything you’ve said.

  • oxalysos61 says:
  • >