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In this segment I speak from experience on the effect that hardcore Bodybuilding has on one’s psyche after the many years of observing the disastrous results in the lives of others. While many enter the gym with honorable intentions of building one’s health and improving their appearance through bodybuilding, too many gullible and impressionable young men and women are seduced into a mindset that can be quite addictive as well as destructive as what was once a healthy sense of insecurity now rages as a burning fire of extreme narcissism and selfishness.

I’ve noticed through the example of many competitive bodybuilders that I’ve known personally over the years that the improved physical conditioning that they fight so hard to achieve only gives them a fleeting sense of satisfaction once the competition is over.

While their peers will look upon their eye catching physical in utter amazement, the personal satisfaction derived from looking larger than life is usually non existent as they toil onward toward that next unattainable level of excellence that will most often cause them to see an early grave because of the extreme substance abuse that they feel is necessary to reach their potential. The sad part about this reality is that the very substances – in the form of anabolic steroids, growth hormone, insulin, diuretics etc. – that make them look so strong are actually killing them from within as their self delusion continues on indefinitely.

This was a very short verbal “drive by” segment that has inspired me to do more of these insightful bodybuilding monologues that hopefully will stop someone from getting lost in a world that offers nothing of substance to bring about a balanced life! Bodybuilding should fit into a complete healthy life where not one of the three major planes of our existence – mental, physical or spiritual become a priority over the other two unless it is to bring oneself back into balance.

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