Bold Raw Truth Will Always Be Deemed As Propaganda By Your Oppressor!

It’s amazing how an unbridled shared truth can unearth the keyboard terrorists of the world who are normally too much of a coward to say the things that they say under the cover out in public.

That’s just my experience because you wouldn’t believe the amount of messages from these courageous cowards that cross my path in cyberspace to share their great wisdom on what I’m doing on my blog.

This morning upon awakening I checked my inbox only to find plenty of disgruntled entities who were very much upset with the article that I wrote titled: Welcome To Windermere: The New Crime Hills Of Central Florida!

For so long the masses who have been in the advantageous position of being favored in the media have never had to deal with hearing the opinions of the people who were really the victims of their in-house media.

But thank God that we will now never be ignored again, not merely to speak to those who do not like people like you or I, but to reach out to each other directly without any hindrance much to the anger of our naysayers.

Our feelings on what transpires in our neighborhoods can never be red-lined or our interests will never be redrawn in our districts and diluted as long as we maintain our direct communication via the internet experience.


Sure, you will have those who will rage against you as though you have to run to a corner that they feel that they had you in when you had no voice.

But fret not because this is an entirely new day and the time to be quelled and silenced is over!

My only issue with those of us who are the Truth Tellers is that we need to process and confirm the validity everything that is offered up in cyberspace that ultimately amounts to a little more than a mental speed bump and distraction.

So much buffoonery is flooded online I believe as an attempt to dilute the effectiveness of the worthwhile information that can truly make a difference in the lives of many.

We’ve got a tremendous opportunity to share, learn, grow and unite from this cyber medium as it seemed as though historically we’ve done so much more before we’ve even had it conveniently at our fingertips.

Knowledge is power and information is key if we are to break down the strongholds that continue to profit from our ignorance and truly don’t want those who keep them in their position of dominance to finally wake up.

Uncle Sam

So understand that only when you deemed a firebrand for freedom and a fearless voice to awaken the sleeping giant will you begin to get the attacks from those who feel that you are a threat.

This is when you know that you are hitting the nerves of your oppressor and will eventually have your character attacked in order to cause the truth that you speak to be rendered ineffective.

So while the internet will always be a great tool to be entertained, make sure that you take the time to seek out the news and events that are relevant to your community and your world and if you can’t find what you are looking for then be the one to fill the gaps and provide it.

So the call is going out to use your smartphone and cameras to capture and document all activity that happens in your community and never stop recording even if you feel that what you are capturing is irrelevant.

While it may be something that is not of great interest to you, it will be of importance to someone and can make a difference in someones life. Imagine if someone was close by to record and/or witness the murder of Trayvon Martin at the hands of Amerikkka’s autograph signing celebrity George Zimmerman.

So I urge you to walk more in the mindset of consciousness and realize how much power that you are armed with and never underestimate the effect that you have in your community, city, state and world.

Orange County Department Of Corrections Florida 33rd Street

Trust me, the world IS watching and like myself, when you begin to annoy your oppressor he will show his ugly face to you directly to attempt to smear you, degrade you and ultimately snuff out your revolutionary voice of empowerment.

Believe me, I ain’t going NOWHERE until my Creator calls me home and will stay on their asses until every ounce of strength and breath is exhausted from my well preserved fully charged body!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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