Breaking The Shackles Of Generational Curses With Sister Constance aka Warrior Queen Speaks – The LanceScurv Show

“On this journey beautiful journey in life we must all be willing to face the root of our issues. We must be willing to take embrace The Most High’s divine purpose for our lives, to seek far beyond what the flesh is offering.

People will ask, how do I roll back the layers of my truth?

Do I even want to?

Be willing to silence your voice so that our Father in heaven can speak.

Be willing to embrace discipline.

Be willing to embrace the growing pain of changing into a person with a purpose filled life.

Sometime it begins with a thought, sometimes with a conversations.

Be open to exploring the unknown righteously. We are here to share our experiences in hopes that we’ll be a blessing to all that listen in. Peace beloved family!” – Sister Constance a.k.a. Warrior Queen Speaks @YouTube

WARRIOR QUEEN SPEAKS shares her Divine Wisdom is a righteous conversation that covered a multitude of issues that many have refused to uncover and heal from in their personal lives.
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