Did Brent P. Ahlers Know That Black People Die From Little White Lies? – The LanceScurv Show

At St. Paul Minnesota’s St. Catherine University, campus security guard Brent P. Ahlers discharged a gun on campus that he wasn’t supposed to have on duty by mistake and then blamed an imaginary Black Man on the incident and only told the truth about his fabricated story after 55 Police Officers were feverishly seeking the culprit along with a state patrol helicopter and four K-9 units.

Thank God no one was killed at the expense of Brent P. Ahlers lie but it must be told that the “Blame the Black Guy” mentality is as Amerikkkan as Apple Pie and a reality that we as Black people must toil under every day of our oppressed lives!

Did Brent P. Ahlers Know That BLACK PEOPLE DIE FROM LITTLE WHITE LIES? - The LanceScurv Show

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