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Infants are defenseless and so totally dependent on their mothers for life and sustenance.

Don’t have a child if you can’t handle the total commitment and responsibility.

This is why so many thoughts and feelings were triggered when I first read of the unthinkable deed of the 22 year old Indianapolis mother named Briana Holland who gave birth to her son at work and stuffed a tampon in his mouth while covering his head in a bag expecting him to die after dumping him in the trash.

…….and after doing all of that she resumed work like nothing happened at all.

Briana Holland Featured Image - Infant

Thank God a maintenance worker found the baby boy and stopped the bleeding from his umbilical cord which in itself would have been fatal.

She admitted to police that she couldn’t support a child because she was working and in school.

So you mean to tell me that not being able to support a child is a reason to try to kill it?

And while I believe that this was an unthinkable act I also feel that it is a direct reflection of the moral standing of a society that has countless abortion clinics dotting the landscape at every turn.

You just never know WHAT people have in their hearts to do and what they are capable of doing right up under our noses while acting just as normal as can be.

I feel that many in the younger generation are desensitized and detached from any and all emotion until they need something from someone and can feign compassion and emotion until they get what they want.

How else could one explain doing something so cold-hearted while at work of all places?

Briana Holland Graphic - Infant

She gave birth at the workplace and no one heard her making any noises while pushing her child out?

How could she have completed the act of childbirth in such a covert manner?

Even her boyfriend didn’t know of her pregnancy and had to find out about it on Twitter of all places!

Senseless killings like this are unfortunately becoming the norm and we need to figure out what changes need to be made in order to reverse this trend before it’s too late!

Getting back to having God in our lives is the first priority and living a God centered life is the next.

God centered means living a life that’s committed to obeying God’s laws with no slacking. It’s the only way and until we restore having God in our lives then we can expect similar Briana Holland incidents and even worse.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,



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