Many of us throughout the course of our lifetime do not realize that our every thought, action and reaction either pulls us up or brings us down in our vibration mentally, physically and spiritually.

We have to understand that because of our basic energy we can find ourselves quickly in an elevated life or a very negative bottom feeder existence just as fast. We don’t realize how much power we ultimately have and what we draw to ourselves and our lives in many will blame external factors as the culprit for our lack of progress.

If we think back over our lives we will realize that we manifested our present existence and made the choice to either move forward from what seemed a hopeless existence or to a set the external illusion and let it defeat us for lifetime.

Many people will sit down stagnant and use the excuse that they don’t have money for example to make progress in their lives.

These individuals do not know that the power of thought, passion and desire to reach a specific goal or many goals starts from within in the universe will obey.

We all know that individual who seems to have it so easy where everything appears to fall in line for them no matter what the circumstances or opposition that stands in their way. Those of individuals who do not worry about how their day will go they absolutely know that everything will work in their favor even though it seems that they have insurmountable odds against them.

When you study people like this you will see how they handle such a situation because all throughout a certain defeat in the eyes of those around them they never got upset, they never appeared to be worried and they were certain that everything was gonna turn out the way they wanted to it the end of the day.

These are the people who have harnessed the power of this universe in their behalf and they have learned how to position themselves in a manner that gives them an advantage over any set of negativity at that time. You have to understand that the majority of people around you in most societies today have been taught to obey a script in their lives that will never bring them the prosperity that they claim they want so bad.

Now when I mention prosperity I am not speaking in the manner that most Christian pastors express, because success to me is total freedom from this oppressive system moving about the earth in total balance mentally spiritually and physically having total contentment at that point in life from which I stand.

This also goes for how we interact with the people around us who possess various forms of energy from the extreme negative to the extreme positive.

You must absolutely flee those who want to draw you in within negative self-defeating energy.

Many negative based people in our midst can sound very convincing as a talk about the divine spiritual laws and the elevation of their life. But when you take the time to observe what they produce you will see that there talk is shallow and has produced nothing of merit.

If you are truly positive and about accomplishing elevating your life you must vaporize these individuals and flee from them as though your life depended on it because it does.

You do not want to build any alliances with them not because you think you’re better but it will help you to reach your goals even faster.

Keeping these people away from you and refusing to build any bridges will protect you from having to deal with their toxic idiosyncrasies because to be successful you must know that you do not have any obligation to babysit the various aspects of their persona that they refuse to work on. Many of us are too weak to take a stand to keep our positive energy to ourselves as we allow these parasites to use us and suck down our life force for their benefit as we freely give them the time of day to rob us of our precious positivity.

The choice is yours as you want to build bridges with those who are like-minded but understand that you must have something of note in value to bring to the table to motivate those around you for positive and already driven to personal success on various levels.

So when you find yourself in a stagnant position when deep down you really want to find yourself in a better place, you must take stock of what you’re connected to and you must take stock of who you built your personal bridges with is that will give you an indication of who is adding on and who is subtracting from your life force for their benefit that will go nowhere in this life. This is very important and we have to know that we cannot waste one iota of our precious positivity because the more that you build bridges with motivated people is the more you will find yourself having a righteous momentum in your life elevation will now move effortlessly because every fiber of your being moves in balance and in unison to reach your goals without interruption.

I hope that this video and this writing can help you to understand at least one aspect of our existence that I learned from personal experience.

Feel free to share your perspectives on this topic in the comments section below and thank you for spending your precious time here with us.


Your Brother,


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