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While it’s not everyone, it’s too many of us!….and while it’s not ALL Black people, it’s far too many of us and for some reason the stigma of being broke is something that seems to be automatically pinned on us as though it’s a certainty!

Members of the entire spectrum of the human family have at some point or another in their life have had to tighten their belts up to get through some rough financial times.

But some of my Black Brothers and Sisters here in America have embraced being broke as a lifestyle choice and seem to desire to remain financially illiterate and make due with the crumbs that they just happen to find themselves within the close proximity off as though they HAVE no options!

While I’m not advocating becoming a material prosperity junkie and spending your entire life in the pursuit of accruing an overwhelming amount of high end items, what I’m stating is that we can at least strive for a heightened level of existence more than accepting the usually sad state of circumstances that our lives have become.

Listen in on my animated and entertaining rant that are sprinkled with a few finely granulated nuggets of hard earned truths and share your feedback on it generously in the comment area below.

Thanks for taking the time to absorb my cerebral madness and I hope you don’t think that I’m TOO crazy! LOL!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Ranting Brother,



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