Broken Employer Promises And The Disgruntled Coworkers Who Believed Them!

It feels to me that the tensions in the world have increased beyond measure and those who suffer the consequences the most from these stressful conditions are totally oblivious to the fact that they are there in the first place.

While they may not be aware of what is at the root of their stress, they are nonetheless being broken down slowly but surely by its deadly effects.

Not only that, I’ve also noticed how spiritually constipated many are with bitterness and an angry type of disappointment.

To be honest with you it really hit me hard earlier when in the passing company of coworkers. the disgruntled comments toward their workplace and the dissatisfied outlook at their job borders on a major toxicity!

I had to ask myself how can so many people collectively allow the trivial happenings on a job affect them in such a major way as though they have no life?

Then it hit me.

They really have no life!

I’m sorry if anyone here is insulted but if the show fits…….

But it’s the truth! I work for a company that upon hiring had shared with us our pay scale and how the raises would go in steps over the next five years. As far as how that pertains to me is this – I have two more raises to go that I never received and by this June it will be six years that I have been working there.


But it’s only a fact.

Who bashing?

…….and I am not one of those who happened to be disgruntled or upset how a legally binding arrangement was broken by an employer.

Why should I be mad? I am greater than a few extra dollars an hour on the paycheck and the potential that my Creator has placed within me will take me places that those few dollars will never afford me!

It’s all how you view a situation and although I am a fighter and could probably raise hell with the leverage and connections that I have in cyber-space, I choose not to because there are so many things for me that are BIGGER on the horizon and I have chosen to focus my energies on getting there as fast as I can!

Help Wanted

But for those who have defeated their own connection to the divine by focusing on a man made order that was never meant to serve them, they will trudge on into their twilight years waiting for the “Boss-Man” (Oh how I hate that term that originated on the slavery plantation! But I’m in the south now right? So why should I be surprised?) to make things right for them when they could create a Heaven on earth for themselves?

This is why I don’t have the time to worry about what any job administration is going to do! Here is a tip: When you are on a job that refuses to give you what was legally pledged to be yours as per your contractual agreement, refuse to give THEM the entire effort and only give them what THEY pay for!

Nothing more.

Nothing less.


See, it’s as simple as that!

If they refuse to go the extra mile for you, then return the favor not by doing anything bad, but regarding them as they have regarded you. I do this in every facet of my life and it works like a charm.

This technique sure saves one from a whole lot of frustration, pain and bitterness!

So with that being said, understand that if you were created by a might all powerful God, then you MUST have the capabilities to conquer worlds many times over instead of trading off your infinite existence for a finite paycheck!

Yes, I still work and get a paycheck, I am no fool, but my mind could never be limited in the way that I see so many succumb to accepting a pitiful reality that at best leaves them to be nothing more than grown ass brats who congregate to whine about what some boss or job didn’t “give” them!

Hell, if you don’t have enough balls to reflect God’s greatness in everything that you do to surpass any low expectations that these corporate slave masters have of you as a bottom feeder wage slave, then you DESERVE to be walked on in the manner that you are for the rest of your days!

And if this is what YOU choose to do, then PLEASE do NOT bring it to me because I am too busy righteously scheming on how to attain my wealth above and beyond what this condescending world deems is my so called fair share. Do you understand where I am coming from?

Maybe you don’t so I will attempt to explain myself just one more time…….

Whether you know it or not, you are BIGGER than a mere job. What your so called boss “gives” you on a job for a paycheck is mere pennies on the dollar for what you should be getting if the pay scale was fair. You know this deep down inside and this is why you are  to the core.

You must find something that you love to do that you would do even if you weren’t paid to do it. You must study every aspect of it to the point of becoming an expert in it. You must think about it first thing upon your rising and fall asleep doing it before you retire. You must perfect your game where others begin to acknowledge you as the source of all that you do and you must focus your energies toward it in a manner that borders on insanity.

This is the only way to remove the shackles of what this world calls employment and the hustle of your precious time that could be used to build a legacy. It is really all so simple yet this thing called fear always holds us back.

The slave who broke free of the hold of the slave master is always the slave that is hated the most by the other slaves who cowered at the thought of running free, never forget that. Never forget that at times you will have to work hard to conceal how far off of the shackled thinking that you really are to those who are still there because in essence they will plot to bring you back into the fold of captivity with them because misery absolutely loves company!

Never doubt your abilities as a woman or man who can fly independently in this world of a mere job because it is only really a mental barrier that keeps you there. radical change requires radical thinking and as long as you execute the same old tired movements day in and day out then you will reap the same results each and every time over and over with no end in sight!

So if you are sick and tired of waiting for that big break while you move amongst the mentally defeated and downtrodden, know that you will have to break away from their influence so that you can institute a new thinking in a renewed mind that knows that it is equipped to do great things on this earthly journey.

Each day brings a new adventure and as far as I am concerned it is an absolute joy to wake up each and every morning because I just don’t know what juicy nuggets of sweetness my God has planned to sprinkle generously throughout my day! But how could I enjoy those sugary gifts when I have a bitter mentality that holds anger toward a mere man who never ever gave me the breath of life in the first place?

Wake up people and stop disrespecting your God by not moving forward on the things that He has promised, you act as though your so called boss has more power in your life than the God above! How sad! Because i know different and this is why you will NEVER see me mean mugging the world because of what a job has refused to give me. I AM my job! I have been contracted by God to subdue and CONQUER this earth! I am the boss of me because the One who made me gave me power and dominion over every creature over the earth! HA! That sounds like a boss to me!

So as I get these ugly expressions directed my way know that for those who do so, I have pity on you because you are telling me by your sulking demeanor that you are defeated long before the righteous fight has ever started.

What a disgrace!

I serve the God that has created the entire universe! …….And while we are here on the planet earth, I aspire to travel all over it freely to meet the brothers and sisters that I have all over the world to do commerce on a big level much more vast than what this country can comprehend!

There is so much more to the world than the United states of America and its failing economy, impotent school systems and ever popular drug culture that is an embarrassment on the world stage.

From what I am hearing by those who have frequently traveled worldwide, it was such a plus to be recognized as an American at one time. It brought respect, awe, and a status that was second to none because it meant that you came from a place that everyone wanted to go to, everyone wanted to be like and everyone wanted to emulate.

Now? To be known as an American is to be known as one who is part of a culture of faded glory. Your best days as a nation are behind you because you have become so intoxicated with your own press clippings. You have felt as though you are a God beside God in your abusive policing of the world’s powers and have lost so much respect from the dirty dealings that you have committed in the name of democracy!

Most of your nations citizens belief the dirt that you have done to the darker peoples of the world was done in a righteous manner because the media that you control and manipulate tells them so. How else could you control the thinking of so many “sheeple” unless they weren’t sucking from the nipple of your news networks and not from a direct source of independent news reporting?

So now with an ailing economy, a diminishing nationalistic sense of moral, and those same disgruntled coworkers that I have to see everyday, I understand that it won’t be long before the bottom of this wicked system drops out and I will be free of the old order as God brings forth His kingdom to rule this world forever more.

One thing is for sure, that with ALL of the houses of worship dotting the landscape as far as the eyes can see, and all of the prosperity preachers dominating the airwaves, and with all of this wickedness running rampant on the face of this earth, SOMEONE is fraudulent and NOT doing as they should because if they were, this world as it is would be a much better place and EVERYONE would possess the same positive attitude at the start of the day that I am blessed to have!

It’s kind of lonely being one of the only happy ones out here, but SOMEONE has got to lead the way!


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