Not to sound cliche’, but there are absolutely no words that can describe the hold that Brother EYE-SON on your attention span immediately as soon as the first syllable is spoken out of his mouth. When EYE-SON speaks you will feel like a fly trapped on fly paper unable to move but the difference between you and that fly is that you are happy to be stuck with no complaints because you will understand that your entire essence is being fed in a way that it yearned for through many years and decades. His particular topics covered in this episode are actually too much to list as he free flowed through some phenomenal viewpoints that left all of us wondering how much truth could one man drop? Just know that if you sliced any 5 minutes of this video to isolate it you would have more wisdom in it contained than most “YouTubers who love to hear themselves talk” could ever convey! I guarantee you that within the first 90 seconds of hearing Brother EYE-SON’S words that you NOT be able to click on the “X” on the upper right hand corner to exit! THAT’S MY WORD! Please share your perspectives on this rare gem of a show in the comment section below. PEACE!

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