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In the shark infested world of cyber-space, one must move with caution as everything and everyone who claims to be good are often the polar opposite of what they portray. Deception is the unwritten rule of disorder of the present day by-laws of the internet and those who do not grasp this sad reality will find out swiftly as the truth rises to the surface as the masks are removed.

Brother Keith Newsome is a man who has built his YouTube platform independently without having to harass other platform’s chat room visitors to subscribe to their channels as has been the norm with too many of these dysfunctional Black YouTube channels. Because of this fact, there has been a lot of negative energy hovering over him that he may have been unaware of that would easily turn on him if he began to see through the paper thin facade that exists behind the Colgate smiles.

Now that the truth is out on who was around him, he must separate himself from their negative drama filled personas. This I’m sure will be the case but it has been quite a lesson learned that will propel him faster into his destiny as a teacher who possesses a vast knowledge that can’t be duplicated overnight as he has obviously studied his entire life in order to share what he does.


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