BUFFER RACES: Happily Doing The Dirty Work For White Supremacy!

From Wikipedia: The U.S. government’s Office of Management and Budget has defined Hispanic or Latino people as being those who “trace their origin or descent to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central, and South America (other than Guyana, French Guyana, and Suriname), and other Spanish cultures”. The United States Census uses the ethnonym Hispanic or Latino to refer to “a person of Dominican, Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race“. The Census Bureau also explains that origin can be viewed as the heritage, nationality group, lineage, or country of birth of the person or the person’s ancestors before their arrival in the United States. People who identify their origin as Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish may be of any race.”

Buffer: A person or thing that reduces a shock or that forms a barrier between incompatible or antagonistic people or things.

Maybe I’m imagining things but the relationship between American Blacks and what the world now calls Latinos was a whole lot different back in the 1970’s than it is today. While not in every case but in what I’ll say in the majority of them the prior connectedness between those two categories seems to have been distances greatly and for a long while I couldn’t place my finger on it for the life of me.

First of all, where did this term “Latino” come from because as a young boy with a great memory I don’t really remember it being used back then like I do now and suspect that it is an attempt at social engineering to divide and conquer a people who were inseparable in their experience with White Supremacy.

The facts can never change no matter how it’s packaged and presented, whatever it is inside that gift box doesn’t change because of the wrapping paper used to fancy up the outside.

Perception is a heck of a thing and now in the new millennium I’ve notice a rift between individuals who once identified as Black (Afro-Latino) and those who are originally from countries where the predominant language spoken is Spanish.

Understand that I feel that there is a push by the media with their mind control and manipulation tactics as well as the government to reward those who shun their Blackness in exchange for advantageous perks of promotion on the job, housing market favoritism and overall preferential treatment in American society that American Blacks never receive on a consistent basis as long as they distance themselves from being identified or having anything to do with Black people.

I’ve often wondered to myself HOW in the heck can you make a horse think that he’s a cat? Well it’s happening right before our eyes because the predominantly Black African people that may or may not have a minor mixture of other races in their D.N.A. now think that SPANISH is a race as well as PUERTO RICAN, DOMINICAN & any other Spanish speaking Black person originating from a country other than the United States is not Black!

Wow! Someone truly pulled the covers over the heads of some of us!

Latino Infographic

Example: Imagine a family that has lived together all their lives now get separate dwellings elsewhere in a different city not too far from each other in that same city. They use one huge moving truck to transport all of their collective items to their new separate locations until the move is completed.

Does that family who has always acknowledged that they are related now swear that they do not have the same blood flowing through their veins now that they’ve been separated to different physical dwellings and homes?

Of course not! They are family and it would be foolish of them to think otherwise!

So why is it when that “moving truck of a slave ship named Jesus” sprinkled us – those of us who weren’t already here before the ice people arrived – all about South America, the Caribbean and North America, we act as though we’re not family anymore even though we all came from the same place?

White Supremacy has undoubtedly affected the mind of the entire world as the European standard of beauty and living is acknowledged by the planetary population as the epitome of beauty and the pinnacle of living.

White privilege is perceived to be the highest honor that the non white individual could fantasize about and now that the Caucasian population in countries all over the world has plunging birth rates that will leave as the minority in many places where they’ve maintained a stronghold such as the United States, they now want to open the floodgates to allow other races in to enjoy the spending power of the White Privilege Credit Card!

But before we move on understand that White people ARE a minority in the world and this is why they do not want you to see yourself as a world citizen because you will see how minuscule their global presence truly is!

So now we have a situation where others who never truly were accepted as White but who dreamed of being Caucasian can now get their White Privilege Credit Card as long as they adhere to the strict Terms Of Service which first and foremost means that they must help to continue the holding down of the Black race in every area of society imaginable!

So as many of us already know, when any other race of people arrive to the shores of the United States Of America, if they desire true success, they must never associate with or come to the aid of the Black man or Woman and will accrue extra points from the system if they act as an independent contractor for the system of White Supremacy in order to extend the reach of a dying breed.

It doesn’t matter to these new recipients of the White Privilege Card that not long ago they were also included in the category of being the scum of the earth since they weren’t White, they truly believe that this cave beast truly accepts them into the upper echelon of their world wholeheartedly not realizing that they are using them to boost their effectiveness and leverage against the Black race as they know that our numbers are growing and theirs are diminishing FAST!

So even though they hate to relax the membership qualifications to their formerly exclusive club of White dominance, they will grin and bear it simply because they hate the thought of seeing the Black man rise to excellence as the knowledge of our true selves are revealed over what has been wrongly touted as our history by our open enemy.

So if he can turn us in against each other as we argue who is closer to him in bloodline or outward appearance, he knows that we will never focus on our collective liberation to break the oppressive grip over us that has been very profitable to his thieving existence as the number one murdering, robber and rapist of the planet who has raised hell whereever he has appeared in the world.

But most will never realize this because he has restructured the very history books to make him appear needed and as a hero the world over! Today he uses the mainstream media as well as social media to get the same job done. The moment we unplug from the lies and propaganda that he puts out as a Fake Jew/White cave beast – which are one and the same, don’t be deceived – is the faster that we will prosper by benefitting totally from our own efforts and resources that have thus far been leeched from us because we’ve thought so lowly of ourselves feeling that we could never do good without the help of this bloodsucking leech.

So now he has worked hard to get into our mind and cause us to want to be someone else who we are not. Non White people are now applying for the card of White Privilege and getting it easily with no background check as long as they can be used to beat down everything Black and be rewarded greatly because of it by now being accepted into the White infrastructure of Jobs, Housing, Status and overall perception.

Many “so called” Latinos – who the majority have Black “gringo” blood flowing through their veins but are conveniently in denial of this fact – will quickly proclaim a language as their race by stating that they are “Spanish!”

But since when did a language become a race?

Many “so called” Latinos will quickly proclaim a nationality by stating for example that they are “Dominican” or “Puerto Rican!”

But since when did a country become a race?

Many “so called” Latinos will check the “White” box when filling out their Census Forms while actually possessing the Ethnic Traits of someone who is on the furthest end of the spectrum away from even resembling a Caucasian with kinky hair, melanin rich skin, thick lips and a wide nose among other things which indicate that they are not White.

Why am I going in so deep on this issue? It’s because so many of us stick our delusional heads in the sands of denial by purposely allowing the lines of race, nationality and ethnicity to be blurred so we can conveniently avoid facing what we know to be “oh so obvious!”

If any of those who want a rude awakening please Google “Race”, “Nationality” and “Ethnicity” and the definition of those words will clearly straighten them out from the cloud that is around their heads.

But many have quickly forgotten how they were discriminated against and will never question the reason why they are accepted with open arms with many White jobs and establishments that still do not want to deal with the Black Nation. There was a time when we dealt with each other as one and had a love between each other that had no bounds until this devil sought to successfully divide us as they bit the sweet bait of the privilege that they now enjoy as they feel so good sitting on the slave master’s throne to lord over us as though they are a superior entity over us.

My advice to Black people is to separate yourselves from all of this foolishness and build your own infrastructure that will not only support your efforts to survive but will have you living well once you realize that you can do better all by yourself! Compare the pennies on the dollar that this system of White Supremacy affords you as a low paid wage slave as they try to make you feel as though what they offer is worth its weight in gold as they reinforce the fear in you that you could never make it on your own. Fear is the only mental shackle that is holding us back!

How can so many others move freely with an abundance of unity to succeed in this place where we have been stagnant for so long?

We built this country from A to Z yet we are the most disrespected and exploited yet we just don’t get the fact that we need to do like everyone else and manifest ourselves as a unified nation within this nation for those who choose to stay here in this crumbling country called America. We are the only race of people “marching” for equality while others don’t give a damn what you think of them as they pool their collective dollars together to force the system to work for them!

Black Consumer Spending Power

Like Dr. Umar Johnson stated we don’t politicize our dollars as a unified front to force the hand of a system that will always ignore us as we freely bring them our hard earned money to their businesses without ever seeking to develop and support our own. So why should anyone ever respect us as a people when we don’t even respect or believe in ourselves?

So don’t ever come to me to complain about these buffer races that will be granted a position and status over you in a society that is hellbent on erasing all things Black if it doesn’t serve the system of White Supremacy.

Running behind these damn politicians believing their lies is not the answer!

Bowing down to a false god that was given to you in order to control you is not the answer no matter how sweet the words are of these pimp preachers may sound is not the answer!

The answer is to totally walk away from this system to never look back and to pool our money, talents and resources for ourselves while rejecting any differences perceived among ourselves through religion, status in their system and politics.

The ONLY conversation that we should be having with anyone and everyone is on the issue of Black Empowerment! If it’s not about Black Empowerment then we are wasting our time while others benefit from our indulgence into their affairs.

Let the buffer races do their song and dance with the Oppressor while we build our own future and move toward a destiny of our own that cannot be controlled anymore by our open enemy!

Peace, Love & Righteous Revolution Always,

Your Passionate Brother,



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