Build You Dream From Where You Stand!

Why is it that we as human beings feel as though our dreams will be lived somewhere far away and in a completely different time from in the present.

I mean, it’s not that we say these things officially to ourselves, but from what I can see most of us don’t really believe that success could ever be ours to behold.

What’s frightening is that too many feel that a successful and satisfying life could only be achieved by someone else and never themselves.

Too many have subscribed to the notion that success is for everyone else and NEVER for themselves.

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Their defeated attitude toward life keeps them in a place of stagnation that they have become very comfortable staying in no matter how much talent and potential oozes from their every pore.

To believe that you are not destined for greatness after all that God has gifted you with in this life regardless of the challenges is a crime far more devastating than the wasted talent that you’ve allowed to become impotent through lack of activity.

Think of how wonderful this world could be if we all had a belief in ourselves that would extract every bit of potential out of us for the advancement of this wonderful world.

But some of us just don’t believe and feel that we are destined to a life of mediocrity forever.

But nothing could be further from the truth and I feel that for us to be made as brilliantly as we are it is a tragedy and abnormal for us NOT to be successful in one manifestation of our ultimate selves or another.

Look at how magnificently we are made, look how far superior we are in our makeup over and above anything that man could ever muster from the deepest recesses of his mind……. and you mean to tell me that we were only made to punch a clock and trade off decades of our lives for a cheap rip-off of a retirement check that we probably wouldn’t live very long enough to enjoy after we leave that employment plantation?

If you want to go on and believe that than be my guest because I know that I was born to alter reality and cause my righteous dreams to be molded right in front of your very eyes and I wasn’t made to wait until the tale end of my life here on this planet to do so!

This type of passion that I possess was cultivated over the course of my lifetime and has a momentum that will smash through any obstacle simply because of the accumulated spiritual force that has been rolling along for so long.

If you happen to find yourself in a rut of any sort, you’ve got to self evaluate your life and make the necessary external and internal adjustments in order for your life to see the light beyond the clouds. Understand that the rut could be caused by the people around you just as much as it could be your own fault.

Own up to it whichever way the pendulum swings.

No matter how much the circumstances around you try to convince you that you are destined for failure, you’ve got to silently and strongly belief that better is out there for you and will keep this belief until your change comes!

success-story dreams

You have to also be very clear on the core vision of your personal goals and never waver in what you want unless your vision evolves into something better for you!

Understand that while some realize their dreams in days, weeks or months, most have to toil for years but the best part about having the ability to be long suffering is that the gourmet meal of success – once it arrives – tastes so much better than if you achieved it quick as an overnight sensation.

Truly see that your dreams can be built from where you stand, more than moving away to another state, changing jobs as frequently as the wind blows or being unstable in what you desire because of the ever changing trends in your midst, you can and will become the best at what you do from right where you are.

This is one of my personal laws that I live by and it has worked very effectively as I’ve raised my profile from someone who was nonexistent to many of my peers to the bright spot on the radar screen of the many different creative genres of expertise in which I travel.

Always know that you do not need anyone outside of yourself to do what thrives so strongly in your soul to accomplish.

It makes it easier and faster to reach the goals when you have help but help is not always a good thing because with people come emotions, hangups and jealousies.

Stay solo as long as possible and if you can remain on your own for the length of your success journey than that’s even better.

Never take advice from someone who is not on the level of doing what you are doing at the time. If they haven’t ascended to your level of excellence no matter how much more you have to go, disregard it because they are driven by ego and not experience.

Absorb the current truths of those who are doing the damn thing and making it happen for themselves RIGHT NOW!

We have too many individuals in our presence who are armchair experts who want to tell you how you should run your affairs while not having a modicum of any accomplishments in their portfolio.

Let them take their advisory fantasies elsewhere and keep moving on the path that your spirit dictates to you. As long as your spirit is connected to the Divine Power, you will always overcome the challenges that knock others permanently out the box.

Always remember that clean living has its benefits and will always keep you ahead of the competition when it’s time to display your abilities to the world on the open market.

Bad inferior junk food that lacks nutrition for a positive feel good lifestyle will kill off any chance of one being able to sustain any successful effort to go higher in their field.


Drugs and alcohol are poisons that will always keep you several steps behind one who is high on clean living and will kill of the most powerful weapon that is mandatory to the success of your desired goals.

Stagnant people who indulge in motivation killing gossip and the unnecessary speculations into other people affairs that are not in their circle must be immediately ejected from your life. How can you make your dreams a reality when in the constant presence of those who haven’t a clue about what they want out of life?

As you can see, you can build your dreams from where you stand but you must clear away the bad energy in order to shine bright in the way that your Creator intended to!

The choice is yours.

Mediocrity or success.

…….I know what I chose.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,





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