Bus Station Con Men & The Lonely Women Who Get Taken For A Ride!

Your local bus station and transportation hub can be one of the best places to study human nature in the world if you open your eyes to what truly transpires there.

Everyday that I drive the bus for the local transportation company here in Orlando Florida I observe human nature from a very unique perspective while in a deep meditative state.

People can oftentimes be so self centered and all about themselves that it really makes me wonder if we will ever make it into the future as a human family in one functional piece.

When I sit at the downtown station waiting for the minutes to count down before my departure, I see the scrambled masses of anxious people hurriedly rush to their particular bus and see what’s in their heart without barriers.


It’s something to watch people in the public as they go about their business, most are in their own world and fail to interact with anyone who crosses their path because most possess a mindset of everything being all about them.

Sure, there are some very nice people too that get caught up in the madness, and if the truth be told they have become very good in concealing their more amicable sides because I guess in this world to be approachable and nice is also taken by most sharks as a sign of weakness.

This is a scenario that I often see played out with many busy professional women as they seek to reach their destination in a timely manner, men will attempt to speak to them in a forced cordial manner while it’s obvious that they have games on their mind.

Then they get angry when their amateur-like attempts of living out their well dated played 1970’s Blaxploitation movie Pimp fantasies -from the years of bombarding their carnal brains with Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines novels – have just gotten shot down.


People have mighty goals and big dreams to achieve and these women usually have been through the games and can spot a time wasting clown a million miles away!

But as they say, there’s a sucker born every minute because as soon as that woman leaves this clown will try to get the attention of the next woman with the same old tired pick up line.

…….the sad reality is that it’s just a matter of time before the tired one-liners work and off they go to blatantly intrude into a gullible woman’s life to drain here not only of her precious life force, but of her hard earned bank account, long held self esteem and any semblance of independence that she once enjoyed and swore she would never lose.

I wish I could warn these ladies because just like they head out everyday to earn their funds so they can pull their weight of financial responsibilities while trying to hold onto the dwindling social life that they have miraculously managed to maintain, here come these opportunistic entities who are hell bent on securing their next residence and meal off of the backs of these women who are nothing more than dead ducks when these con artists find a way into their heads.

Yes, I see it everyday and I am telling you that these punks come downtown to the bus station with the sole purpose of looking for some unaware woman to use until they are dried up and good for nothing then dumped afterward for the next victim.

It’s their job and many do it well.


I’ve talked to many men who are like this and their logic is if they approach one hundred women per day, they at least have to connect with at least three or four winners who they can read just as fast as a cheap dime store novel to infiltrate the inner recesses of their mind for their manipulative benefit.

I’ve seen men like this who have learned how to dress and speak with appeal and well enough to present such a striking image to catch their attention in an unexpected manner.

It’s just a matter of time before they have a key cut for them from a romantic victim for free entry into their homes because of how these men romance them beyond measure and convinced them that they were “The One!”

But with several women’s apartment keys and credit/debit cards in their pockets they return to that bus depot without fail in order to get the next big catch as an insurance policy against that dreaded time when they may get discovered and have to abandon ship literally overnight.

I can go on and on about what I’ve observed in how these man-bums navigate but the more fascinating psychological study is how they are able to get into the lives of these very intelligent hard working goal oriented women who really should know better than to take a man into their lives without an extended time to get to know these men who enter their lives abruptly like a thief in the night.


Everything good takes time and I strongly urge my Sisters to take all of the time that they need to ensure that the man who they are allowing to enter into their lives is truly sincere about what he portrays his intentions to be.

Everything that glitters may not be gold and when I observe a couple out in public fighting either verbally or physically I’m quite sure that it didn’t start out that way.

Make sure that a man is interested in you for YOU and NOT what you can do for him! Too many situations have developed where a lonely woman let a man into her live for what she thought was love but in actuality it was really because he needed a place to lay his head at night.

The bus stop con men that I know have obvious deficiencies that they cover so well by appealing to a woman’s emotions and ideals so well that she cannot see that she is allowing a broken dysfunctional man into her space.

She wants to be in a committed relationship so bad that when the prospect and possibility is dangled in front of her face she goes for it hook, line and sinker.

Please never forget that any real man that bedazzles you with the prospect of living happily ever after will also embrace the fact that those ever burning fires of romantic bliss must be undergirded by a stable existence that has a steady income stream flowing to support.

Couch Potato

Even of this man truly loves you with all of his heart and is faithful to a fault those wonderful traits do NOT pay the bills!

Anyone can tell you that they love you but how many are man enough to be equipped to execute the dedicated act of loving you year after endless year?

It’s all about showing and proving and I have to say Sisters that too many of you give these frauds a free pass into your life that you will later on regret with all of your heart.

If a man wants truly you then NOTHING will stop him from righteously getting you if what he feels is real and you both are on the same page as far as your ideals are concerned.

So make it tough for him and keep your standards high because us men know that anything good in this life is worth working hard for. If you simply allow yourself to be too easily accessible to him he will never ultimately value your presence in his life over the long haul.

Too many times I’ve watched the lives of women destroyed because of the no good men that they’ve allowed into their lives simply because they were lonely and their need to be loved was shrewdly prostituted against them.

These smooth talking well built and fashionably dressed con men are the masters of discerning your weak emotional entry points and can find themselves into your head and heart swiftly because they are well versed in the art of seduction.

Bus station con men will forever be a presence no matter what city you may live in but it’s up to you to keep yourself alert so that you don’t get taken for the worst ride of your life!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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