How Can Asians Make A Killing In The ‘Hood While Disrespecting Blacks? – The LanceScurv Show

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The brazen Asian takeover of Black Commerce has been a phenomenon that has baffled my mind for quite sometime now. While many races of people have made their fortunes in the Black neighborhoods, Asians have a long track record of doing so while disrespecting the very people to whom are making them rich! I have to wonder why Black people in America just can’t seem to figure out that when the term “the streets of America are lined with gold” is spoken that it’s really us that they’re talking about! I see examples of such gross exploitation everyday in the streets as I drive through some of the poorest Black “reservations” or “‘hoods” in Orlando Florida and beyond and it doesn’t seem to have an end in sight.

But I have to ask myself WHO is to blame for Black people not starting a business of their own and supporting it the way that other races of people do especially those from other faraway countries? It’s not just the Asians, but Indians are also in the mix but while we know that none of them respect us because we just don’t do for self, why haven’t we as a people figured out that if they can make so much money off of us, then why can’t we KEEP that money amongst us to nurse ourselves to financial freedom?

Many will answer that question by stating that the Asian Community will get grants and loans from the United States Government to help start them up along with the numerous perks that come along with the package. But at the end of the day WE hold the final power because it is OUR MONEY that keeps the wheels of their business turning. Let’s say that it is true that an Asian business gets help from the government easier than a Black entrepreneur can, well that should not stop us from moving forward regardless!

We should already understand that we are America’s junkyard and battery from which others can get their start and then look down on us after they’ve made it. We are the junkyard because whenever ANYONE needs help to build they come to us! Whenever this country needs willing bodies for their wars they come to us to place us on the frontlines while their privileged offspring stay home safely. We are America’s battery because ANYONE can come along from anywhere and simply “Plug themselves in” to the money that flows in our reservations so that they can live out their dreams in the affluent side of town.

At least you would expect that after all that has been taken from us by these bloodsuckers that they would simply TRY to act as though they respect us. But how can we expect that when we continue to GIVE our little money away to support them while we turn our backs on our own who are trying to make it better by starting a business for ourselves!

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Asians Disrespecting Black People

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