Can Men & Women Relate Righteously Without Seeing Each Other As A Potential Sex Partner?

Early this beautiful Sunday morning in the parking lot of “The Bulging Crotch First Baptist Church of the Carnal Lust”, we see a young woman who seems to be struggling to get a trunk full of books out of her car and into the church for the reading pleasure of the wonderful children who attend the Bible study classes.

She decides that it would be much easier to make multiple trips in order to accomplish the task of getting so many books inside successfully and she thinks to herself that maybe she could recruit the help of any youngsters who may already be inside the sanctuary.

After making the first trip inside with a arm full of books successfully, she sees no children and decides that it is no problem if she just took her time and made the six or seven trips that it will take to get the books into the shelves of the church reading room.

Heck, God woke her up this morning with health and strength so why should this be a hassle to do something as simple as helping His cause by blessing the children who will love reading these books? Plus it really would have been a crime to take the easy route and just dump them in the trash like the devil was trying to tempt her into doing in the first place. She is so glad now that she is doing the right thing but her pumped up aching arms quickly remind her that doing the Lord’s work is not always an easy task as one might think. Oh well, she brushes it off as a test of her conviction to her God.

…….and it’s a test that she fully intends to pass with flying colors!

Well, not all tests are as predictable as the ones we anticipate.

Just as she begins to get closer to her vehicle she notices a brand new “straight off of the lot” rimmed down dark tinted Ford F-150 that appears to be so full of amenities that it would put most Cadillac Escalades to shame.

This righteous chariot of luxury pulls into the spot right next to her aging (But well maintained) Toyota Camry and she thinks to herself “why would this truck squeeze next to my car so close when the parking lot which is the size of a football field is practically empty?

Even though this is a house of worship on what most would consider an upscale part of town, our damsel who refuses to be in distress has never turned in her ‘hood card and is always ready to deal with whatever happens no matter how innocent the terrain may appear.

If anyone even thinks that they can approach her the wrong way they will find out on this beautiful sunny morning because the butt whippin’ that she will lay on them would force her to later on get re-baptized to cleanse her soul of such a vicious killer instinct!

She slows her stride down just a bit to allow whoever is in the truck time to exit and reveal themselves so she can relax her mind of the battle mode that she is finding herself slipping into. She doesn’t come down to hard on herself because she can’t help but remember what happened to her a mere 9 years when she was 14 years old and a truck full of men snatched her off of the street when she was simply walking to the store to pick up something for her grandmother.

She doesn’t want to “go there” this morning in her thoughts as she feels that she is not in denial but hasn’t really dealt with the fact or told anyone that her virginity was abruptly snatched away from her on that tragic afternoon.

She hasn’t told a soul and is still dealing with the overwhelming pain to this day and realizes why she gets uptight in a situation that for the most part is nothing more than a harmless happening…….

She gets closer to her vehicle and still no one exits…….

“Maybe whoever is inside of the truck is on a phone call or reading something quickly before they exit” she tells herself.

So while her mind is on the weapon in her ever present designer shoulder bag, she at least knows that she is equipped to finish any situation that is started so she steps even closer and faster as if to signal her fearlessness to any possible assailants…….

She reached her vehicle without incident but she could somehow feel the eyes on her as she slowly loaded up another batch of books into her arms. This time she took less books because she didn’t want to appear awkward if any books fell to the ground out of her grasp from overloading them.

But of course as fate would have it, one book slid off of the top and hit the ground with a loud slap!

…….so much for trying to look so cool.

As she put the other books on the back of her Camry on the trunk to retrieve what gravity had claimed, she heard the faint sound of an electric window sliding down and realized it was the person in the truck next to her who was responsible for the sound.

Trying not to look into the vehicle dead on but working her peripheral vision to the limit she was startled when she heard not only a deep

Barry White style male voice but what jolted her even more was that this same masculine and very appealing voice called out her name in the most intriguing and inviting of ways…….”Sheila! Let me help you with that! You are looking just too beautiful to be out here struggling with those books all by yourself!”

Talk about being shocked!

Number one, here she was thinking of a possible life or death struggle and then in the twinkling of an eye she is being complimented by a stranger who mysteriously knows her first name! She thinks to herself “how does this person know my first name?”

While it was the passenger window on the truck that came down just a bit for her to hear this mystery mans sexy voice, the driver side door was now opening to help her to see if the person looked as good as the voice sounded…….

While standing patiently at the trunk of her Camry, she saw the drivers door of this imposing F-150 open slowly as the truck moved to and fro a bit indicating that this was no small man at all.

“Oh no” she thought…….”please don’t let this by some obese big bellied fat man who only wants to do a favor for a sister only because he wants something more!”

Drum roll please…….

As our “damsel who tried to front like she wasn’t in distress” saw the top of this man’s shaved well shaped coco brown dome appear from inside of the truck, it was followed by the most chiseled clean shaven handsome face sitting atop a muscular neck and an extremely masculine well trained body that was quite evident through a tailored designer suite that appeared to fit him like a king!

No rings on his finger? Dear LORD! There must be a catch!

As he took two steps toward her she forgot all about her mission to deliver the books and dropped every single one of them as her jaw fell open like the plastic clowns behind the counter at the State fair that you shoot the water in to burst the balloon to win a Teddy bear!

She immediately relinquished her ‘hood pass as all signs of toughness went out of the window……

She noticed how his eyes quickly surveyed her obvious voluptuous  form even though he made an attempt to do it on the sly, but nonetheless she would have allowed him more leeway anyway than most other men because at the same moment she was guilty of the same violation in lusting after him.

“May I help you with those books?” He said this with a smirk on his face as though he knew the effect that he was having on her yet never  waited for a reply from her to even begin executing the task of  gathering up the books one by one. He appeared to be stalling as he willingly took more time than needed to pick up the books much like a kid who doesn’t want to rush to clean up his toys because he is trying to avoid the fact that a clean room signals the bedtime that he initially wants to avoid.

She knew that he wanted to be close to her “down there” and this was a subconscious attempt by him at subliminal seduction. He was slick indeed.

As they strolled toward the sanctuary with books in hand, he explained that she initiated a phone call on her way from the service last week where she identified herself to her caller by stating her first name. He was mere feet behind her on his way to the parking lot also so this is how he learned her first name. Interesting.

He then introduced himself as Calvin…….

After the books were dropped off and happily received by the kids and volunteer caretakers of the Bible study program, there was time to kill before the service began in two hours and both of our very eager to socialize and eligible couple both had the same thing in mind.

She couldn’t help but think how good it felt to be in the presence of from what she could see is a real man, she was a bit surprised at herself for the thoughts that now infiltrated into her mind and how they eventually manifested into the moisture between her thighs that couldn’t be ignored any longer. She told not a soul that in the back of her mind that she hoped to meet a man to whom she could eventually married and live happily ever after. She asks herself Is this really that much of a crime?

He in turn unknowingly to Sheila, has followed her every step every since she first appeared at the church six short weeks ago. He will
admit that as she strolled to the front of the church to pay her tithes he couldn’t pull his eyes off of her amply endowed backside and her full thighs in that tight dress that strained sensuously against her curves as the grace she exhibits walking in her six inch stiletto
heels defies the sophisticated abilities of most of the women that he has ever known.

To say that he was captivated by this woman is an understatement!

As time went on as they got to know each other a lot better and eventually dated, they got engaged and this led to their inevitable marriage.

Was it happily ever after?


Why? Because it was based on purely on the physical. The carnal. The pleasures that were there to indulge in. But when the stresses and challenges of life appeared at their front door, their foundation in Christ was tested and it was discovered that like so many others, that it was a mere facsimile of what they proclaimed it to be!

Like a steroid bloated punk who can’t really fight.

Like a wet paper bag trying to hold too many heavy groceries.

Like a gay man who hasn’t come out of the closet but is hanging out with his friends at the titty bar.

So as you can see, some situations just aren’t what they appear to be!

Isn’t it a waste of time to go through the motions of trying to appear righteous when you know that you only want one thing or that your mind is not even thinking of any type of commitment at all?

Why is it that we just can’t seem to love each other in a wholesome manner without the motivations of something else behind it?

Are you really holding that door for that pretty woman because you are a gentleman or is it that you feel you will get between her legs that much faster by fooling her?

Are you taking out the garbage dressed scantily at the time that you know that your handsome neighbor arrives home from work because it happens to be chance or because you are attempting to win him over with lust or is it that you want him to see “more” of what he can get if he eventually approaches you?

Our world and immediate society has gotten conditioned to this devious behavior so much to the point where when someone DOES do a kind deed without any secret agendas they will be accused of doing JUST THAT! It makes me apprehensive when I desire to extend my good graces to someone of the opposite sex because I am fearful of being lumped in together with the other clowns who have the goal of getting sex from that lady in their head so most of the time I don’t even bother!

Better to be safe than sorry…….

But imagine if we rid our world of this nonsense and lived together as a people who keep their intentions as transparent as Saran Wrap, wouldn’t it be almost Heaven on earth?

There are so many ways to love the members of the opposite sex but we must constantly push for our personal growth to understand that having more of the “good stuff” isn’t necessarily a good thing at all! We are cheating ourselves of the many wonderful relationships and friendships because of our lack of control in this area of our lives.

If you don’t believe me then tell that to the kid who is sitting up with a painful toothache at the doctors office that was allow by his mother to eat all of the candy that his little dumb ass heart desired…….

So while the consequences of always pushing for a quick sex hookup in the name of the Lord may not be a mere toothache, understand that the pain of a cavity pales in comparison to an unwanted pregnancy, a broken home, a crushed reputation or even death!

The moral of this story?

Keep your intentions pure at all times and you will minimize the unnecessary drama that will surely come your way if you don’t!


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Shay Finkley
Shay Finkley
February 7, 2020 6:24 PM

Interesting read; laughed a little. There were also a couple of grammatical errors and run on sentences.

Mark 2:17 states: “…They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.”
“We are in this world but not of this world.” John 15:19
You spoke of being fearful of being lumped in… “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalm 139:14
Deuteronomy 14:2 states, “…the Lord hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth.”
Job 23:10 states: “But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”

All we have to do is come. The promises that are coated in God’s word will do what it’s purposed to do. Your approach may be what another need to see in order to reject strong holds on them. Continue being your authentic self, it will draw others (male/female). Your labor is not in vain. God Bless.

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