You Can Never Live A Happy Life If You’re Chasing Someone Else’s Rainbows!

Are The Choices That We Make Really All Our Own?

What kind of life will we have if we make choices that really don’t come from the soul n to our direct needs?

What makes a flamboyant woman obviously long past her prime years desire to purchase a dress three sizes to small knowing that she can’t fit into it?

What makes a man want to buy a two seat sports car like a Corvette when he knows that he is married and has six children that he is raising?

What makes a guy purchase the biggest condoms in the local drug store while smiling victoriously into the face of that sexy cashier knowing that he is the size of a baby’s pinky?

People do some very strange things and make even more bizarre decisions that are based on their own set of twisted rules oftentimes coming from a place of insecurity and self deception.

Corvette 2014

While I have no degree or measure of formal education in the area of human nature, I must admit that you would be hard pressed to find anyone who is that could match my expertise and discernment in this field because of my hands on time observing people at their best and at their worst.

That’s a heck of a range to absorb in a lifetime of intense observation.

But one thing I’ve realized about so many people is that they are not living life for themselves but actually for the perceived world that they believe they live in.

I said “perceived world” because most of us are caught up in the illusion of our surroundings and duped into thinking that the people in that illusion are as real as real can be.

But this is not the case but we can fall into the rut of internalizing our so called inner circles and then basing all of our decisions on those unwritten rules that accompany that reflection of a world.

Sexy High Heels

For example, you could be a person who doesn’t swim nor has expressed an interest in doing so, but the moment that you move into a neighborhood where everyone has a swimming pool and your newly purchased home doesn’t, all of a sudden if you are impressionable like that you will spend money that you possibly don’t have just to keep up with the Joneses!

That is a prime example of making a decision that truly wasn’t your own. It didn’t manifest from deep within to serve YOUR needs but you made it just to keep up with the perception of normalcy around you.

Maybe this is a mentality that is so commonplace but because I don’t think in this manner it was a total shock to me when I realized that much of the masses actually do live this way.

So what happened to us that made us become so superficial and so out of touch with our actual needs as opposed to always attempting to live up to someone else’s standards?

First of all I have to say that our perceptions are a BITCH! We feel that the other people in the world are always doing so much better than us but the fact of the matter is that most are suffering within their lives and putting up a damn good show!

You will understand that most in this world put on such great shows in the projections of their life that they would win many Grammy Awards if the truth about what is really going on behind closed doors actually came out.

But growing up most are bombarded with these television shows that project a reality that is something so foreign to most.

Imagine watching a television program like “Father Knows Best” and the viewer doesn’t even have a Father in their lives that will come home to them to share his presence and wisdom?

Father Knows Best

Well, we as humans tend to avoid the pertinent issues head on about our painful voids and will prefer to cover them up to ignore the pain.

It’s almost like that fat lady walking to church in high heels that are to small for her feet but look good, she is not wearing them because they are comfortable for her but only for the fact that she is going to the service just to be seen!

She will definitely pay the price with sore feet for the next few days because of her foolish decision!

In my opinion, somewhere along the line in our personal development we didn’t receive the necessary reinforcement needed to feel whole in whatever decision that we make for our lives.

The bottom line, because of this lack of esteem building spiritual nutrition that was never provided, we grow up very insecure in our character and how we view ourselves when compared to the world.

So we create a mess where ever we go because those in our perceived circles never get to know who WE truly are just as we never get to know their true selves and we live a life that’s no better than a Broadway stage play.

How sad, living for others in the worse possible way and at the end of the day they will probably hate you because your false projection of life outshines theirs.

But isn’t this what happens on the Facebook social media platform from moment to moment? Just like the U.S. Army commercial jingle, we can “Be All That We Can Be” with a little imagination and the ability to believe the lies once we put them out there! LOL!

Facebook Addiction

To not be able to make decisions based on my needs after a personal session of self evaluation to me is the ultimate state of incarceration.

Thank God my parents instilled in me that special something that would keep me off of that never ending merry-go-’round of having to base everything that I do off of what others are doing around me.

If I want to keep my 1996 Toyota Corolla on the road even if my credit and total income is great enough to purchase any vehicle off of the showroom floor then that is MY DECISION to do so and no amount of trying to show off with your new vehicles will take me from my preferred life choice!

You can eat all of the meat and health destroying food that you wish, I will not put a morsel of junk into my body no matter how hard you attempt to justify your vice around me!

So before you truly make any decisions in your life, do a gut check as to why you are making it and make sure that it’s because it is based on YOUR needs and not the projected illusions that are out there from someone else.

You can never live a happy life if you are chasing someone else’s rainbows and since our life is limited on this level you are never to waste and opportunity to enjoy YOUR rainbows because this life is to painfully short!


DO YOU know matter what the others in your circle attempt to throw off on you! You’ll absorb so much more bliss by living life based on what you righteously desire as long as your Creator signs off on it.

Once God approves of your choice, let NO ONE attempt to influence you to not move forward on your mission!

…….make sure that your choices are ALL YOUR OWN!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Intuitive Brother,



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