Can You Truly Succeed If You’re Not Detached From Your Negative Circumstances?

Many of us don’t realize that our past failures have the potential to be our present launching pad of success!

I say “have the potential” because it’s not guaranteed that we will overcome those failures to manifest into an eventual winner, it all depends how we react to them. We feel bad at our failures as anyone should be, but the individual who doesn’t mentally linger on those setbacks to immediate TAKE ACTION in moving forward is the one who will ultimately succeed in the end!

Those who we see as successful in the vast areas of expertise in the world never viewed their failures as a permanent reality but as a temporary destination romantic which to grow from.

They’ve encountered the same situations as everyone else except they decided that it was going to benefit them greatly to make them better in the end! Now THAT’S a textbook prime example of what a fully functional divinely empowered human spirit is all about!

You can “see” that special quality “on” those who possess the fortitude of a conqueror, it’s a special glow that separates them from the rest of the pack and it’s a quality that seems to let you know that they are a winner.


It has nothing to do with the superficial packaging of age, race, sex, culture, lifestyle, financial status or physical attributes. It’s a glow and twinkle of confidence in their eyes that was born out of gradually knowing how to make that rough climb to the top benefit them to the fullest.

You see, those to whom we deem successful have experienced pretty much the same exact setbacks and unpleasant bouts of downtrodden times that we have but they never let it get them down.

Now don’t get me wrong, those who appear successful and positive now may not have always looked that way when they were going through something cataclysmic,  they screamed, shouted and outwardly doubted like the next person but it only went but so far before they became detached from those negative circumstances.

“Detached from those negative circumstances”, now I’m not into any strange religion or anything, but those words need to be may I say “chanted” repeatedly so that they permeate into our subconscious mind and become a permanent part of our psyche so that we can place those negative environments into the proper place in our life which is really BEHIND US!

“Detached from the negative circumstances” of living in a poor neighborhood.  You might live there now but is that your ultimate destiny? Have you accepted your meager surroundings as being all that you can achieve in life? Well if you accept defeat as gospel you will always be there as the seeds of greatness dry up inside of you and die!


The present failure of staying in a state of stagnation to accept it as a permanent way of life means that you have not used your circumstances as a launching pad of success. You have the power to change simply by how you view your position in that sad depressing reality. Being poor for a time is not the crime but THINKING poor is!

“Detached from the negative circumstances” of being in that abusive relationship that has the life sucked out of you because of the major dysfunctions possessed in a mate that refuses to seek help. After a time my friend you can only blame your abusive mate but for so long.

After complaining about the abuse you’ve received for years without making a move to change your life tells me that you have inherited a great part of the reason why you are miserable and need to know that you are truly worthy of love and respect. If not then it’s your fault for staying regardless of the excuses that you dare conjure up to pass the blame elsewhere. Emotional success and a healthy life will always elude you if you stay in that dark dysfunctional place that uses the word “love” as a means to keep you there!

“Detached from the negative circumstances” of being fired from a job that has a person pissed off for years and arrested from making any more progress in their life and career because of them being stuck in a place of perceived injustice.

Golden Gate Bridge

The successful woman or man will feel the sting of rejection from a job firing just like anyone else but they will quickly rebound with some action to remove the act of mentally lingering in that place as they have refused to cause it to define who they are! Personally, I am very proud to share the stories of when I was fired from a job because they almost always were followed with a period of great success and growth. This achievement in itself had a neutralizing effect on the negative spot on my resume and overshadowed it to the point where my rebound displayed what a real winner I truly am!

Know that this word success is merely a word that you decide what its meaning to you will be personally. It’s not always about money and as a matter of fact money, fame and wealth is really the least of it when you really think about success in a healthy manner.

Ones personal successes are of a greater importance than any amount of cash that a person can accrue into a bank account. The amassing of great amounts of funds doesn’t necessarily mean that one’s character has been developed to a higher level. Mere cash never stopped a person from committing suicide when the times got rough in life. It’s not what we depend on when we need that inner strength to overcome those obstacles that can literally be delivered to our doorstep out of nowhere.


So at the end of the day the question remains are YOU going to detach from the negative circumstances in your life to define your own success and use it as a launching pad for greater things in life?

Or will you accept the gloomy surroundings of stagnation as a permanent reality because you may feel that it has always been that way and will never change?

Whether you now believe or not, you have the power to forge a new destiny according to your liking as long as it is righteous and signed off on by your Creator. As long as you are not seeking to steal or hurt someone in the process, the world is yours to dream in and achieve over and above tour wildest dreams. My simple life is proof positive of these principles and I simply can’t get enough of life and the enthusiasm that comes with facing another wonderful day and the potential for learning, achieving, sharing and giving that comes with it!

Thank you for absorbing my words and I pray that they have empowered you greatly!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your “Detached From Negativity” Brother,


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