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When was the last time you really put some thought about what it takes to make it into Heaven?

This is a topic that I personally think many people haven’t really thought about deeply but probably have some strong opinions on.

While I don’t think that I can come up with any accurate numbers to support the claim that many former and active believers have ceased to partake in that once considered mandatory act of attending a weekly service, I believe that it is universally accepted that the church is not presently viewed as the honorable place that it once was.

While church scandal has been around ever since the church had been formed, I believe that it is because of the quick access to information dispersed in cyberspace through social media that has delivered the final knockout blow in the perception that all things officially holy are not what it’s all cracked up to be.

Granted, I don’t think anyone would say that all churches are riddled with major sex scandals, political power plays and sole intention of merely fleecing the flock, but it’s only human nature that will focus on the bad apples that will always gain more attention than the good the church has done and give an “out” to those who never wanted to stop living a sinful life in the first place.

Now matter where you fall on the vast scale of opinion on what the real intentions of the modern day church is all about, it appears to me that the overall integrity of all things church is at an all time low and that many have taken the route of worshipping their God on their own and in their own unique way.

It seems as though the “Walmart-ization” of the church culture manifested in the popularity of our ever growing Mega-Churches has turned the style of worship from one encouraging a personal relationship with ones God to a Sunday morning social club replacement with the emphasis being on being entertained in exchange for the cold hard cash that one must rain down on an inaccessible celebrity preacher.

Many traditional worshippers have been turned off by this seductive shift of a “paper thin feel good carnal message” that’s only gives one enough enthusiasm and motivation to get you though the week before you have to come back for more of a pep talk with hard earned cash in hand.

Another angle as to why many are leaving the church in record numbers is that most are starving for spiritual growth but have been fed the substitute meal that caters to all worldly lusts yet does nothing for the soul. Overfed with the wrong doctrine and undernourished in what one truly needs!

Hey, you can consume all of the junk food that you desire but it will do absolutely nothing to supply you with the crucial nutrients that your body needs for survival yet leaves you in a malnourished state even though you have been deceived to feel full from the rush of cheap calories.

The same thing is happening in the modern day church and people are getting hip to the fact that they are NOT getting what they need to prepare themselves for that next level of existence in the afterlife.

They are sick and tired of hearing Pastors cater to those who want to pray for bigger houses, more expensive cars and a freak of a mate who looks good, makes tons of money and is made to order from ones deepest fantasies of romantic perfection.

They are sick and tired of the church cliques who smother you from the moment you arrive as a new member when it seems to them that you are doing well in life judging by the type of car that you drive and jewelry that you wear.

They are sick and tired of overhearing the gossip of other members and the rumors of their own personal business being speculated on as this banishes the proper focus needed while attending the service in the first place!

Church has become a place to beg God for everything that we “want” while not going in the mindset of being of service to others in need to truly reflect the love of God in an atmosphere of caring supportive fellowship and many have abandoned what they feel is a carnal sinking ship.

This is why many former church members feel a whole lot better NOT going at all as they now don’t have to deal with the spiritual speed bumps that are present in the so called houses of worship called the modern day church.

So the question remains, can you still make it to Heaven without ever going to church?

Some feel that they can while others haven’t even thought about it at all, but where ever your opinion falls on the spectrum we want to discuss it on this episode of The LanceScurv Show!

The Black Church

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