Captain Save-A-Hoe: Will He Ever Get Any Respect? – Late Nights With LanceScurv # 54

Before we proceed with the introduction of our program, let us define what the meaning and essence of the term Captain Save A Hoe really is.

Captain Save A Hoe is a gold digging ‘Hood Rat’s dream!

He pays their bills in full and on time, keeps their hair and nails done, takes care of all of the children’s needs and fills all of the gaps above and beyond what is humanly possible yet brings no drama to the table himself.

The woman he feels that he is saving can do no wrong even when she is obviously wrong in any situation and will back her up and pick up the slack to always give her an out.

He takes unbearable disrespect from the saved woman yet continues to serve her possessing some kind of a twisted masochistic mentality that has him believing that her love for him will come around in full bloom in the end.

…….it never seems to happen.

Even her bad ass kids know how to play and manipulate Captain Save-A-Hoe to milk him of every dollar because they know that he has a weakness for their Mother!

He is mannerable to a fault and his execution of proper etiquette in her world is almost embarrassing to her as he sticks out in a way that shows that he really doesn’t belong in her world. But the money is just too good to turn away from so she will grin and bear it for as long as she can.

Captain Save A Hoe feels that his good deeds for the ‘Hood Rat will eventually win her love as HE is the one that falls in love too soon each and every time yet never learns from his past mistakes.

Captain Save A Hoe Hood Rat

Captain Save A Hoe is usually not too aggressive sexually but will service her orally at the drop of a dime anytime/anyplace to make sure her tensions never mount to the unacceptable levels to cause her stress. Yet, she won’t even consider his needs and he is too damn weak to speak up for himself anyway.

He feels that women are the victims in every situation and will believe all of the crap that they say “hook line and sinker” to support their victimized role.

The ‘Hood Rat has no intention of ever really committing to this sad sack of a fool as her heart is usually with that bad boy who she is seeing on the side or who might be locked up doing time while Captain Save A Hoe keeps HIS commissary account full with money to keep him eating well until he comes out to give our Captain the boot!

How many Captain Save A Hoes do we know and will they ever get the respect and love that they feel that they deserve?

Call the LanceScurv Hotline407.731.2945 – and let us know what your thoughts are on Captain Save-A-Hoe and if you’ve ever dealt with one or know one!

Captain Save A Hoe

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