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What happens when your dream becomes your biggest nightmare?

Ex-celebrity wife Carlita Hodges has penned a shocking tell-all memoir, “Carlita’s Way: Out Of The Dark Into The Light (My Journey) revealing the truth behind celebrity life, loss, and healing, and the true details about her secret affair with Superstar R. Kelly!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Hodges in depth for well over two plus hours as she shared her dynamic journey through what I would call a roller-coaster ride of what life has to offer in the buffet of the unexpected.

While this free flowing and captivating exchange held me happily craving more for the length of the entire conversation, I truly did not want our dialogue to come to an end when it did and if I could have spoken with Carlita for another eight hours I would have done so without hesitation!

Carlita Hodges

As she spoke I couldn’t help but think to myself how so many women try so hard to find themselves married to a celebrity athlete to indulge in all of the obvious perks that go along with it without truly understanding that oftentimes there is a hidden side of that existence that many just wouldn’t desire.

While I won’t give away the contents of this addictive interview, I will say that you are definitely in for a treat as the experiences and perspectives that she shares so wholeheartedly is truly an eye opener to say the least.

Carlita Hodges proves that anyone can win over the unexpected obstacles that one can face and is a textbook example of an overcomer and one who has so much more to offer the world!

Please leave your feedback, thoughts and perspectives in the comment area below and most of all make sure to purchase a copy of her amazing book!

Purchases can be made by going to her website at:

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