Carlos Speaks On Heroin, Puerto Ricans, Prison Life & More! – The LanceScurv Show

Once again my lifelong Brother and friend Carlos shares his provocative viewpoints in a manner that only he can! Today Carlos speaks on the Heroin epidemic in America and why it appears to be a major concern to mainstream America since is had been catching people of color up in its deadly web of destruction for untold decades.

He also shares his perspectives on the mass migration of Puerto Ricans to the United States after the Hurricane Maria disaster that left the island devastated in a way that left survival there on the most basic levels impossible to continue. We discussed its effects on the American economy, jobs, resources and unfortunately the potential for an increased level of crime since the sudden swell of new people coming into the country may leave them destitute until the transition into their new life here might transpire slowly.

Carlos also spoke on the often overlooked realities of prison life as he brings quite a unique and dynamic perspective on it after overcoming many years of hard time in the system himself!

Carlos Speaks On Heroin, Puerto Ricans, Prison Life & More! - The LanceScurv Show

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