Celebrating Thanksgiving Is Proof Positive That You’ve Truly Lost Your Damn Mind!

LanceScurv speaks of the insanity that reigns supreme in the Black community because of celebration of Thanksgiving and other wicked European holidays that exploit us financially as we show the world that we have absolutely no knowledge of our history and why we are in the sad shape across the globe.

Celebrating Thanksgiving Is Proof Positive That You've Truly Lost Your Damn Mind! - LanceScurv

Now that this thing called “Thanksgiving” has once again shown its face and passed on for the year of 2017, I can’t help but think back to a dialogue that I engaged in with an older White woman who really made me think about how asleep Black people are on a whole.

I was on a layover that never seems to last very long at the end of my route. During these few moments I try to distance myself as much as I can from the reality of sitting behind that wheel for ten hours and sixteen minutes everyday.

I always make sure to stay connected to myself and never allow myself to lose that “centered” feeling no matter how rough those shark infested waters of the streets get that I must navigate daily in order to receive that piece of check that I need to hold the creditors down.

My quick breaks help me to maintain that ever diminishing amount of sanity that I hold onto in this world of perpetual madness.

Well, as the time of my layover came to an end, I noticed this woman slowly walking toward me in my direction utilizing the help of a walker. She appeared to be in her early seventies and full of a fiery opinionated spunk that her unbreakable almost defiant gaze allow me to see. She had an uncanny resemblance to disgraced cooking celebrity Paula Deen, who was exposed as a racist in a very public scandal that I’m quite sure you remember.   So I knew that as she got closer to me that something would transpire more than the usual bus driver/passenger interaction.

She greeted me pleasantly to my surprise because now I remembered her for always getting into verbal scuffles every time she got on my in the past. After she sat down and the time to depart came, I noticed through the internal rear view mirror how hard she stared at me…….and I knew right then and there that things were about to get hot!

Paula Deen exposed herself to be a life long racist! -

She started out our very strained and tense dialogue by her breaking the silence to say “Happy Thanksgiving driver!”

I don’t believe that she really wanted to wish me that. What I believe she wanted was to see my reaction because of straight to the point militant no nonsense demeanor that reeked of being a member of The Fruit Of Islam. LOL!

I replied by saying “Happy Holidays to you” in a calm and measured manner.

This didn’t give her the desired result as she really wanted a peek into my soul by my reaction which led her to probe deeper. But in the public I never “react”, I only “act” because to react is to be controlled. I always think before I do anything so that my actions are not steered by the manipulative entities who hope to benefit in some way by your not being on your mental post to protect your precious energies.

So here is how the rest of our verbal exchange went down on the bus…….

Old White Lady: HAPPY HOLDAYS? Why Happy Holidays? You don’t celebrate Thanksgiving?

LanceScurv: No.

Old White Lady: Why not? What’s wrong with giving thanks for what you have been blessed with today?

LanceScurv: I never said that there was anything wrong with giving thanks for what we have. I just don’t celebrate what others call Thanksgiving.

Old White Lady: Well why not? Are you one of those Black Muslims or something?

The Fruit Of Islam

LanceScurv: Regardless as to what I am, the facts are the fact no matter which way a person worships.

Old White Lady: Facts? What are the facts? Or rather, what do YOU consider the facts?

LanceScurv: Well, the fact of the matter is that my ancestors would be very upset if they observed me celebrating the mass murder of a people, especially since the very blood of those divine people flows through my veins along with the blood of those stolen Afrikans that also flows through me on an even more dominant level…….

Old White Lady: That’s a lie! That’s NOT what they taught you in school my friend! (Said very sarcastically)

LanceScurv:You’re wrong in the first part of your statement but you are correct on the second part of what you said. They DIDN’T teach me that in this system of indoctrination that they call the Public School System. Their stance on what history was wasn’t the complete truth as it was tainted by a perspective of hiding much of what really happened to justify the evil acts committed on a loving people who embraced them to their eventual doom!

Paula Deen Confederate Flag

Old White Lady: What a minute! Aren’t you an American? You talk about things as though you HATE this place!

LanceScurv: Well I’m technically called an American, but the treatment that receive in my fifty-four years living here indicates that I am something of a lesser status. But that is nor here nor there. I simply chose to NOT celebrate what you call Thanksgiving and that’s final! I thank my Creator everyday for all He has blessed me with even in the midst of the covert deadly attacks levied on my very life to suck and drain my life force for the benefit of a wicked oppressor who has desire to see me live to my full potential!

Old White Lady: Well, you’re missing out on a whole lot if you refuse to celebrate Thanksgiving and I’m assuming that Christmas is a bad thing to celebrate too right!

LanceScurv: Well to answer the first part of your statement, I USE TO miss out on so much by celebrating these European Holidays because I was out of touch from the celebrations of my own formerly lost culture until I was taught better and yes, Christmas is not even on the scope of celebrating, especially since it’s really about going into debt to an imposter people who masquerade in MY CLOTHING acting as though they’re the true Chosen People Of God! I don’t think that you want to hear about that!

Old White Lady: Well I think it’s a shame that you obviously had a bad experience that turned you against our great American way of living. I do hope and pray that you come around to your senses and embrace what God ordains as the right way to go!

LanceScurv: I believe that your stop is coming up next, have a great day…….

The Old White Lady had the overwhelming look of shock washed across her face as she couldn’t refute the powerful logic that she was exposed to and judging by the beet red coloring of her ears that wasn’t present when she boarded the bus earlier, I knew that she had a LOT to think about what she thought was God’s ordained right way to go.

But really, would anyone in their right mind expect a so called Jew to indulge in the celebration of the German people especially after they had to deal with what they call their Holocaust?


So why would we desire to celebrate a holiday which came after the culmination of the murder, theft, rape and total obliteration of the Native Americans and the Stolen Afrikans? Where were we as a people when they first celebrated Thanksgiving and what reason did we have to be thankful for?

Oh, I guess if we thought like that Old White Lady would should have been thankful for the White man saving us from the savagery that we indulged in as an uncivilized people swinging half naked from tree to tree with a bone in our nose and absolutely no clue on how to live on a higher plane?

Don’t you see how sucking from the wrong breast of “historical teachings” have messed us up as a people? The Public School System is nothing more than a slaughter house of the conscious Black Thought that is mandatory to thriving in this hostile environment of White Supremacy. This is why we find ourselves in a perpetual state of captivity even though the visible chains have been removed from our limbs.

I see it everyday as I journey out into the world…….

I see our continued Holocaust at every turn and I have to say that us celebrating Thanksgiving is proof positive that you’ve truly lost your damn mind!

Then we attempt to weave scripture into this wicked holiday as a justification for the gluttony and slothfulness that we indulge in as though the true and living God could be deceived by our desire to partake in our oppressor’s mess?

We hoard these genetically modified chemically laced substances that masquerade as food that leaves us overfed with cheap disease causing calories and undernourished which causes us to continue to gorge and punish our bodies in an attempt to gain the nutrients that we’ll NEVER attain from this slop!

Happy Thanksgiving?

Wouldn’t it be a greater display of thanks and honor to The Most High if we would abstain from the garbage that robs us of our health and keeps our oppressors very wealthy as we ingest the chemicals and drugs they give to us as a means of vanishing the symptoms of eating such a nutritionally depleted diet?

Fat Kid Eating

If you were to have a fire in your house and were forced to call the fire department you would be in utter shock if they were more concenred about stopping the smoke as opposed to the real threat of the fire now wouldn’t you?

Most of us on so many levels are hurting financially but when it come to these “holidays” like Thanksgiving we will put ourselves into more debt and then have to take the rest of our year recuperating from the financial splurge never being allowed to save and build something for ourselves and always being indebted to a system that was never created to make us shine to be all that God wanted us to be.

…….and if we ever did get near being debt free, there’s never a holiday too far that won’t knock us back down into a poverty that we allow because of not wanting to look good on a superficial level to all others who are caught up in the web of these European Holidays!”

Negro Church Service

We as Black people are mentally insane to partake in the celebration of our own captivity! We have so much work to do to restore ourselves as the people who taught the world about what living in a real truly high civilization is all about. We were the ones who bedazzled the Caucasians with our knowledge of the sciences and philosophy that came straight from the Most High that resides inside of us with no middle man Pastor as we know it now.

Our true Thanksgiving comes when we are totally free from the mental, spiritual and physical shackles/addictions to every oppressive institution of White Supremacy that rules our thinking in what has been proven to be the WORST HOLOCAUST ever recorded in the history of man and continues to operate to this very day while we would rather ignore the damage and celebrate our oppression proving to the world that Black people for the most part is proof positive that we’ve lost our damn minds! 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING Y’ALL! And yes, I meant that in a sarcastic manner!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Fiery Brother,






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