I’m quite sure that most people who live in the bigger cities in America would agree that the Celebratory Gunfire every New Year’s Eve is such a reckless life threatening behavior that must stop. It seems that every year there are deaths that are directly responsible from this behavior and for the most part has a great deal of the population in fear for their lives at this time of the year.

It’s bad enough that crime is at an ever increasing all time high across the United States with no visible end in sight, but for something to be so preventable it should not be happening. Maybe if those who partake in this irresponsible behavior actually lost a loved one to this very activity maybe they would learn the ultimate lesson which is a situation that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Our dear Sister Sandra KnowThyself shares several perspectives on this preventable behavior in a manner that truly makes you think. Make sure to share your thoughts on this topic in the comment area below and thank you for spending your precious time here with us in such a generous manner. Peace!

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