Charleston Massacre Killer Dylann Storm Roof Must Be Prosecuted As A Domestic Terrorist!

Dr. Ramona Brockett and LanceScurv share their initial perspectives of the Dylann Storm Roof killings in the Charleston Church Massacre.

Indeed this is a very emotional time for so many people because even if one wasn’t directly touched by the heinous actions of this low life thug, it will still reopen any old personal wounds that most of us who are Black surely have had to endure in our walk here in this dysfunctional society.

The main aim of this particular dialogue of The Red Carpet to touch the on the many seemingly unrelated aspects of this tragedy, the symbolism that simply cannot be a coincidental happening, why it would have been a challenge for the killer to act alone as well as why the push must begin to prosecute Dylann Storm Roof as a Domestic Terrorist!

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Dylann Roof Arrested

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