Charleston Massacre Killer Dylann Storm Roof Must Be Prosecuted As A Domestic Terrorist!

Dr. Ramona Brockett and LanceScurv share their initial perspectives of the Dylann Storm Roof killings in the Charleston Church Massacre.

Indeed this is a very emotional time for so many people because even if one wasn’t directly touched by the heinous actions of this low life thug, it will still reopen any old personal wounds that most of us who are Black surely have had to endure in our walk here in this dysfunctional society.

The main aim of this particular dialogue of The Red Carpet to touch the on the many seemingly unrelated aspects of this tragedy, the symbolism that simply cannot be a coincidental happening, why it would have been a challenge for the killer to act alone as well as why the push must begin to prosecute Dylann Storm Roof as a Domestic Terrorist!

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Dylann Roof Arrested

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  • VintageandPerfect says:

    Business as usual in the system of white supremacy.

  • Tonty says:

    Lance —-This story is fake. If we are gonna TRULY support our black
    future—we need to STOP following false flags and propoganda—that
    contributes to lies and the writing of HIS-Story.

    This guy is an actor. All interviewers are actors. This guy will not be
    jailed—it will ONLY APPEAR that way……In reality he will gain a new
    identity, and get paid for this “crime” that never occurred. Nobody died.

    Let’s Deal with the REAL ISSUES…..This subject is about getting black
    sympathy for GUN CONTROL. They want blacks to feel potentially victimized
    by guns—-just like Sandy Hook Hoax/Lie.

    No coincidence they pull heart strings at our historic black
    churches–since they represent the symbol of consolement for slavery and

    Tell Our People —Not to fall for it. Keep your guns for proection of your
    family and community!

  • Never Ever says:

    Sadly this was inevitable, things were already moving this way and I fear
    that it won’t be the last.

  • Silver Bull says:

    what about all the black 15 year olds in chicago killing more then 9 blacks
    in a day in that state????????

  • Silver Bull says:

    Calling this woman a Dr is like calling Al Sharpton a Rev…. lmao does she
    have a doctorate in cosmetics? Because thats her background

  • Silver Bull says:

    Imagine that this guys momma was just killed and he is smiling ear to ear
    asking for money

  • Silver Bull says:

    your a dummy there is no one by the name Dylan Storm Roof and this shooting
    didn’t happen. By your view we should also charge gang members domestic
    terrorist for shooting up the hoods. And for all the innocent children
    dying in chiago by a larger number then this fake BS

  • De smid says:

    I understand exactly why Dylann Storm did this, we white people are being
    betrayed by our so called leaders!

  • Pro Black says:

    You think this white boy could of done this shit in Jamaica.??? NAH
    SAR..that white boy would of been DEAD in a day..I gurantee it.

  • Daniel Bailey says:

    You think this white boy could of done this shit in Jamaica.??? NAH
    SAR..that white boy would of been DEAD in a day..I gurantee it.

  • David StudioArtsGuru says:

    I see more “Feminist, Gays, and Foreign (Asians, East Indians, &
    Muslism)(Plus they get free money and loans) use affermitive action more
    then Black people ever used it. Black people are the most hard working
    people in America, Black people pay taxes as much as everyone else.

    Great video Mrs Brocket and Mr. Lance

  • brown tee says:

    I hope those Nation of Islam, and five percenters in the penitentary beat
    the fuck out of Dylann Storm!

  • Peter Knopfler says:

    The NEW face of slavery, is private prison profits, You boys go to jail and
    white stock holders make money on your butt. Like Hotels make no profits
    until over 90% occupied, same with Prisons For Profits New Face of SLAVERY.

  • Peter Knopfler says:

    Remember FAST & FURIOUS ATF Guns sale to MEXICAN drug cartels. Remember
    that 140,000 dead along border since 2006, USA banks Wells Fargo Citi-corp
    etc launder the drug cartel CASH. This is who you are America,your not to
    be trusted.

  • Peter Knopfler says:

    GOD is KARMA, USA killed 3 MILLION PEOPLE in Vietnam,Cambodia,LAOS. USA
    killed another million in EAST Timor,Indonesia,Philippines. GOD is KARMA
    IRAQ Afghanistan Pakistan USA killed Another 3 million people. God is Karma
    ALL these USA murders are from WARS built on LIES USA cannot tell the
    truth since Native American GENOCIDE. God is KARMA. WAKE up to this. USA
    has 22 military suicides each day, 26,000 Sexual military assaults each
    YEAR. God is Karma World is watching.

  • Peter Knopfler says:

    YOUR REFERENCE to Friedrich Nietzsche makes you look uninformed ignorance.
    READ MORE PLEASE. Problem is AMERICA knows NO KARMA What you do to others
    you do to yourself. Movement is KARMA BABY. You do it to yourself. USA no.1
    in world gun sales , Karma says kill each other what goes around comes
    around LAWS OF ATTRACTION YOU ASKED for it, now live with in. Stop ALL
    KILLING. In a circular world First to sell arms is first to get killed by
    your own weapons.Wake Up to KARMA.

  • Peter Knopfler says:

    What goes around comes around OR what you do to others you do to yourself.
    Obama has 5000 DRONE DEAD non-whites many innocent kids women elderly.
    Double standard of DEATH Iraq war built on LIES KILLS A MILLION IRAQIS
    where are your tears for these people. SHAME divide and conquer is the
    media method. LETS get real your USA largest arms seller in this world and
    yet OBAMA wants to take your GUNS but He sells arms to SAUDIS they kill
    kids in YEMEN or weapons to ISRAEL who kill kids in GAZA,USA SUPPORTED. So
    stop the killing abroad stop the weapons sales FIRST. SHAME TRUTH is YOU
    ALL ATTRACTED THIS. So live with it.140,000 dead brown people along
    MEX.American BORDER, Obama says NOTHING NADA.

  • Wolfgang Kennerly says:

    Channon Gail Christian, 21, and Hugh Christopher Newsom, Jr., 23

  • ronchane says:

    According to ABC NEWS:

    Dylann Roof’s Cousin Claims Love Interest Chose Black Man Over Him…

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