Our Children: Successfully Doomed At Home Only To Be Set Up For Scholastic Failure?

My hunch was right.

I never knew the statistics or facts but I had a big feeling deep down that something was lacking in the psyche of the younger kids coming up.

Now while I won’t doom an entire generation to a state of perpetual mental disability, but what I recently read here online shows me that there is a crack in the armor of what our children are absorbing that is making them malfunction in the worst way.

It really broke my heart to read that in a recent study in select New York City Public Schools, not a single Black or Hispanic student passed the State Exams while ALL of the Asian students IMPROVED on their exam scores from the previous year!

Now from what I gathered by reading this article, these schools were selected because they had a healthy mixture of all races, cultures and backgrounds. They did not use a school for the study that was dominant in one race or had a track record for perpetual failure.

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But let me simply rant about what I’ve been feeling for so long as I’ve left the collecting of statistics for the experts…….

Student Reading- Children

Black kids and Hispanic kids living in these particular New York City schools area small slice of what is transpiring for us as a people all over the country and beyond.

The Asian kids in those same schools are excelling and improving so it is obvious that they are doing SOMETHING different and SOMETHING far much better than their peers who are failing so badly.

It goes without saying that if they are all collectively receiving the same school work and the same home work assignments then their must be something extra that these Asian children are doing that the Black and Hispanics are not.

It’s simple as an Algebraic equation. Nothing more. Nothing less.

So what is that missing element that gives these Asian scholars the edge that has them far above their Black and Hispanic peers when it comes time to garner the results of excellence?

Asian Children In School

Well I’ll give it to you like this…….

These successful Asian kids have NO TIME to be concerned about shaking their ass to disgrace their parents and the hard work that it took to get their children in position to conquer any and all obstacles in their way!

These successful Asian Kids have NO TIME to concern themselves with getting “some booty” from a girl or checking out her “head game” when it’s time to go home and study HARD!

The Asian Kids support each other.

The Asian Kids have manners and respectful of their Elders.

The Asian Kids have absolutely no attitude issues and no problems with authority and always find it a pleasure to comply.

The Asian Kids have a sense of connectedness with their elders and know that although they may have more book sense than their parents who worked hard to get them here, they know that their experience in life is something that far exceeds any knowledge that comes from a book.

I’m not demonizing our Black and Hispanic children nor am I generalizing or lumping them all into one small group of failure.

Black And Hispanic Children

The fact of the matter is that their are countless good kids of color who want to learn but there are simply TOO MANY of us who have the talent and the smarts to know better but we don’t DO BETTER!

What good is having any smarts or basic intelligence if one does not apply themselves through hard work and dedication to becoming better while the responsibilities of adulthood are still hopefully far off over the horizon?

But you know what?

While all that I said is true for those who fell under the scope of that very revealing survey, I feel that there is a set of over riding factors with one very big one in the forefront that these surveys and studies could never encompass.

I feel that the home life of the Asian family is the biggest factor in the success of the Asian students in this study.

Asian Family With Children

While I’m not into stereotyping at all, I feel that the home life of many of our Black and Hispanic children are more permissive to allowing the infiltration of this filth being allowed to play in the home on the television sets and the computers without restraint.

Not only do I feel that the typical Asian homes of the students in this study are void of any desire to absorb something that is not elevating them in some way, I believe it wouldn’t even be allowed if these kids DID crave to absorb its mind numbing material.

So the difference is the home life.

…….and if the difference is the home life and the children could never be held accountable for the rhythm and tempo of how that home is run, then it’s the parents and/or caretakers who are responsible for that hidden factor in the learning of their children.

How can our children excel if they arrive home to a home that is out of order?

How can they do well the next day in school when the cops are showing up to the home on a regular basis because of the drama between the adults that doesn’t have to be?

How can they get better for the world when THEIR minds are cluttered with the grown up gossip that you think that they don’t overhear when they are supposed to be sleeping in the next room?

How can they grow normally when they must witness their Mothers more concerned over how sexy a Facebook profile photo looks  than taking care of them properly?


How can they be alert all day in school when they have a sugar loaded and chemically laced bowl of processed grains shoved in their faces early in the morning because their mother would rather spend the time getting her hair right instead of preparing a healthy meal from scratch that’s chock full of nourishment to feed and fuel their growing children?

Now you have to understand it when I say that the survey and study of those students was incomplete because it did NOT explain the full spectrum of the challenge of why those Black and Hispanic children were sinking into a perpetual state of a doomed destiny because of their failing grades.

If the truth be told you would also have to deem their parents and/or caretakers a failure in the positions that they were commissioned to fulfill at the very moment of conception in the womb depending on their particular situation.

Great students begin their journey in the womb and the trek continues with the support of a morally solid positively structure home life.

Black Students - Children

As proven by the fact that the Asian students received the same exact work yet excelled over and above their Black and Hispanic peers, they are no different than those whose test scores failed but the only difference is the support that they receive at home as well as the total submission to a culture of learning.

Sure, our children are learning alright, they are learning to shake their asses as well as to emulate the rapping video gangster thugs that are served daily to them in the media to take their mind away from becoming the conquerors that they were born to be.

When it was written that we will perish because of the lack of knowledge, we can see that manifest right before our very eyes as our future gets even more bleak if we don’t step in to make a difference with a sense of urgency never before seen in our history on these shores.

It’s now or never!

…….it’s time to make a radical change!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Concerned Brother,



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