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Chris Brown had to be in the shock of his life when he realized that a strange woman entered his home by pulling a door off of its hinges to enter his private space, cook several meals, spray paint “I LOVE YOU” on his cars and walls to eventually end up naked in his bed awaiting his arrival!

…….Talk about feeling vulnerable and violated!

Honestly, no matter who you are or what level of fame or social status that you may possess, no one wants to experience this type of intrusion on their lives.

This situation could have been so much worse for Chris Brown because what if this woman didn’t have this delusional “love” for him?

What if in the process of fixing SEVERAL meals she decided that Chris Brown was “cheating on her” and decided to hide from him with one of the knives “for a little revenge” that I am assuming was in the kitchen that she used to fix herself something to eat?

The possibilities are literally endless as in this day and age of social media and the potential to affect so many imbalanced individuals with our core essence and presence it’s really a wonder than this type of thing doesn’t happen much more than it does!

So while Chris Brown is a very famous entertainer with countless fans all over the world, we have to understand that we don’t have to be famous to receive this type of attention because our information has no privacy anymore.

A person really doesn’t have to know us up close and personal anymore for them to form opinions about us based on what they absorb from our social media presence.

For the most part most individuals can keep things in perspective but it’s that small amount of imbalanced online entities who lurk under the cloak of anonymity that will cause the most damage!

We really and truly DON’T KNOW what’s in a person’s head no matter how normal they appear so we have to move with caution slowly but surely when allowing anyone new into our inner circle.

Let’s just be glad that nothing more severe transpired in this latest Chris Brown shocker.

Also, Chris, it just might be the right time for a home security system upgrade…….the floodgates might have just opened wide and the next attempted episode from a delusional fan and might not end on a happy note at all. BE CAREFUL!

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  • Diego Abreu says:


  • Sian Davies says:


  • Vontonio Johns says:

    Speaking of energy, I don’t like some of the energy that Chris Brown puts
    out there. I like Chris Brown, he’s a really good kid and is way smarter
    than he is given credit for. But it’s just the fact that he, along with
    various other “rappers” and “R’N’B” singers tend to invite the same “hate
    on me” behavior that they claim to despise. Maybe, like some on YouTube
    have suggested, they are just doing what their “handlers” say. But I would
    think that on a more personal level, if an artist were REALLY bent on real
    peace and quiet, they would not invite comparisons in their music. Even if
    it means overhauling their own fan base. It’s a dangerous thing according
    to an article I read a short while back, to invite comparisons from other
    people. You know in a “Look at me, now look at you” kinda way. Macho
    bravado is one thing but this music we listen to and watch on TV and online
    today is a constant reminder to the truly desperate that people who appear
    to be really bad people, deep into drugs and disrespectful of low-income
    people are living lives that they’ll probably, financially, never bare
    witness to.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    I meant to tell Dr. Brockett today that even though I’m “just a laborer” I
    still get that “who does he think he is?” energy from other people.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    I really admire the fact that you drive a bus. Like many of us, you’re
    literally in the thick of all this madness.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    Social media is the very LEAST of all my worries. Even Facebook, these
    days. My problem comes from people at work. Most of my problems are work
    related. When someone at work mumbles the words “f—-n’ nigger” almost
    every time they you’re within view… that’s stalking. And I’d like to see
    more people like me, who work jobs like mine, take to social media to speak
    out about it.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    Naked female stalker? Sounds good to me! That part about voodoo and things
    found around the house, however… that’s gotta go. If I were Chris and I
    had his money, more likely than not, I would almost be inclined to MOVE.

  • Anonymous 3 says:

    How did she get in the house?
    What happened to the alarm?
    Where was the security?

  • Ocean Spring says:

    Celebrities post a lot of shit on the net I’m not believing none of this
    bullshit until Chris Brown post pics of the shit she was supposed to do.
    Another PR stunt. Wow, I wish I could just jump up and go to a celebrity
    house break in with no security alarm? celebrities living dumb like that?

  • beauttty072 says:

    Possessive groupie who need a father in her life, to fix that behavior her
    asstray is doing.

  • Gatta Harmon says:

    great video

  • Black Cherubim says:

    Chris, you don’t want to go out like john lennon and selena. Get better

  • K. Halli says:

    It was his bday this week she was going for a bday surprise

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