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While the starting point of my monologue begins with the sad news of Chris Rock and soon to be ex-wife Malaak deciding to go through with a divorce, the real issue that I’ve wondered out loud about is what happened to this thing called true love?

Is true love so true after all or is it that we don’t take the time to really see if we’re fit to love another when we might still have major character flaws that we might not want to deal with?

We fall too quick into situations based on our lower desires yet feel that our mutual lusts can carry us through the rocky roads ahead.

Oh how quickly we find out!

We need to stand on divine principle in order to have a quality life and this also goes for how we approach dating, courting and the ultimate union of this now cheapened institution called Marriage.

Heck, if we put as much energy into our Marriage and personal development as we do in our purchases of vehicles, homes and material items then we just might be better off!

…….the old fashioned way is always the best!

What’s your opinion on this, I’d love to know!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Real & Raw Brother,


Chris Rock, Malaak & Kids

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  • WolfRanger2008 says:

    Please! Get to the point. Too many side issues and long winded examples.
    The point of this commentary could( and should) been presented in half the

  • Luvie1980 says:

    Too bad. I thought Chris and his wife would be the ones to last a long time. But marriage, as many “love” relationships these days, has become a business transaction.

  • Swades4ever says:

    I dont think that these structures would work in todays world. Of course, the past system was good but in today’s society, theres a need to be free. If you go back and court and all that, problem will surface anyway. So, if you are not developed mentally or spiritually yet, and you do some mistakes, people are gonna gossip. And right now, gossip is everywhere but going back, that type of gossip could truly break a persons mind and spirit because back in those days you kinda had to stay pure until marriage and i dont wnana glorify these recent changes and couples who have to have many partners until they find their ONE, but it really means to sacrifize ones soul if you are just allowed to court one person. Be honest, you are not going to marry the first person you see (and that too at the age of 14 where most of us first fall in love or have crushes), but back in those days it would be shameful if a girl didnt marry the first guy who courted her. Sorry, but its the truth. I dont wanna say that I have reached the level of maturity, but you need to date many people to find out what you can live with. And naturally sexual attraction develops where you cant control yourself anymore.

  • The Realest Blackman on YouTube says:

    If he was an average Joe, he would have never got her. She found a 401k nigga and now it is time to cash in on her 20 year investment.

  • Diamond storm says:

    People are as faithful as their options

  • Black Cherubim says:

    She hyphenated his surname it was never gonna!

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