Christianity & The Holy Roller Pulpit Junk Food Addicts!


Sounds of Blackness – I Believe


Growing up in church as a young boy it never ceased to amaze me how so many people would pray to God to protect them from having severe ailments like heart attacks and strokes, while after the service they would literally RUN down to the back of the church where the kitchen was and consume such artery clogging concoctions that will eventually put them in the condition that they just moments earlier prayed so hard not to suffer from.

Isn’t that a contradiction?

We sometimes “throw off” this persona of being the best of God’s people but can’t control oneself at the dinner table. We look down on those who have drug & alcohol problems but we can never see the addictions that we have in the food department. That so called “wino” or “crackhead” that you scorn and feel so superior over might be the one to lower YOUR casket in the ground!

Check yourself.

The “culture” of religion has messed us up to the point where we feel it’s holy to look like a beached whale while in reality if you were to truly follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and to TRULY follow what God wants, certain man made twisted culinary creations would NEVER touch our lips!

The “All You Can Eat” joint! Kentucky Fried Chicken! Arby’s! Olive Garden! McDonalds! Churches! Ponderosa! Popeyes! Wendys! Burger King! Chilis! Taco Bell! Crystal’s! White Castle! Fridays! Checkers! Digestive Bliss! Hallelujah!

Pass the toilet paper QUICK,  ’cause baby, GOD IS GOOD!

Would half of you church loving folks show up to the Sunday morning service with as much enthusiasm if you knew that a five mile run awaited you afterward instead of a trip to the restaurant?

The mortician these days doesn’t have to use as much embalming fluid like he used to! We are helping him out by packing all of that toxic garbage in our systems ahead of time! Bellies and Guts stuck out to here with food that never left our bodies from Thanksgiving three years ago! No wonder you smell the way you do when you use the restroom! What do you think the reason for this is? What happens when you don’t take the garbage out of your house? It starts to stink and draw vermin doesn’t it? Well your body is the same way!

You insult God by putting in substances that were not ever made to put inside of your holy temple! Yes! YOUR HOLY TEMPLE! Your body is God’s house! Not the damn brick and mortar church house!


We put high grade gas in our vehicles but we put cheap food in our bodies! Dragging around with absolutely NO energy or vitality and some of us are not even thirty years yet! When you see someone driving in front of you with a vehicle that produces thick black exhaust that smells so bad, you know that they have not tuned up their ride within recent history. Because it stinks! But now when you go to the restroom and that thick black toxic “goo” comes out of your backside, what do you think that person who comes after you says as they gasp for any remaining available air? You need a cleaning out because YOU STINK!

Old before our time! We brag about the upgrades in our homes but we downgrade the beautiful bodies given to us by the God above! While you can purchase a new car or another house, getting another body is not so easy! Everything you buy comes with an instruction manual. Doesn’t it? Well God’s true word instructs us to eat certain foods so that our days on this earth will be long and fruitful.

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