Chuck D. & Mavis Staples Give We The Pride: The Return Of Real Music!

Chuck D. and Mavis Staples teamed up for what I feel was a monumental move on their part to bring rap music and Hip Hop Culture back to where it should be with funky dynamic very appealing beats with a message to jolt the subconscious mind back into place where it should be.

Their song entitled “Give We The Pride” hit me hard this morning as this was the first thing that I digested after awakening from a most peaceful slumber.

The combined voices of Public Enemy’s Chuck D. and The Staple Singers Mavis Staples made for a lethal combination whose combined force could not be manufactured by today’s demonic media entities because they have saturated our subconscious minds for decades.

Chuck D. & Mavis Staples

This is what we need to do as artists at a time when our children and young men and women have their minds hijacked into zombie-ism after digesting the manufactured poison that’s being pumped through their headphones.

As consumers we need to support the efforts of the artists like Chuck D. and Mavis Staples and send a message to these covert Jewish Media assassins of the righteous Black Mind that we are not going to tolerate anymore the destruction of our community for their profit.

We need to take our music back to the “street corners and front stoops” where it belongs so that our youth can express themselves in what they feel instead of having the corporate manipulators decide what are culture will be and how we feel about ourselves.

But too many of us sell out to these bastards when they see a little money waved in their faces and these culture pimps know it.

Lil Wayne Chuck D

To me it seems that the corporate controlled music industry is so much more than a business as they claim to be. They appear in my eyes to be a tool to be used to bring down an entire race of people while getting paid for it.

Where do we draw the line?

While I don’t expect our youth to throw down all connection to their poison laced beats anytime soon, we as conscious adults can fight back by producing our own home made nutritious beats to serve up at home in our own community so our youth can taste the difference.

You don’t have to look too far in the ‘hoods of America to find a young man or woman bopping their heads to a beat hitting their brain through a pair of headphones.

Since we have our youth first before the world gets to them to poison their mind, why not begin to invest at home in the computer programs that will help them cultivate their passions at the crucial ages where they can set a foundation for their craft?

We need to support their endeavors whether they go on to make big money or not because the very indulgence into their own creative flow will give them a pride above and beyond what the culture vampires could ever provide.

Just look at the video by Chuck D. and Mavis Staples, it was simple yet powerfully effective.

They didn’t have to rent a dozen high end luxury vehicles to catch your eye nor did they have to have two dozen thong sporting big booty video vixens to hold your attention.

They had a few simple visual overlays over their studio session and it came off to me just perfect.

The music and beats appealed to me because they were more organic than the highly process synthesized corporate offerings that are prayed over before their release in secret rituals to infuse them with the demonic spirits that have our kids killing their parents and themselves.

Yeah I said it!

Bria Myles - Chuck D.

Several insiders have revealed to me that this is what they do to the Masters of the songs before they are put out for us to hear.

How else is it that an entire generation of our youth are acting out in ways that make it appear that they are developmentally delayed?

While there are many means of attack aimed at the Black communities across the United States of America, music is one of the most powerful because it affects us on a deeper psychological level than the others and set us up to indulge in many destructive behaviors that will seal our doom.

This is a serious time as the minds of our youth will ultimately determine the future direction of where we go as a people and these music executives know this as they conspire with others in law enforcement, government and other private corporations who do business with the prison system to profit from our doom.

Prison Inmate - Chuck D

Corporate backed Hip Hop is not interested in building up the Black community – why should they – it’s up to us to put our foot down and take back the reigns to tell the truth whether they like it or not.

Someone has to hear us as we plant the seeds for REAL music to return and even though the corporate bigwigs have the massive funds to scream over any grassroots efforts in its infancy, we will ultimately win because the culture that they have made a killing from sucking from is ultimately ours.

But what we need to realize is that Hip Hop Culture and Music is OUR baby and not theirs!

It is US who have the talents and abilities that has the entire world bedazzled by our skill!

It is US who need to master the business aspect of music cultivation and music distribution in this brave new world of social media empowerment!

It is US who need to reject the seductive offers of the music executives who will forward the artist some chump change in order to creatively control them for the rest of their careers as an in house slave.

Why is it that these Jewish music executives are dying with OUR money in THEIR pockets?

Chuck D - Give We The Pride

Show me a Black owned company that not only profits greatly from all things artistic that is revered in the Jewish community, but has the creative influence to cause the destructive trends there that they do to us?

Do you think that anyone of these music executives shed tears when they see their violent handiwork on the evening network news that show us killing each other off every night as they count their profits for the week that came from their musical mind control?

Someone has to step up and say what needs to be said instead of punking out when it’s their time speak to the masses and to show and prove.

Like Michael Jackson so beautifully said in his song: “They don’t really care about us!”

So my hat goes off to Mavis Staples and Chuck D. for reminding us of this precious fact.

What we as consumers need to do is to support these efforts not only by purchasing the music, but by bumping it at home and in our cars where ever we find ourselves.

…….just like we used to back in the day!

Back in a time when we had THE PRIDE!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Bold, Raw & Uncut Brother,



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