Club Facebook For The Immature Crowd Over 21: Bring Your Own Drama! (BYOD)

I’m laying here after a nap just pondering life as the thought just hit me how Facebook is just like that social club that always seems to have a shootout in it every weekend.

It’s true. There always seems to become type of drama going on and it never ceases to amaze me.

It appears that one would think that there would be more trouble coming from the under 21 crowd but it’s quite the opposite!

While that category definitely has it’s fair share of rifts between those who are connected in some form or fashion, it’s nothing like the childish behavior exhibited by those who pride themselves on being the “mature crowd.”

Night Club

Once you can see between the false projections put out to the world by those who want to be all they have never been in life you will begin to understand.

You will begin to see the real people behind the facade and it will most always never be like the exterior presented but something far different most of the time in a negative way!

Most will never believe it at first but after a short time in the Facebook experience one will begin to see the light behind all of the postings of scripture, intellectual offerings, those who profess their vast body of work as an activist or that one who appears to be such an enthusiastic focus up and coming practitioner of a particular area of expertise.

Yes, there are many people who utilize the advantages of instant connectivity to friends and family that Facebook offers but the more and more I use it to promote my various creative offerings is the more I’m losing faith in the human race!

And while I’m no better than anyone of God’s children who use Facebook I have to say that I thought that most on it would present themselves with some level of transparency as proof of their sincerity to prove who they really were.

That assumption on my part was mistake number one and an action that left the door open for the countless frauds to flock to me like mosquitoes at that summer barbecue after drinking a gallon of sugary iced tea! It was open season to say the least!

Now WHY would these parasites who are starved for a recognition that they never earned or deserve flock to me you ask? Well while I’m just one small grain of sand on the beach that this vast diaspora called cyberspace has become, credibility is hard to come by.

So you will have every questionable unproven and shady entity from the underbelly of the internet charge you like you are the winning quarterback in a sure win in the last few seconds of the Superbowl game.

They do this simply because to align themselves with you gives them a leg to stand on to become valid to the very people that they want to deceive.

I get this frequently and it’s a big turn off when sifting through the endless sea of faceless entities who for whatever reason seem to never have a profile picture on their page or even a real name that can be verified on other levels to prove that they are who they claim to be.

Guy Fawkes

Granted, you do not have to put you whole entire life out there for the world to see, there are those who have professions that are of a sensitive nature where to place their true identity out there would be career suicide.

But there are just too many lurking about who have their secret agendas and hidden motivations that would live to be aligned with a credible person like myself so that the trust gained could be prostitute for their own ninja like mission to usurp the resources of some unsuspecting victim!

It’s true! So this is why I refuse to vouch for anyone who I just don’t know and embrace these questionable characters on a simple internet handshake! No! I earned my credibility from the transparent offerings that I’ve share here online and if you want to earn the trust of the people like I have then come from behind that false mask that you wear and do the same thing TOO!

I’ve been at this internet thing here HARD for the last ten years PLUS and whether you agree with my stance on any of the topics that I’ve expressed my opinion on you all have to agree that you know me as a REAL person and not a wanna-be with a questionable character or background.

You all have seem me on my job, at home, at events and interacting with REAL people of verified standing! I stand on that reputation wholeheartedly so when these shadow figures who claim to be something that they can never and HAVE never proved to be begin to attempt to smear my reputation.

They later sit behind a keyboard somewhere disgruntled that they’ve been discovered for what they really are and banished from a great opportunity to inherit a trust with the people that the never earned to use for their own selfish purposes.

Get a life!

On Facebook one must always be in the mindset of housecleaning because these pests and frauds just seem to never stop crawling into your world!


You have to be just as determined to keep your cyber surroundings as clean with just as much determination as they are to get in it.

But to get to the meat of the “Club Facebook” phenomenon and why it’s such a drama laden platform that has taken over the minds of the masses to make them the functional zombies that they’ve become, we have to ask when have we ever had the ability to stay at home and watch every detail of a strangers life anonymously?

Face it, Facebook has backfired on most people whose lives are ruled by a deep sense of insecurity. we parade around and about like we have it all together, yet we crawl up on Facebook in the wee hours of the morning to see how others are living to find out that most are doing better than us!

This is why there is so much tension and animosity amongst us as a people because we’re too damn nosy to the point where Facebook has us HOOKED!

We can overload and overdose on this dirty little indulgence of ours indefinitely while at the same time messing up our minds to the point where we can’t even THINK properly during our day.

Our hangups are amplified and we begin to concern ourselves with things that we would never bother ourselves to worry about if it weren’t for Facebook.

We have a lot of women and some men who search through the friends list of past lovers from DECADES ago getting jealous when they see that their old flame has moved on to find happiness with another as those old feelings of connectedness are aroused once again.

Isn’t it funny how a Facebook “high” catapults one back into time in a way that makes you forget how much time has pass since you last saw that person?

Facebook Addict

We bring so many old feelings to the table and no matter how strong you may be, the gravitational pull of Facebook is felt more or less by everyone.

I take my hat off to all of those unique individuals who have held steadfast in their refusal to make the leap via Facebook into the cyber world merely because they want no part of the drama that they’ve seen in the lives of others.

Smart move indeed!

You have friends that haven’t spoken in years over a petty feeling that one caught over something that they saw on their old friends Facebook page that caused them to be full of rage. It might be that new car that you’re driving or that new Droid phone that they saw in an uploaded picture on your page. It could be anything that stimulated the negative feelings that we move about the earth with and try so hard to hide.


Facebook is like that ointment that pulls all of the impurities up and out of a boil that’s on our skin. Unfortunately, when our impurities arrive from within for the world around us to see, it isn’t a good thing because that cheating man might get caught coming out of the hotel with his mistress while that nosy neighbor snaps a photo to later upload to Facebook for the entire world to see!

Or how about that assault committed on a stranger in an intense bout of road rage that also gets caught by a hidden onlooker who unknowingly uploads that footage to the world that later points out that the aggressor was a prominent Pastor of a huge well known church?

To be honest with you, Facebook has become what MySpace was years ago to teenagers. The difference being that we as adults act far worse than those kids did back then when they had that platform to communicate on a more intense level.

For the most part fights don’t begin in the streets or even face to face anymore, they start in the comfort of our own homes where some kind of verbal dispute or misunderstand is kindled and eventually dealt with in person oftentimes with disastrous results.

The reason why we as adults can’t handle what we see on Facebook is that we grew up in a different era where we had to wait for our information and juicy data such as this just wasn’t readily available like it is now.

Men get to search their prey and find out so many things about them to deceptively “become” that desirable man that will easily get into their lives merely to get what they want and that is usually sex.

Woman have never had the opportunity to receive so much direct attention because the internet allows them the safety to surf anonymously and control the timeline of how they get to know a person. An inherently insecure woman can be made to feel beautiful overnight and overload in what can be a recipe for disaster.

Club Scene

Like that always heavy woman who never got any attention but all of a sudden lost lots of weight. She now sees the power of her femininity in full blast and will possibly overindulge in what others have become accustomed to.

The bottom line of what I’m ranting on is that Facebook can very well be the toxic mortar that we place between the flawed bricks of our individual personality and character makeup. We all have flaws, no doubt, some more than others, but when we venture into cyberspace we can act out in anyway that we feel that we couldn’t in real life.

Middle aged men can regain that lost vigor of their youth and talk a game to the younger women that their body or bank account could never manifest. Older women who may have been burned really bad in a marriage or serious long term relationship can now live out their revenge fantasies on the countless men that she perceives as trying to place her in that same vulnerable place that her former abuser did.

Older Black Man

Sincerity and transparency online is rare yet we seem to believe most of what we hear hook, line and sinker to find ourselves once again in the cyber-drama that being a member of the infamous Club Facebook has been known to bring.

Remember, nothing beats the old school way of taking your time to get to know someone, but my first word of advice before you attempt to bring someone new into your life is to take the time to know who you are!

Oftentimes that task can be a daunting one and one of the hardest that we can ever undertake, because with the help of this thing called Facebook, we’ve lost a grip on who we really are in the first place.

So how can you know someone else when you don’t even know your own damn self?

So expect the drama to continue at Club Facebook because the drama that you witness just might be your OWN!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your “Flying Under The Radar Brother,





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