Cointelpro 2015: Is The #BlackLivesMatter Movement Being Spied On? – The Dr. Ramona Brockett Show

Share – Dr. Ramona Brockett breaks the perception that there is a parallel between the Counter Intelligence Program under J. Edgar Hoover and the surveillance by the authorities on the #BlackLivesMatter Movement of the present day to being a continuum of the very same shadow entities.

Different time. Different name. Same people spied on by the same people who spied on our truth and justice seeking predecessors.

Will the twisted grab for power and control ever end by the same oppressor who is hellbent on maintaining the demonic grip on innocent lives?

Enjoy this fast paced thought provoking dialogue between the brilliant Dr. Ramona Brockett and LanceScurv.

We need to be asking MORE questions and indulging in LESS of this poison-laced entertainment that is keeping us distracted from the drumbeats of righteousness in the air!

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