Without us their world will surely collapse is one of the most profound realizations that Black people the world over need to embrace. We as a Global Black Family oftentimes fail to realize that the system of White Supremacy as much as they try to make us feel as though they are in charge don’t understand that we are the people who are in charge because without us their very world in every crucial area will come to a screeching halt.

If more of us understood this maybe we would have a bit more courage to go and do for self and our communities to serve our collective needs as opposed to feeling as though we need those who despise us to live a pristine life.

Anywhere in the White man’s hierarchy of oppression you will find a Black Woman or Man who has mastered that particular area of expertise on a high level over and above those who work alongside them. To tell the truth, many will find themselves as the best qualified employee there who never received a promotion being used to train those caucasians who are inept to become their very own supervisors in title alone to always go back to the Black individual to get them out of a situation that they lack the skill set to handle.

So we must embrace the fact that we ARE crucial here and we have the power to do it for ourselves and if we would heed the call of our brilliant Sister Carrie Lux and have at least 30% of us leave for the Motherland with our skill set we would cripple the system of a people who have enjoyed a free ride on our backs for far too long!

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