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Many may not understand why I placed a photo of Black men shackled at the wrists and ankles under the “supervision” of what appears to be a white correctional officer with the title Black Empowerment, but I felt that for many of us we might speak empowerment but have no more freedom than those who are locked down in that modern day slaveship on land that we call prison.

While our state of so called “freedom/incarceration is a phenomenon that is more of an undetectable slow burn, it is a prison that has an unseen grip on our existence whether we realize it or not.

For the ever diminishing so called middle class working individual, the freedoms that they think that they are enjoying are ever diminishing to the point of non existence for the majority.

Year after year goes by yet we never get the time to do what we’ve desires to do from our heart with many dying on a job that never made them rich.

While others can arrive to our shores fresh with enthusiasm to utilize a system that serves them well because of their non melanated heritage, we as Black people in America don’t have the backing of the system that not only continues to bring others to financial freedom, but must suck every iota of our resources in order to maintain “the norm” of what keeps us at the feet of our beloved oppressor.

So my message today is that we have to stop being so emotionally invested into what the so called mainstream media focuses on when they highlight a story that has a racist slant toward us on a lower level. These are the distractions that keep us from collectively focusing our energies on Black Empowerment!

Collective Black Empowerment Should Be Our ONLY Conversation In 2018! - The LanceScurv Show

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