Comedian ‘Coon Sheryl Underwood – The New Poster Girl For Black Self Hate!

Sheryl Underwood is a damn prostitute for the White supremacist agenda

You must have heard about her stupid ass comments on the set of  the CBS Show “The Talk” and had to end up dealing with the backlash of those comments. It started when so called super model Heidi Klum stated that she saves all of her sons’ cut hair.

So the self hating Mammy-for-Hire came right on in as if on cue to say: Okay I’m I’m sorry but (‘Coon giggles) why would you save afro-hair? I mean you can’t weave in afro-hair you can’t… don’t never see us…at the…at the hair place going…look here, what I need is (‘Coon giggles) I need those curly nappy beads…that just…that just seems nasty!

Now Heidi Klum as a White woman seems to have more reverence for her children’s Black hair than Sheryl Underwood ever could! Her ridiculous statements show the world that we as a people are so far behind to be able to say the things that we do!

But anyone who knows anything about television knows that most things spoken are covered before the panel goes live. While it was a live comment that Sheryl Underwood said, it was definitely touched on and approved by someone in high places!

You can bet your bottom dollar on that one!


Do I know for sure and can I prove it? Of COURSE NOT! But for most reading these words who have lived life long enough you know that what I’m saying is true!

These are not a few people up on a show just spontaneously spewing out what hits their brain first, it’s not their choice first of all because every minute of what is broadcast on television costs LOTS of money!

Think of things that way when you hear comments like Sheryl Underwood’s go out into the world. She is a traitor. She is an agent. She works for someone who wants to negate the ever growing conscious Black thought that’s a threat to those who profit from our ignorance and self-hate.

Not only have I gotten wiser at the half century mark but I’ve also gotten a heck of a lot bolder. At this point I realize that some will listen but the majority will write you off and put you in the box of being some radical nut-job who imagines all types of conspiracies transpiring from every little coincidence.

But that’s not even the case with me.

Television and all media platforms for that matter are a medium for deception. It’s definitely mind control when you have a damn jingle in your head all day that you just can’t seem to rid your mind from as your day goes by.

It’s hard enough to remember the regular tasks that one must execute or even that small shopping list that you wrote out but left at home, you try to remember everything on it but simply can’t.

But here you are humming a tune and singing the words without consciously “trying” to remember them.


…….because that jingle was engineered to do just that! To get into your head and cause you to purchase that product when you DO go to the supermarket OVER the one that you usually purchase!

Bear with me as I make my point because I’m coming right back to Shitty Underwear….oops, I meant Sheryl Underwood! LOL!


Now it’s not always about a jingle causing you to purchase a product, because to reinforce negative feelings and insecurity within your soul only helps you to make a point to go out and purchase something to correct what you consider a bad trait.

In this case?

Hair products. Hair products. And MORE HAIR PRODUCTS!

There’s a part of me that feels that the Black conscious dread-lock loving movement doesn’t sit well with those who stand to make a profit from these women who feel that they have to make a change to their appearance for some unknown reason.

Right now it’s so obvious that I sometimes don’t even want to talk about it because I will get swamped with tons of e-mails from angry Black women who will tell me that they use relaxing cream for this reason or that reason!

“It makes my hair more manageable”, “I’d rather wear it natural but my job would probably not like it if I wore braids or dreadlocks”

The list can go on and on into eternity but the bottom line is that Black women who perm their hair at one time in their life up until the present have felt that they needed to change it for whatever reason!

It wasn’t to change it because they loved themselves!

It wasn’t to change it because they understand why the world treats them different if they DIDN’T change it!

Self Hate

They changed it because they learned long ago from their Mothers, Aunts and peers that Black hair wasn’t good enough of a divine crown to wear on their heads! So they must diminish the natural/cosmic strength that comes along with a head of hair that stands UP reaching towards the heavens in a way that none of the others could!

The simple action of straightening your hair says to the White power structure that:

“I put down my sword and lay down my shield to submit myself mind, body and soul to you as your fight for supremacy has now become my sole undertaking as you will never have any resistance from me as my Blackness doesn’t mean a damn thing to me anymore. Status in YOUR world, promotions, material goods and acknowledgement in the ranks of your hierarchy has now become my God!”

You will now gain unlimited access in their corporate world and return back to your humble beginnings to show them that their is a huge reward for giving up ones Blackness for the trinkets of the slave-master that he can so easily snatch away without an explanation!

Your mate must echo this mindset and it’s mandatory that your children not know who they are or take pride in their heritage! Such is the symbolism of perming ones hair…….what even MORE reward? Dye it blonde also!

We are all made the way we are for a reason and we take our natural hair for granted believing the lies that are put out there by a well paid media hooker like Shitty Underwear to help to perpetuate White Supremacy in a shrewdly crafted innocent sounding put down made to seem like a joke with all of the giggles that came with it.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Sheryl Underwood wore a Mammy outfit next week and played that subservient role for her White co-hosts. Some of us ‘coon (Acting like a clownish slave who apes up to the delight and amusement of their slave-masters) on cue and Ms. Underwear’s timing was just a little TOO perfect!

I wonder if there is a hair care (Care? how is burning, frying and dyeing ones hair until it’s dead considered hair care?) company out there that is slipping Sheryl Underwood some healthy checks under the table because she did a wonderful job in their mind to boost business for them!

I can see them now slapping high-fives in the corporate world for the free plug that she gave to them indirectly by sending these low self esteemed young Black women to their local “beauty” supply store to pick up that box of perm that they resisted so long from getting because the Black conscious movement was starting to strengthen them.

I must repeat: THIS WAS NOT BY CHANCE!

I sure wish I was on that show because Ms. Shitty Underwear would have definitely gotten a piece of my mind and they probably would have hurried over to a commercial break like they usually do when they don’t want the truth to be heard!

I guess Sheryl Underwood must do what any self hating Black Republican must do to maintain their membership in the club that looks down on all things Black.

Republican Party

Sure, it’s not written in stone or in any document but watch the evening news on any Republican based news network and listen to the catchphrases used when speaking on all things Black!

There is no way that you can let Sheryl Underwood get a pass for what she said because in essence her and Bill O’Reilly are working hand in hand in their mission to crush all independent proud conscious Black thought!


Think not? Show me a prominent Black Republican who is outspoken for the cause of the downtrodden Black people of Amerikkka and the world who is highly visible in the mainstream media and I’ll show you the millions of dollars in donations from the Fox News Network to the Nation Of Islam for their continued work in the trenches of Black America. In other words: IT JUST AIN’T HAPPENIN’!

As Black people our minds are attacked everyday in the media as we are fooled to believe that the very poisons that are put out there for us to ingest is the medicine that we need for success!

How foolish we are indeed.

Let me tell you one thing Black people: You will NEVER truly be successful when you hate yourself!

Sure, you can dilute your Black mind and prove it in a right of passage by straightening your hair, dying it blonde and changing the inflection of your voice.

Relaxing Cream

Sure, you will be rewarded greatly for this in THEIR system but you will NEVER feel free and truly successful because you and I KNOW that you are muzzled and can’t even THINK of moving your mouth to speak truth or you will lose all of the trinkets afforded you by your slave-master and the mere thought of that grips you with immeasurable fear!

True success is being able to be true to yourself as you listen and obey that higher righteous voice regardless as to who likes it or not. Do I sound like a man who is afraid to speak my mind? Fear? Never had it, NEVER WILL!

No one will EVER muzzle my voice and if you think that the retraction of your trinkets will force me to change my tune, then think again!

But to get back on Sheryl’s case I have to say that while many Black women will not boldly proclaim what she did publicly, deep down inside they do agree even if they are in denial about it but they know that she echoed what is hidden below the permed surface.


It is an insult to the very God that you claim to love and to serve to openly curse the beautiful manner in which He created you. It is an insult to him to do so especially since so many of you state how God’s wisdom is far beyond yours. Well if you believe this to be true then there must be a reason why He made you the way He did and this includes your hair.

Out of all of the races of people walking about the planet, we are the only race to have such unique hair yet we want to give up that sought after status to straighten it out like the rest of the world and for what?

Our hair is the only hair that has the natural strength to defy gravity and reach towards the Heavens.


As a spiritual people our ability to discern our surroundings and the people in our midst is enhanced by the spiritual antenna of natural hair and the more of it we have, the further our Third Eye can pick up those often overlooked signals that help discernment.

To fry it down and kill its strength is to disarm ourselves in a world where we need all of the spiritual awareness that we can get!

There are certain reasons that the powers that be do not want you to wear your hair natural, what’s worse is that they FEAR a woman or a man in dreadlocks who ALSO lives a righteous life under the laws and commandments of God Himself.


This is not acceptable because to affirm your separation from this carnal world that we live in is to influence another who will go on to influence even more to shun this practice of self hate to embrace one of loving your natural self.

Remember, as long as we leave our Blackness at the door, the media, corporate Amerikkka, politics and the church will always accept us as the dumb, watered down people who are not even a threat to overtake the exploitation of us because we are too busy trying to tear ourselves down to please someone else.

Sheryl Underwood can apologize until the pigs come home she meant what she said and she said what she meant in an unguarded moment scripted in a way to let her true feelings come out. It was a signature moment for her because deep down inside she can’t even stand the sight of herself!

There is something so powerful about a woman who wears her hair natural with a real pride! Something so divine. Something so sexy. The smell and the texture is something that I just can’t get enough of! When I personally see a woman with a perm or with someone else’s D.N.A. on her head, it’s an instant turn off because she is basically saying that she cannot be proud of how she was made. And what kind of Mother would she make and what kind of message does it give to the children if their own mother wasn’t proud of the image she was made in by God?


And if I consider myself a REAL Black Man, then I’ve got to have a REAL Black Woman on my arm. I’ve found in my personal past that when I’ve dealt with a woman who spent so many hours and so much money to alter herself into something else that something inside of me shut down on a divine level. The perm trap keeps a woman from being active, scared to exercise and swim as well as scared to sweat! All she can do is move about the earth scared of what a little moisture will do to her fried hair and limit the scope of my righteous endeavors!

Most men of great standing and divine wisdom that I’ve known have shared with me that they would never go near a woman who wears the straightened processed hairy hat, whether it’s worn like a cap, weaved in or glued on. While what’s on your head is not as important as what’s in it, but the fact remains that what is on it is a great indication of how you think and it reeks of mental illness.


With these chemicals that you are subjecting your scalp to every month, what do you think the effect is on your brain as they seep into your skull? Is this why many of our women have the issues that they do? Is this why in chasing the status of the White man’s world they’ve lost themselves? Do the Whites that you swear love you for who you are REALLY respect you when even THEY know how you hate yourself?

It’s quite evident that we must have an intelligent dialogue on this topic and I invite you to leave your comments below and to tune into our Monday Night Open Discussion Forum by calling 760.259.2310 on Monday evenings at 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Let me hear from your and let’s talk about it!

Also, your hate mail can be sent directly to me at [email protected]

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Tough Love Giving Brother,



Blue Black Beauty

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Contessa Miller
Contessa Miller
September 6, 2013 10:41 PM

Lance, I’ve told you this before, but, I’m saying it again, “I love you brother!!!” Thank you for all you do.

Lance Scurvin
Reply to  Contessa Miller
September 8, 2013 11:16 AM

I accept your love wholeheartedly and with open arms Contessa! I love you too very much and it’s that love that your so freely share with me that gives me the strength to continue on with what I do! The honor is mine!

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