At a time when there is so much stress in the world to discover a smiling face is quite a rarity in the current state of the world.

Many find these days very surreal to live in in very confusing to discern what the true reality is.

Many people are losing their jobs as well as those who find themselves close to the edge of losing their minds.

Never in a million years what we have thought that the entire planet would be locked down as it is.

Not only is the planet lockdown and travel is limited worldwide but in this age of censorship we can even talk freely on the social media platforms in this age of censorship.

Domestic violence cases are increasing as our alcohol consumption and drug use.

Many are escaping into their own world of porn addiction and well as losing the relationships that have been broken because of it.

We are now finding out what we are made of and for the most part we now realize that our tanks are not as full of the resiliency that we thought we possessed.

This is why every Friday night I will have a mature comedy night with oftentimes explicit adult content.

While my personal persona may appear different to you on those nights, I really open up in this manner in order to bring a smile on the faces of those who follow this platform.

I feel that in these tough times we have to laugh, we have to take our minds off of the propaganda infused into our subconscious mind as well as having an escape from what feels to be a projected hopeless reality that the so-called mainstream media intends to always push on us.

While I do enjoy telling old war stories, I will always be mindful that our people need to feel not only the inner joy that comes from the hilarious story but the feeling that they are part something that this stripped-down society could never give them.

In it seems to be working from my point of view and as long as we need to laugh with each other and bond as mature adults I will always continue to share from within what I feel our family needs.

In any war we need to be able to enjoy a little humor in the trenches at least enough to transport our minds out of the reality of our daily battles, trials and tribulations.

While this content in this program is a bit more explicit, I for one am very happy that our family here understands the intent and doesn’t lose respect for who they know I truly am.

It is this respect for me personally and my work here on our platform that pushes me to go higher to provide something that is unique and very satisfying to indulge in.

Many decades ago I couldn’t have imagined how fulfilling this could be if you told me about cyberspace, social media and the Internet.

While many will state that the Internet is a very bad place to be I for one would never disagree with that completely, but my experience is that when it’s used properly it can be a great learning to as well as an awesome addition to one’s life if the proper filters are in place.

The only point that I stress is that we are being monitored greatly by the powers that be for what reason I couldn’t tell you it said that they want to control us and are studying us very intensely.

So while we must be concerned about what we share of our personal lives in cyberspace, we cannot allow fear to curtail our love for life in our pursuit of happiness.

So when you feel that your a bit depressed or feeling down you can always come on in to enjoy a laugh and an escape from such an oppressive society.

I thank you all for spending your precious time here with us and I want you to feel free to share your perspectives on this content in the comment section below.

Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy our discussion.


Much love to you,
your brother,


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