Community Orifice & Public Sperm Receptacle Kim Kardashian Pregnant & Alone?

When I first saw the various magazine covers while in the supermarket checkout line featuring Kim Kardashian and her mockery of a pregnancy and how she is now “Pregnant and Alone” the first thing I thought to myself was that this was once again another case of manipulation on a gullible public that would digest this trivial crap!

Why is this story so important and why is the public sucking it up like a greedy kids devouring a tasty ice cream cone with sprinkles on a scorching hot summer day?

Kim Kardashian Pregnant & Alone OK Magazine Cover

Well the fact of the matter is that it is NOT important and we as a society have been dumbed down to the point where THIS has become news for us!

Tell me the last time that anyone of us has picked up a book or visited a website to learn our history? Tell me the last time that we’ve gotten up off of our spiritually bankrupt carnal backsides to study a scripture that would leave us off a whole lot better than following a Hollywood Whore who will lead us straight down to the path of hellfire in the express lane? Tell me the last time YOU understood that the glorification of woman like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose only sets the bar of decency so low that being promiscuous has become the preferred standard and well embraced norm?


Well understand that when our young daughters of all races, colors and creeds are constantly bombarded with the projection of such a wayward Jezebel of a chick that it subconsciously tells them that when THEY end up Pregnant and Alone that it’s okay because Kim Kardashian went through it too.

Well let me tell you, after screwing around with Reggie Bush, making a porn tape with Ray J, having a transparent sham of a marriage with Kris Humphries which was in my opinion specifically crafted for that circus of a reality television show and now about to have twins with Kanye West HER version of Pregnant and alone just might be a WHOLE lot different than the common blue collar young woman working a job (If she’s THAT blessed!) that will keep her “Just Over Broke.”

Trust me, she might be pregnant but alone? NEVER! Not as long as she can turn every sordid and degraded episode of her life into a money making opportunity!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pose on the front cover of L'Officiel Magazine

She will probably have a pay per view event transpiring around her “going into labor” and have the cameras rolling so far up her vagina – which is beginning to resemble the walk of fame for horny Black celebrities – that her twins will SWEAR that their mother is giving birth to another Brother named Canon and Sister named Nikon!

I put nothing past her and her bag of tricks but what gets me is that the public’s fascination with her every move is a litmus test to how lowdown we’ve become.

You see, many of us do not have the resources to carry on like this and when the bad crap goes down in our lives as a direct result from the stupid behind decisions that we make, WE are left alone to deal with it with NO television cameras there to blast our grief out to the world in the hopes of garnering some type of help or gaining a modicum of sympathy.

So you go on and follow the example this Illuminati whore who is a seducing spirit to these lust filled foolish Black men, she will leave you in a bad place quickly and you will have no one else to blame BUT yourself for being so dumb.

Kim Kardashian And Reggie Bush

Many young girls coming up just seem to have absolutely NO SHAME and I blame not only Kim Kardashian but the entire industry who profits greatly from her shenanigans. It’s not only Kim, but the are so many others that are too vast to name out here who have the same agenda all the way down to the neighborhood fast chick that thinks she is “winning” every time she gets some light bill or rent money after she sells her sexual favors to some unsuspecting goon.

…….and we wonder what is going on in our society when the very institution of marriage is NOT the preferred way to go and looked down on now by the majority of those in society? We are so quick to want to jump in the bed to sample the sexual techniques of our prospective mates before the marriage ceremony but never look into the character and moral that lurks unseen beyond the human gaze until rearing its ugly head later on down the line when YOU then want to cry for a divorce!

Charlotte Ronson's 2006 Fall/Winter Fashion Show and After Party

We have become so conscious of seeing people for what they have and what one can receive if a divorce were to happen that we don’t think of having a commitment to build a legacy of love and respect over a lifetime which would support a healthier community BECAUSE of that commitment.

How is a neighborhood and a community suppose to get strong and have longevity when you have new neighbors every six months and when you bump into those who lived there previously you find out that they have remarried three times since? We attempt to place the sanctity of marriage as a covering over our wicked deeds and lifestyles that reflect nothing of what our Creator desired for us. We as men pick up any old piece of “hand me down” pussy and attempt to resurrect her as some “holier than thou” new creature as though she is truly cleansed of her old ways! It’s only a matter of time before the old whore in her reappears, that’s when you will find that the mailman is making frequent deliveries and deposits in places that were supposedly reserved for you or that lawn man is cutting a lot more pubic hair in your bedroom than grass in your yard when you are gone to work!

Kim Kardashian And Nick Cannon

So as long as these low standards are upheld and paraded around in front of our youth to devour as normalcy, then just observe how each subsequent generation goes lower into the decadent behavior that is forbidden according to Holy Scripture. Sodom and Gomorrah all over again? YOU DAMN RIGHT!

So the demonic influence over our lives continue and we suck it up like it’s wholesome entertainment. We don’t realize that there is a whole lot of poison in the sugar and that everything that tastes sweet on the tongue is not necessarily good for us in the long run for our well being. Kim Kardashian alone and pregnant? HA! It’s just another ploy to make money and keep herself in the headlines as she will continue to find another Black goon who will become fascinated with a nice ass connected to a freak who is willing to do anything and everything to part that clown with his money while getting even MORE fame!

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Enjoy Date Day

It’s the Elizabeth Taylor syndrome of having multiple celebrities and moguls as your mate but at least with Elizabeth Taylor she kept her freakish talents behind closed doors instead of as a circus for all of the world to see! Those days are long gone and will never return but those of us who have some sense are to reject this present day mess and focus on what the media is trying to keep our minds away from.

It’s a big world out here and our communities are in trouble and the last thing that we need to endorse the further breakdown of something that is in dire need of a major overhaul and repair.

Until then, if you are really concerned about a mega rich standard-less harlot like Kim Kardashian being Alone and Pregnant then I suggest that you get your head checked out and as far as I am concerned I will officially say that I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!

You reap what you sew!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Sometimes Raw Brother,




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