The Con Games Of Spiritual Vampires & The Kind Souls That Fall For Them!

You must be very careful who you share your goodness with. While it may sound strange to say this you have to understand that many individuals will be attracted to you because of what you have to offer them, they more than certainly become a problem once they realize that they cannot have access to your abundant resources of the spirit once you’ve identified them as being a drain to your life force.

Once you have identified those who have selfishly become a drain on your Life Force and have eliminated them from your inner circle, they will most certainly head the campaign of attempting to bring you down by any means necessary because they simply cannot find elsewhere the goodness you’ve afforded them in their previously non-directional existence.

They will go into high gear in the art of deflection and announce to those in your overlapping world how you are to blame for what others had previously thought were the “obviously” private issues of the disgruntled in a very convincing fashion to the uninformed well wishers who aren’t really in the know about their instability and might even take their side in the confusion.

What you have to understand about the individual who arrived into the union of your charitable “friendship” is that they really brought absolutely no life force into your connection and viewed your powerful energy as an opportunity to “take what they could get” much like a petty thief sees a display case full of expensive jewelry as a potential “grab and go” to easily snatch what really doesn’t belong to them for an instant profit.

But hindsight is 20/20 and in your deepest meditations you would have to admit to yourself that you knew all along that this spiritual vampire only arrived into your life for a free ride and saw your kindness as a direct portal to the vast treasure of wisdom, strength and the safe haven of an entity that your were to them.

As cruel as this leech tries to make you appear in their very public tantrum of claiming victim-hood, you must swiftly banish them from any and all mutual contact points in order to cut the drain on your inner resources and as a preventative measure to halt any spiritual infestation that could transpire from any additional dealings with this low vibration leech.

The lesson learned is that these types specialize in portraying themselves as a major victim to appeal to your loving heart in order to get close to not only you, but your precious resources of emotional energy and oftentimes your cold hard cash.

They will paint that person in their previous situation as the worst human being to ever walk the face of the earth because of the (imaginary incidents) cruel things that they have done to them to set you up with the tear jerking tales of victim-hood.

A major sign and red flag is that this person comes to you without any friends or associates that are there to support them as this is an indication of the bridges burned behind them as they’ve run through the kindness of others like a raging fire that aggressively engulfs a forest on a very windy day.

All I can say in hindsight is that we must take our time when allowing anyone into our inner circle no matter how dire the consequences appear as presented by this new entity who is feverishly attempting to convince you that they so terribly need your advice, friendship and/or financial resources.
…….While it is so easy to open wide the doors of your kind heart to “let them in”, you may find that you’ll catch several deep scars and experience the frustration of wasting precious time in getting these professional energy drains out of your life!

The task might be difficult at first but it can be done! Never forget that your life belongs to YOU and that NO ONE should EVER make you feel guilty about refusing to be their stepping stool!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Well Shielded Brother,


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