Conscious Black Folks And Mainstream Media Just Don’t Mix!

As a relatively conscious Black man who earned my wisdom on the front lines of this wonderful yet sometimes bi-polar place called America, I oftentimes become insulted at what I observe being put out here specifically aimed at the Black audience by the so called mainstream media spin masters that seem to have as much sense as a waitress in your favorite restaurant who brings you a steak dinner after you specifically told her of the vegetarian item that you desired from the menu.

To put it bluntly, it’s an insult.

…….and to make matters even worse, it’s even more of a put down to see these Black fools who eat this crap up that’s borderline retarded and then see them act out the buffoonery in real life in the most embarrassing of examples of life imitating art.

We just don’t get it…….


I don’t think most individuals understand how much of an influence their individually preferred media outlets have an effect over their professional and personal lives.

Their feelings and opinions on such a wide range of subjects and issues are molded by who they are getting their information from and most are unaware on how much they are missing out on.

When we are born into this world as humans we are a clean slate mentally, and while I do feel that there are certain pliable traits ingrained within us upon our arrival here, we soak up everything around us to process it in our own unique way.

Media Moguls

That being said, we have to wonder just how much we’ve been “tainted” with “nutritionally deficient” information that originated from the biased sources that we had no control over as youngsters by that opinionated relative or misinformed parent that transferred their idiosyncrasies over to us with no resistance or questioning simply because they held a very influential position in our still limited but ever expanding world.

As I often like to say, we are the sum total of all of our experiences and see the world through these very limited “lenses.” We sometimes or rather oftentimes become complacent in never challenging the ability of those lenses to bring us a sense of the overall view of unseen aspects that we tend not to seek out.

This is why it is important that we take responsibility in receiving the information on a multitude of topics, current events and issues so that we can make a fair and balanced judgment on how we as individuals really feel about our particular social concerns.

So the question is, do we receive a complete and full assessment of all news items when we watch the so called major news providers like CNN, Fox News and all of the other spin masters of the conscious and subconscious minds of the masses?


I don’t believe anyone in their right mind would answer “yes” to that question and if they happened to do so that in itself shows how out of touch and disconnected from their naturally innate God given ability to think rationally with a clear mind.

So when I observe someone who may be in possession of a narrow minded stance on an extremely multifaceted and complicated issue to which they have absolutely no personal experience with, then I understand that they have not gotten their information from the “horses mouth” directly.

They’ve most likely absorbed their manufactured and engineered “highly stimulating” offerings from a source that appears to have an authentic credibility and certified authority to report the news but are really a business entity with the corporate interest of making a profit from your ignorance!

Have you ever heard the term “Consider the source?”, well this is the mode of thinking that one should operate from when viewing and absorbing these “agenda saturated” news sources.

If the corporate entities that own a particular network are all staunch supporters of the Republican party, then what kind of slant do you think the news will be infected with?

Now taking that example of news network ownership a step further let me ask you this, if a candidate that happens to be a democrat has a slight edge in the polls over that Republican party opposition to whom those corporate bigwigs who own the news network would benefit from, don’t you think that they will do everything with their power and influence over the minds of the voting masses to sway the public opinion against that Democratic candidate?

Of COURSE they would so once again I say CONSIDER THE SOURCE!

When you turn on the news to find out what is happening no matter WHO it is reporting or WHAT network it may be , always remember that it’s all about money, power and influence for THEM as THEY benefit and profit from YOUR inability to think for yourself!

So understand that the trusted “faces” that are carefully chosen, groomed and instructed to get past the defenses of a rationally thinking mind are there only to win you over so that their particular spin on the news as instructed by the powerful corporate heads behind them unseen are embraced readily and without resistance.

Anderson Cooper

After absorbing their rubbish, you’ve now become a free and strong influence to spout their rhetoric without forcing every bit of propaganda laced bit of disinformation through the divine filters of a logical mind that has deteriorated because of the blind trust you’ve given to these spin masters of media mind control.

Many feel that this blind loyalty to a particular news outlet is harmless because they might “like” the newscaster or enjoy the concocted presentation that stimulates and entertains you as though it’s all about feeling good and being tickled over being informed in a manner that empowers one to make the necessary changes in their communities and lives as responsible and concerned citizens.

But the moment that you merely submit your senses to these entities is the very second you’ve forfeited the real power that you unknowingly possess to bring about a powerful revolution in all that you come in contact with.

Many of us feel as though our voice doesn’t count when thinking how much money and control that the media machine has but nothing can be further from the truth.

What did we do before the major cable and broadcast distributor of us the news came to be as it is today?


While most of us back in the day watched the news on the television or listened to it on the radio we also discussed every morsel with our peers in the beauty salons, barber shops, after the church services and at home with family and neighbors to bring about a true sense of what was being reported and how it related to us.

What’s the difference?

We had community, but since our communities have been purposely fragmented by the falsehoods that are so shrewdly placed in our subconscious minds by innocent looking candy coated poisonous media, we now believe that upstanding looking stranger that we allow to come into our living roots every night over the neighbors who are the real eyewitnesses to the events in our communities that have no monetary motivation to spin their account of a happening at all.

So while I wouldn’t say that there is no value to what is shared on the nightly news, you have to remain cognizant that it is laced with so many other ingredients that will clog your ability to see the forest from the trees. Translation? The TRUTH!

Take a fast food meal for example, while it may have to “some” nutritional value, no one could deny that there are ingredients within that literally cancel out all benefit that could come from the little nutrition that may be there in the minority of the overall calorie count.

Fast Food Obesity

The same thing goes with the media, it can be a deadly sword that benefits some while beheading another.

I can speak on a tactic that is being executed locally here in my adopted hometown of Orlando Florida. As some of you may know, I am a born and raised New Yorker. But that’s beside the point, here is Orlando there is a blatant move of genocide that is transpiring right in front of our very eyes.

There are several predominantly Black neighborhoods that have been targeted for destruction in order for a new people to come in to inhabit it after the unwanted resident’s have long been removed.

This wicked process is masterfully executed utilizing government laws which are created to put poor people at a disadvantage, a heavily aggressive police presence that will enforce these laws down to the letter and the news media spin machine that will make these downtrodden long term residents appear to be the scum of the earth to those who haven’t a clue as to what is transpiring there in the actual location.

This lethal injection of a media spin will affect the perception of an entire neighborhood and justify the heavy handed tactics of the powers that be to work overtime to “clean up” a neighborhood whose access to resources and programs that will help preserve that neighborhood to thrive are cut off to ensure a slow death for corporate profits.

The politicians who may have a good heart are now thrust into a position of deciding whether it may be better for them to sit this battle out for the sake of staying in office to receive their salaries and political perks.

The same goes for the pastors of the churches in those very same targeted neighborhoods that are under attack killing off the very parishioners who miraculously tithe faithfully with their hard earned pennies to the very people who know of their upcoming doom but say nothing because they have been compromised by their lust for the power of their slave masters.

This is the story of the Parramore neighborhood right here in Orlando Florida that the city officials can’t wait to sweep the eyesore of poor Black neighborhood away so that the high paying so called affluent Amway Arena crowd can come in and be safe from the threat of the Black Bogeymen that are reported on the nightly news every night as being that robber and rapist that we all should look out for while the corporate agenda is the biggest destructive force who do more damage in the name of high level profit.

Amway Center

So understand that the media has the power to make the reality around you appear to be something other than what it is. It can and will cloud your mind and make you believe the illusion if you allow it.

The media can seduce you into believing that your neighborhood is a crime ridden war zone with absolutely nothing to offer with the residents of that neighborhood being foolish for even living there.

The media can make “some” beautiful Black woman feel ugly and stoke the fires of engineered insecurity planted in her by a system that refuses to acknowledge the overwhelming presence of a Queen that she is!

The media can cause too Black brothers to believe that they are an enemy to each other and continue to do the job that the slave masters started allowing the KKK to kick back and watch us kill each other wholesale on automatic pilot to their delight.

Ku Klux Klan

The media can convince us that we are good for nothing other than settling for a sub prime existence to never achieve anything of greatness and of note while being subservient to that very same system that will gladly use our talents for pennies on the dollar in order to shine to the world while we toil in the back shadows never acknowledged knowing good and damn well that someone else is taking a hijacked bow to  a misdirected applause that WE should be getting!

So be very careful what nipple is aggressively offered to you and what breast you suckle because the psychological nutrition that you absorb from a titty that never was made to truly feed you will bloat you up artificially making you think that you know what’s going on in the world around you while you have absolutely no clue to the game being played on you and the poison laced veil being pulled down over your eyes.

You now have the internet cheaply at your fingertips, investigate and fact check these stories from independent sources as well as reaching out to others who live in the many various areas of this planet who can share with you a fresh unique perspective that isn’t twisted and baked with the deadly ingredients of what someone else wants you to digest.

So while we can’t get away from the toxic exposure to the so called mainstream media we can surely put those protective filters in place to keep us grounded from its deadly radiation-like effects on our good judgment.

In closing I’m going to humbly suggest to you that you always question everything that is presented to you in the media and actually everything in this world altogether. You just may find that things are not what the people in trusted places told you they are and that they only told you even THAT much because either they were following what someone else told them or that they were benefiting from telling you a lie to profit from you somehow.

Malcolm X

Whatever the scenario, NEVER STOP THINKING because that will be your best defense against becoming “dumbed down” as your ability to think clear amidst the turmoil of the constant information attempting to take up a permanent residence in your mind will never cease, so your victory against your oppressor’s mind control efforts will come in the form of protecting your sanity.

Know what the true reality is and NEVER allow anyone who cares for you not to influence you because now more than ever before the battle to defeat you will be fought in your mind long before you come face to face with those who seek to take you OUT!

Stay strong, stay focused and stay SANE!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother In The Battle Trenches Of Life,





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